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"We believe that experiences through life's challenges makes us much better people but only if we can couple these challenges to solutions and not stay mired in past errors, mistakes or behaviors."
Catherine & Byron Pulsifer

Over the years, we have had many and varied experiences in life like a lot of people I'm sure. We have moved around from city to city to follow career paths, and some of these moves took us far from our family.

During these moves away from my home, we have had to establish mechanisms that would satisfy our need to be part of a community. To accomplish this, we became very outward focused in order to learn to fit into different groups, nationalities and cultures.

From all of these various types of communities, we have learned what it was like to be different, to be challenged in a new community, to need help to overcome issues that we had never had to experience.

One mechanism that we used to help set the tone, was to utilize inspirational poems or quotes. We would often use these sources to assist us to grow our personal characteristics, and to be able to keep helping others by encouraging them to be more than they could possibly believe.

All of these life experiences led to the establishment of this site  in order to pass it forward in what was learned through the hills and valleys of life.

This site, Short Poems & Quotes,  is an expression of using many experiences as a way to involve others in another aspect of sharing, helping and motivating. Every last one of us can use a source for inspiring words. We hope you find the site inspiring, motivating and worth sharing with other family members, friends and colleagues.

Byron and Catherine Pulsifer
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