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A collection of all poems by category and topic covering many different subjects. Sorted alphabetically.

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  2. Abundance Prayer

  3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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  8. Another Year Older

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  11. Baby Poems

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  16. Be The Best You Can Be

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  19. My Best Friend

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  28. Happy Birthday To My Brother

  29. Happy Birthday Baby Girl

  30. Brother Poems From Sister

  31. Birthday Stress

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    Christian Poems
  38. Christian Poems

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  41. Christmas Verses

  42. My Christmas Wish To You

  43. Christmas Joy

  44. Christmas Songs

  45. Christmas Time Is

  46. Poems About Clouds

  47. Poems About Colors

  48. Poems About Contentment

  49. Courage Poems

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  51. Dad Poems

  52. Dare To Be

  53. Poems About Daughter

  54. You Decide

  55. Desiderata Poem

  56. Poems On Determination

  57. Devotion About Prayer

  58. Disappointment Poems

  59. Don't Quit Poem

  60. Don't You Quit

  61. Poems About Dreams

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  63. Easter

  64. Easy Poems

  65. Easy Poems for Kids

  66. Easy Poems to Memorize

  67. Easy Poems to Understand

  68. Poems About Effort

  69. poems of encouragement
  70. Poems of Encouragement

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  72. Poems About Failure

  73. Poems About Faith

  74. Faith In God Poems

  75. Faithful Friends

  76. Poems About Fate

  77. poems about family
  78. Poems About Family

  79. famous poems
  80. Famous Poems

  81. Famous Poems About Dawn

  82. Famous Friendship Poems

  83. Famous Poems About Life

  84. Famous Love Poems

  85. Famous Poets

  86. Fathers Day Poems

  87. Flower Poem

  88. Follow Jesus

  89. Follow Your Own Path

  90. Forgiveness

  91. Friends Are Blessings

  92. friendship poems
  93. Friendship Poems

  94. Poems About Frustration

    funeral poems
  95. Funeral Poems

  96. Poems About The Future

  97. Funny Poems

  98. Funny Poems About Aging

  99. Funny Fathers Day Poems

  100. Funny Poems About Life

  101. G
  102. Garden Poems

  103. Giving Poems

  104. Poems About Goals

  105. Poems about God

  106. Gods Blessings

  107. Poems About God's Love

  108. God Has A Plan

  109. God's Garden Poem

  110. God's Mercy

  111. God's Promises

  112. God's Timing

  113. Good Poems

  114. Goodbye Poems

  115. Good Friday Poem

  116. Good Morning Poems

  117. Good Night Poems

  118. Graduation Poems

  119. Graduation Wishes For A Friend

  120. Grandma Poems

  121. Grandpa Poems

  122. Grandparents Poems

  123. Gratitude Poems

  124. Growing Old

  125. H
  126. Poems About Hands

  127. poems about happiness
    Poems About Happiness

  128. Heaven Poems

  129. Poems About Helping Others

  130. High School Graduation

  131. Holiday Poems

  132. Poems About Home

  133. Poems About Hope

  134.     I
  135. I Wanna Grow Old With You Poems

  136. If Poems

  137. In Loving Memory Poems

  138. inspirational poems
    Inspirational Poems

  139. Irish Blessings

  140. Irish Wedding Blessing

  141.     J
  142. Poems about Jesus

  143. Journey Of Faith

  144. Journey Of Life

  145. Journey With Jesus

  146. Poems About Joy

  147. Judging Others Poems

  148. Just For Today

    poems for kids
  1. Poems For Kids

  2. Kindness Poem

  3. Kind Words Are Like Honey

  4.     L
  5. Poems About Laughter

  6. Poems About Leaves

  7. Letting Go Poem

  8. A Letter From Heaven

  9. poems about life
    Poems About Life

  10. Poems About Life and Love

  11. Life Choices

  12. Life Journey

  13. Life Is Good Poems

  14. Keys For Life

  15. Life Is Too Short

  16. The Good Life

  17. Poems On Life Lessons

  18. Lessons Learned In Life

  19. Poems About Life Struggles

  20. Life Mottos

  21. Little Things

  22. A Little Loving

  23. Living Life Poem

  24. Living A Simple Life

  25. Long Distance Relationships Poems

  26. Short Love Poems

  27. Best Love Poems

  28. Do You Love Me Poems

  29. Finding Love Poems

