Birthday Poems

Birthday poems to celebrate that special day! Find a collection of poems that you can use in birthday cards for the person who is having a birthday.

Birthdays are a time of reflection, looking back over the past years. Memories, both positive and negative are remembered. Lessons learned and not learned are thought about. But, a birthday is a day to be celebrated and look ahead to the future. A time to set goals, and achieve dreams. Encourage the birthday person to be all that they can be by celebrating this special day with them.

happy birthday poems

Birthday Greetings To You
by Catherine Pulsifer, © 2015

This is the anniversary of the day you were born
There is no reason for you to scorn
A day for a party, presents and gifts
We hope this day gives you a lift

Always remember age is only a date
And you determine your own fate
I wish you happiness and joy in life
And many more birthdays to bring you delight

Another Year Older
I must start this off by saying Happy Birthday,
To someone who's always so fun.
It's hard to believe you're getting older,
But don't worry you’ve still got a long run.
Find poems and quotes about being Another Year Older

Birthday Stress
birthday poetry
Read the entire poem on Birthday Stress

Growing Old
Sweet sixteen is shy and cold,
Calls me "sir," and thinks me old;
Hears in an embarrassed way
All the compliments I pay;
Explore the poem, Growing Old

Turning 30
Today is the day we sing Happy Birthday,
As today thirty years ago you were born.
Hard to believe your now thirty,
Your youth is now gone, you should mourn.
Share this poem about, Turning 30

Birthday Celebration Poems
It's time to party and celebrate,
A wonderful day this is going to be.
We figured you’d want to forget it,
But no way we’d allow that, would we?
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Birthday Poem For Friend
poems for a friends birthday
Browse our Birthday Poem For Friend

Happy Birthday To My Brother
I can't believe the age you are
You are older than my first car!
What happened to the years gone by
I say that with a great big sigh.
Share these Happy Birthday To My Brother

Birthday Poems For Mom
Words can never express
How I feel about you
Mother you bring such happiness
To everyone and all you do.
Share these Birthday Poems For Mom

Happy Birthday Baby Girl or Boy
Happy Birthday Baby Girl
You are so special, you'll never know
The joy that you bring to us
You in our life is sure a plus.
Share poems for Happy Birthday Baby Girl or Boy

What Is Your Age
When you're old and grey,
And life seems to be getting away,
Hold on to your life preserver,
And grab on to that sleigh.
Check out our poem,  What Is Your Age

Poem On Aging
One day you'll wake up,
And feel an awful ache.
It's then you'll realize you're candles,
Won't fit upon your cake.
An inspiring Poem On Aging

Years May Go By
Think of all the special people
Who love you and care
The people in your life
Who touched you by being there.
A reminder of how the Years May Go By

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We hope you have found a birthday poem that you can share with others. We all joke about the age of a person, especially as the years tick by. But all joking aside our wish is for good health, happiness and success for the birthday boy or girl. Birthdays are a great time for joy and laughter, And, birthdays are a day to be recognized and celebrated, no matter what the age.

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