34 Short Love Poems

A collection of short love poems to share with the one you love. Poetry is often a great expression of love. The verses contain the feelings, emotions, and thoughts of the poet.

Many times when we write poetry it is with affection and passion. Sentiments that we all can relate to. When it comes to love, Poets around the world have expressed this emotion in many different ways. 

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  1. And I . . .
    Poet: Furnley Maurice

    Though love has gentle hands and warm,
    If arrowed grief goes skirmishing,
    Then, even love may not perform
    The one impossible thing.

    And I have tramped through grasses deep.
    Seen dawn move from her cloudy lair,
    Have watched the bluebells stir from sleep, -
    And I have prayed one prayer:

    And I have wandered the bush ways
    In drowse and damp where soft fogs swing
    Across the spurs their floating greys -
    And I have said one thing:

    And I have dipped in roadside wells
    Amid the flash of golden fish.
    Have pondered there on wands and spells -
    And I have made one wish:

    And I have gone by towns where beats
    The chimney fume against the spire;
    Amid the crushing tramp of streets -
    I have had one desire:

    That I might bring you pillowed peace.
    That I might bid all day 'tis come fair.
    Make you a little glad, and ease
    The burdens that you bear.

  2. Dreams Do Come True
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Dreams really do came true,
    I realized this when I met you.
    In your presence, I find peace,
    Fulfilling each hope and release.
    Thank you for bringing joy through,
    I'm grateful for your love so true.

  3. My Blessings
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When things are quiet at the end of the day
    I reflect on all the blessings sent my way.
    At the top of my blessings is the love that you show
    And my love for you continues to grow.
    No one could bring me as much joy as you do
    Together, forever, I love you!

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  5. A Love Song
    Poet: Nixon Waterman

    It's a dull, dark day when you're away,
    A bright one when you're near.
    For gladdest skies are in your eyes.
    Your smile is shine and cheer.
    Your face is like a garden fair
    Where radiant roses bloom
    And all the flowers rich and rare
    Have spilled their sweet perfume.

    I know not if our dream most fond
    The last long sleep survives;
    I know not what may lie beyond
    The story of our lives;
    But all the human joys that thrill
    In ecstasy divine
    Would be but sorry grief until
    I held your hand in mine.

  6. I Love You For Many Reasons
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You always make me happy
    You are so special to me.
    I love you for many reasons
    Through each and every season.

    In the good times and in the bad
    With you, I am more happy than sad.
    You accept me completely for me
    Someone else I don't have to be.

    Your love is truly a treasure
    And I love you beyond measure.
    I will always care
    And our love may we always share.

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  8. Once We Have Loved
    Poet: Margaret E. Sangster

    Once we have loved we never lose.
    That is not love which can forget,
    Through loss and loneliness and grief
    This gem is as its coronet,
    That true love never can forget.

    That is not faith which drops its hold.
    Once we have trusted, in our clasp
    Forever lies life's changeless gold,
    Nor withers in our loosened grasp;
    True faith through all time keeps its clasp.

  9. Love's Exchanges
    Poet: J. B. Selkirk

    You praise my beauty, grace and art,
    O Love; but you are much to blame;
    In every line you leave a smart,
    That makes me bow my head in shame.

    Whatever the world may choose to say,
    I look not for such words from you;
    I'd throw them from my heart away,
    If you could even prove them true.

    World's praise is but a passing mood,
    That shifts about with the occasion;
    It serves as oft for envy's food,
    As that of honest admiration.

    In your regard, I set no store
    On what, by way of form or feature,
    I hold in common, less or more,
    With every other human creature.

    If Love be blind, as it is said.
    What can he know of outward graces?
    I care not for the love that's led
    A facile slave of pretty faces.

    I would not have my love depend
    On beauty, were I ten times fairer.
    If beauty knew no change or end,
    Life asks for something deeper, rarer

    Something that sets the world aside,
    Beyond the touch of time or season.
    If only love for love abide,
    I do not want another reason.

  10. Because
    Poet: Adelaide Anne Procteit

    It is not because your heart is mine — mine only
    Mine alone;
    It is not because you chose me, weak and lonely,
    For your own;
    Not because the earth is fairer, and the skies
    Spread above you
    Are more radiant for the shining of your eyes —
    That I love you!

    It is not because the world's perplexed meaning
    Grows more clear;
    And the Parapets of Heaven, with angels leaning,
    Seem more near;
    And Nature sings of praise with all her voices
    Since yours spoke.
    Since within my silent heart, that now rejoices,
    Love awoke!

    Nay, not even because your hand holds heart and life;
    At your will
    Soothing, hushing all its discord, making strife
    Calm and still;
    Teaching Trust to fold her wings, nor ever roam
    From her nest;
    Teaching Love that her securest, safest home
    Must be Rest.

