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A collection of poems by topic covering many different subjects. Reading poems can change our thinking, it can bring us a smile, it can brighten our day. Life is full of ups and downs, no matter where you are we have a poem for you. You will find both famous and contemporary poetry here. May they bring a positive thought to your day.

Poems are great to share with others. All written for the enjoyment of others, to express a thought or point. Poetry offers a different way to read about things or life issues. Reflect on the poets words and you may find that their words may help you deal with a situation or they may help you see something in a different way.

We hope they bring a positive thought to your day. Share these verses with others to brighten or to send an uplifting message!

poems to make your day more positive

  1. Abundance Poem

  2. Abundance Prayer

  3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  4. Autumn Poems

  5. Poems About Anger

  6. Anniversary

  7.     B
  8. Baby Poems

  9. BBF Poems

  10. Be Inspired

  11. Best Friend Poems

  12. My Best Friend

  13. Birthday Poems

  14. Funny Birthday Poems

  15. Birthday Poems for Mom

  16. Brother Poems

  17. Happy Birthday To My Brother

  18.     C
  19. Poems About Change

  20. Christian Poems

  21. Christmas Verses

  22. Christmas Poems

  23.    D
  24. Dare To Be

  25. You Decide

  26. Desiderata Poem

  27. Don't Quit Poem

  28. Don't You Quit

  29.     E
  30. Easter

  31. Easy Poems

  32. Easy Poems to Memorize

  33. Poems of Encouragement

  34.     F
  35. Poems About Failure

  36. Poems About Fate

  37. Poems About Family

  38. Famous Poems

  39. Fathers Day Poems

  40. Friendship Poems

  41. Forgiveness

  42. G
  43. Garden Poems

  44. Poems About Goals

  45. Poems about God

  46. God Has A Plan

  47. Goodbye Poems

  48. Good Friday Poem

  49. Good Morning Poems

  50. Good Night

  51. Graduation Poems

  52. Grandma Poems

  53. Grandpa Poems

  54. Grandparents Poems

  55. Gratitude Poems

  56. H
  57. Poems About Happiness

  58. Heaven Poems

  59. Helping Hands

  60. Poems About Hope

  61.     I
  62. If Poems

  63. Inspirational Poems

  64. Irish Blessing

  65. Irish Wedding Blessing

  66.     J
  67. Poems about Jesus

  68. Journey Of Faith

  69. Just For Today

  70. K
  71. Poems For Kids

  72. Kindness Poem

  1. Letting Go Poem

  2. Poems About Life

  3. Life Choices

  4. Life Journey

  5. Life Is Too Short

  6. The Good Life

  7. Life Lessons

  8. Short Love Poems

  9. M
  10. The Man In The Glass Poem

  11. Message For Best Friend

  12. Poems About Mistakes

  13. Monday Prayer

  14. Mothers Day Poems

  15. Mothers Day Prayers

  16. Motivational Poems

  17. Mr. Nobody Poem

  18. N
  19. Nature Poems

  20. New Year Poem

  21. Never Give Up Poem

  22. O
  23. October

  24.     P
  25. Pass It On

  26. Patience Poem

  27. Popular Poems

  28. Positive Poems

  29. Short Prayers

  30. Prayer For The Church

  31. Prayer For Today

  32.     R
  33. Retirement Poems

  34.     S
  35. Poems About The Seasons

  36. Simplicity Poem

  37. Sister Poems

  38. Smile Poem

  39. Special Friend Poem

  40. Special Occasion

  41. Spirit of Giving

  42. Spiritual Awakening

  43. Spiritual Poems

  44. Spring Poems

  45. Soulmate Poems

  46. St. Patricks Day Poem

  47. Poems About Strength

  48. Success Poem

  49.     T
  50. Teacher Appreciation Poems

  51. Thank You Poems

  52. Thanksgiving Poems

  53. Thanksgiving Blessings

  54. Thanksgiving Prayers

  55. Thinking Of You Poems

  56. Treasured Memories

  57. Tree Poems

  58. A True Friend Poem

  59. Trust In God

  60. Tuesday Prayer

  61. V
  62. Valentines Day Poems

  63. Veterans Poems

  64. W
  65. Wedding Poems

  66. Poems about Winning

  67. Winter

  68. Words To Live By

poems can inspire

May the words of these Poets inspire and motivate you. May the verses reflect their passion for communicating in a way we can relate to. Many of the poems are short and quick to read but will leave you with a thought you may have not considered. Our collection is full of encouraging and inspiring verses. Share these poems with others!

A Poet
Poet: John McLeod 1998

And some they tilt at windmills
And some they push the plough
The Poet does both on wind-filled wings
Above the "wonder-how"!
And some may never see beyond
The bow-wave sparkling bright
To where the questing Soul will find
That broader, wiser sight.
Me thinks this sometimes Poet and Clown
Love's blessings rich endow,
To brush the stars as, through the glass
Sees much less darkly now!

Enjoy theses verses from the poems of Famous Poets:

Hold Fast Your Dreams
Poet: Louise Driscoll, 1875 - 1957

Hold fast your dreams!
Within your heart
Keep one still, secret spot
Where dreams may go,
And, sheltered so,
May thrive and grow
Where doubt and fear are not.
O keep a place apart,
Within your heart,
For little dreams to go!

Poet: Sara Teasdale, 1884 - 1933

I lift my heart as a spring lifts up
A yellow daisy to the rain;
My heart will be a lovely cup
Altho' it holds but pain.
For I shall learn from flower and leaf
That color every drop they hold,
To change the lifeless wine of grief
To living gold.

Poet: Clara Edmunds-Hemingway, 1899-1958

A gull rides the waves, as if
Made for the sea,
A swallow will sail high in air
Oh let my soul rise, let it
Soar far and free;
Or mount on the high winds of care.

A positive poem from one of our favorite Poets:

Hard Knocks
Poet: Edgar A. Guest, 1881 - 1959

I'm not the man to say that failure's sweet,
Nor tell a chap to laugh when things go wrong;
I know it hurts to have to take defeat
An' no one likes to lose before a throng;
It isn't very pleasant not to win
When you have done the very best you could;
But if you're down, get up an' buckle in -
A lickin' often does a fellow good.

I've seen some chaps who never knew their power
Until somebody knocked 'em to the floor;
I've known men who discovered in an hour
A courage they had never shown before.
I've seen 'em rise from failure to the top
By doin' things they hadn't understood
Before the day disaster made 'em drop -
A lickin' often does a fellow good.

Success is not the teacher, wise an' true,
That gruff old failure is, remember that;
She's much too apt to make a fool of you,
Which isn't true of blows that knock you flat.
Hard knocks are painful things an' hard to bear,
An' most of us would dodge 'em if we could;
There's something mighty broadening in care -
A lickin' often does a fellow good.

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