  30. I Love You Poems

  31. I Love You More Poems

  32. Love Poems For Her

  33. Love Poems For Him

  34. Love Poems For Husband

  35. Love Poetry

  36. Love Is Not Easy Poems

  37. Love Is Not Poems

  38. Poems About Being In Love

  39. To My Love Poems

  40. True Love Poems

  41. What Is Love Poem

  42. M
  43. The Man In The Glass Poem

  44. Meaningful Poems

  45. Memorial Poems

  46. Poems About Memories

  47. Message For Best Friend

  48. I Miss You Poems

  49. Poems About Mistakes

  50. Poems About The Moon

  51. Monday Prayer

  52. Month Poems

  53. Morning Prayer Devotion

  54. Mothers Day Poems

  55. Mothers Day Prayers

  56. Motivational Poems

  57. Poems About Mountains

  58. Mr. Nobody Poem

  59. N
  60.   nature poems
    Nature Poems

  61. Poems About New Beginnings

  62. A New Chapter In Life

  63. New Year Poems

  64. Never Give Up Poem

  65. Poems About Night

  66. O
  67. Ocean Poems

  68. October

  69. Opportunity Poems

  70.     P
  71. Pass It On

  72. Patience Poem

  73. Poems About Perseverance

  74. The Pessimist

  75. Poems About Peace

  76. Popular Poems

  77. Positive Poems

  78. short prayers
    Short Prayers

  79. Prayer For The Church

  80. Prayer For Today

  81. Praise God

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  83. Poems About Rain

  84. Rainbow Poems

  85. Respect Poems

  86. Retirement Poems

  87. Romantic Poems

  88.     S
  89. Sad Poems

  90. Why Santa Claus Sneezed on Christmas

  91. Is There Really A Santa

  92. Poems About School

  93. Poems About Sunset

  94. Sunshine Poems

  95. poems about the seasons
    Poems About The Seasons

  96. September Poems

  97. Simplicity Poem

  98. Simple Things

  99. Sister Poems

  100. Smile Poem

  101. Poems About Snowflakes

  102. Special Friend Poem

  103. Special Occasion

  104. Spiritual Awakening

  105. Spiritual Poems

  106. Spring Poems

  107. Son Poems

  108. Soulmate Poems

  109. Poems About Stars

  110. St. Patricks Day Poem

  111. Poems About Strength

  112. Poems About Stress

  113. Success Poem

  114. Summer Poems

  115. Poems About Sunset

  116.     T
  117. Poems For Teenagers

  118. Teacher Appreciation Poems

  119. Thank You Poems

  120. Thank You For Being There For Me

  121. Thank You Friend

  122. Thanksgiving Poems

  123. Thanksgiving Day Poem

  124. Thanksgiving Blessings

  125. Thanksgiving Prayers

  126. The Golden Rule

  127. The Oak Tree Poem

  128. The Promises of God

  129. Thinking Of You Poems

  130. Think On These Things

  131. Poems About Time

  132. Train Of Life Poem

  133. Tree Poems

  134. True Friend Poem

  135. Poems About Truth

  136. Trust In God

  137. Tuesday Prayer

  138. Turning 30

  139. V
  140. Vacation Poems

  141. Valentines Day Poems

  142. Verses About Friendship

  143. Verses About Mothers

  144. Veterans Poems

  145. W
  146. Waiting For Life To Begin

  147. What Is Your Age

  148. Wedding Poems

  149. What Life Means To Me Poem

  150. Poems About The Wind

  151. Poems about Winning

  152. Winter

  153. Wisdom Poems

  154. Wishing Poems

  155. Poems For Women

  156. Wonderful Things

  157. Poems About Work

  158. Words To Live By

  159. Poems About Worry

  160.     Y
  161. Years May Go By

poems to make your day more positive

Reading poems can change our thinking, it can bring us a smile, it can brighten our day. Life is full of ups and downs, no matter where you are we have a poem for you. You will find both famous and contemporary poetry here. May they bring a positive thought to your day.

Poems are great to share with others. All poems are written for the enjoyment of others, to express a thought or point. Poetry offers a different way to read about things or life issues. Reflect on the poet's words and you may find that their words may help you deal with a situation or they may help you see something in a different way.

We hope they bring a positive thought to your day. Share these verses with others to brighten or to send an uplifting message!

A Poet
Poet: John McLeod 1998

And some they tilt at windmills
And some they push the plough
The Poet does both on wind-filled wings
Above the "wonder-how"!
And some may never see beyond
The bow-wave sparkling bright
To where the questing Soul will find
That broader, wiser sight.
Me thinks this sometimes Poet and Clown
Love's blessings rich endow,
To brush the stars as, through the glass
Sees much less darkly now!

