Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We have all heard the saying that actions speak louder than words. Let these short motivating poems remind you of how true this is.

We all know people who can speak well but the people who get things done are those who know how to stop talking and start taking action. Your best example is not your words, but your actions. So speak but then put actions behind those words.

If you are trying to influence someone to do something or act in a certain way then your actions will speak much louder than any words. When you mentor someone, always remember, how you act will influence them more than what you say. Never underestimate the power of your actions.

As Israelmore Ayivor has said, "Thoughts do more. Words to much. Actions do much more." Take action, share these, actions speak louder than words, share these poems with others.

Words Without Actions
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

What good are words,
If there is no action.
Action is needed,
For satisfaction.

People can say,
As much as they want.
But unless they take charge
There's no reason to take part.

So next time someone is going on and on,
About something they are going to do,
Challenge them to stop talking,
And make their dreams come true.

And next time you,
Have an incredible idea,
Don't just think about it,
Make it a reality.

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One Thing To Talk And Another To Do
Poet: Lillian E Curtis

Oh, 'tis easy to talk, and for words to float out,
As birds flit along on swift flying wings,
Brave, heroic deeds we can talk all about,
But to talk, and to do, are two different things.

Promises are made, and in firm words spoken,
But question how long will they last?
While one promise is made, two may be broken,
For they are not with meditation o'ercast.

Promises were well, but they're easily made,
Bright hopes for awhile they may strew,
But when fair castles fail, and bright seasons fade,
We see 'twere easier to talk, than to do.

Then cheer not the heart with a promise that's brittle,
For the sake of a sound that is fine,
Better than much, is the sure promised little,
That comes in the opportune time.

T'were better to not build the bright castle at all,
Than build on a promise that must soon slip thro,'
Than to see the phantom structure suddenly fall,
For, 'tis one thing to talk, and another to do.

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Enough Thinking
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

Of all the time,
I sit here thinking,
I often wonder,
What's out there waiting.

Is my time spent,
Too much thinking?
Maybe I should,
Stop thinking and doing.

It's time for me,
To make my dreams happen.
I've done enough thinking,
It's time to take action.

So here I go to make,
My dreams into goals.
I can't wait to see,
Where my life will now lead.

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Make Today Your Day
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

Today is the day, life changes your way,
You'll get out of bed and smile.
It'll take some work, and lots of perks,
But it will be all worthwhile.

How different you'll be, so happy you'll see,
To see life in a different way.
No more negative ways, only lots of good praise,
From those who will see you today.

This choice is yours, and will only be yours,
It's up to you to commit.
At first, it may seem hard, but soon will be jarred,
And your life will have benefit.

Never look back, to what was of lack,
As life for you has drastically changed.
You now just look forward, and only straightforward,
Take action so your life is arranged.

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We hope these poems give you verses to reflect upon the next time you hear yourself talking rather than taking action. The saying, actions speak louder than words, contains much wisdom. So we encourage you to put your words into action and you will see a difference in your day!

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