A Book Of Poems
Poet: William R. Jacobs

Pond'ring o'er a gilded volume
Rich with gems, I am to-night,
Looking for the sweetest column,
Scanning for some rays of light.
Here are poets from the distance
With the softest lyric rhyme.
Calling back into existence
Sweet chords lost in lapse of time.

Here portrayed are silent faces —
Silent lips and silent eyes —
Where my finger deftly traces.
Looking for some glad surprise —
Looking for some friend who's drifting
Out upon the Western world.
For companions now uplifting
Drops of ink for drops of gold.

Lo! inwrought like fibres golden
In yon leaf upon the tree,
Are these stanzas, new and olden,
Penned in chants of melody.
Quaintest rhet'ric penned, but splendid
In simplicity and truth —
Facts and fancies; as blended
By the aged bard and youth.

As I turn the snowy pages,
Each enframed with golden wire,
Mystic sounds come back from ages.
Strains from Moore and Milton's lyre.
Dreams of Shakespeare's musing rambles,
Thoughts of Goldsmith and his fife,
Odes of Pope and Scott and Campbell
Flash across the path of life.

And when sleepily I fold them —
Fold the rhymers back in place,
Fancy's mind can quite behold them,
As the dureful hymns they trace.
Some are mothers with devotion
In their sonnets of to-day.
Others sing of field and ocean,
Mount and glen — and sweet their lay.

Unwritten Poems
Poet: Unknown

There are poems unwritten and songs unsung
Sweeter than any that ever were heard;
Poems that will wait for an angel-tongue,
Songs that long for a paradise bird;

Poems that rippled through lowliest lives,
Poems unnoted, and hidden away
Down in souls where the beautiful thrives
Sweetly as flowers in the airs of May;

Poems that only the angels above us,
Looking down deep in our hearts may behold;
Felt, though unseen by the beings who love us;
Written on lives all in letters of gold.

Sing to my soul that sweet song that thou livest;
Read me the poem that never was penned,
The wonderful idyl of Life that thou givest,
Fresh from thy spirit, Beaustiful Friend.

Verses from the poems of Famous Poets:

Poet: Sara Teasdale, 1884 - 1933

I lift my heart as a spring lifts up
A yellow daisy to the rain;
My heart will be a lovely cup
Altho' it holds but pain.
For I shall learn from flower and leaf
That color every drop they hold,
To change the lifeless wine of grief
To living gold.

Poet: Clara Edmunds-Hemingway, 1899-1958

A gull rides the waves, as if
Made for the sea,
A swallow will sail high in air
Oh let my soul rise, let it
Soar far and free;
Or mount on the high winds of care.

Will You Think Of Me?
Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

Among the many and varied forms,
Of all that you may see.
Mid life's thick and gathering storms,
Where e'er you chance to be,
Mid life's fair or clouded morns,
Will you ever think of me?

Positive poems  from our favorite Poets:

Hard Knocks
Poet: Edgar A. Guest, 1881 - 1959

I'm not the man to say that failure's sweet,
Nor tell a chap to laugh when things go wrong;
I know it hurts to have to take defeat
An' no one likes to lose before a throng;
It isn't very pleasant not to win
When you have done the very best you could;
But if you're down, get up an' buckle in -
A lickin' often does a fellow good.

I've seen some chaps who never knew their power
Until somebody knocked 'em to the floor;
I've known men who discovered in an hour
A courage they had never shown before.
I've seen 'em rise from failure to the top
By doin' things they hadn't understood
Before the day disaster made 'em drop -
A lickin' often does a fellow good.

Success is not the teacher, wise an' true,
That gruff old failure is, remember that;
She's much too apt to make a fool of you,
Which isn't true of blows that knock you flat.
Hard knocks are painful things an' hard to bear,
An' most of us would dodge 'em if we could;
There's something mighty broadening in care -
A lickin' often does a fellow good.

Poet: C D. Bradlee

The light has come, the sun is here,
Again must work begin;
And may we all, with love and fear,
God's holy favor win.
poems can inspire

May the words of these Poets inspire and motivate you. May the verses reflect their passion for communicating in a way we can relate to. All poems are short and quick to read but will leave you with a thought you may have not considered. Our collection is full of encouraging and inspiring verses. Share these poems with others!

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