    But because this human Love, though true and sweet —
    Yours, and mine —
    Has been sent by Love more tender, more complete
    More divine;
    That it leads our hearts to rest at last in Heaven,
    Far above you;
    Do I take you as a gift that God has given —
    And I love you!

  11. Gentle The Love
    Poet: John McLeod, 1989

    Gentle the love that flows from caring hands,
    Friendship is a flower that grows and understands
    That gentle love will ever light the way
    Towards enchantment's ever brightening day.
    For Love is a song that lights the darkest place
    And shines eternal,
    Blessed with joy and grace!

  12. Where Love Resides….
    Poet: Jaymac, 1989

    Where Love resides
    You'll find the sunlight clear
    Golden and warm
    To guild each passing year

    Where Love resides
    You'll find a rainbow too
    Soft colours that enhance
    And Hope renew

    Where Love resides
    There is no 'Time' as such
    Gentle and true
    Its own eternal touch

    Love has such sunlight
    Where no falsehood hides
    Eternal colours true
    Where Love resides!

  13. Many Kinds Of Love
    Poet: Henry VanDyke

    There are many kinds of love,
    Ss many kinds of light,
    And every kind of love
    Makes a glory in the night.

    There is love that stirs the heart,
    And love that gives it rest,
    But the love that leads life upward
    Is the noblest and the best.

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  15. I Will Never Forget
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    The day we met I will never forget
    You had such a loving positive mindset.
    No one has ever made me so happy and content
    On a scale of 1 to 100, you are 199 percent.

    You make me smile, you make me laugh
    My love for you I could never cut in half.
    I will love you for the rest of my life.
    I am so blessed to be your wife.

  16. roses are red, violets are blue, I can't believe how much I love you. Our time together has been so sweet especially when we, get together to meet.
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  17. My Life Is Great With You
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    How amazing life can be,
    Especially when I look at thee.
    I sometimes wake up, to contemplate thought,
    Of how this life came to me.

    I am so grateful for all that I have,
    I just find myself wondering out loud.
    But its time that this stops, and I forget these thoughts,
    As these thoughts are no longer allowed.

    What I have is so amazing,
    Doesn't mean I didn't create 'em.
    I am the one who is blessed, and hope for so much more,
    To my life that I hope you'll be in.

    Our life together is wonderful and great,
    And I hope you will always be my mate.
    Yes, my life is quite great, but you're also first-rate,
    To me, you're the reason for fate.

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  19. Forever
    Poet: Kate Summers

    I love you to the moon and back
    That is true and that's a fact
    You can never love me more
    Because you I do adore.

    I love you more that is true
    With you, I am never blue.
    You love me, I love you
    My dreams you were an answer to.

    Together we face what life will bring
    My love for you is more than a feeling
    It is how I act, what I do
    I will love you forever that is true.

  20. Where Is That Love?
    Poet: John McLeod, 1989

    Where is that love we all search for
    The 'gold' at rainbow's end?
    To walk in dreams that distant shore
    Seeking a timeless Friend. . .
    Beyond the measuring is where
    All Dreams and Hopes reside,
    Across the moments outwith Time
    Joy's river deep and wide.

    Where is that love we all search for
    And see to understand,
    When will we find that secret door
    To Happiness's Land?
    Sudden to find at journey's end
    Within, so clear and true,
    The Love we sough, the gentle Friend
    Awaits for you!

  21. A Heart For Every One
    Poet: Charles Swain

    Oh, there's a heart for every one.
    If every one could find it;
    Then up and seek, ere youth is gone,
    Whatever the toil, ne'er mind it;
    For if you chance to meet at last
    With that one heart, intended
    To be a blessing unsurpassed,
    Till life itself is ended,
    How would you prize the labor done,
    How grieve if you resigned it
    For there's a heart for every one,
    If every one could find it!

    Two hearts are made, the angels say,
    To suit each other dearly;
    But each one takes a different way, —
    A way not found so clearly!
    Yet though we seek, and seek for years.
    The pains are worth the taking,
    For what the life of home endears
    Like hearts of angel's making?
    Then haste, and guard the treasure now.
    When fondly you've enshrined it.
    For there's a heart for every one,
    If every one could find it.

  22. Life Seems To Thee
    Poet: Charles Fenno Hoffman

    Life seems to thee more earnest, dearest!
    And is it not the same with me?
    Why, sweet, each shadow that thou fearest
    To me becomes reality —
    A thought — a pang to mar my gladness,
    And cloud my brow with tender sadness —
    And all of loving thee!

    The jest from which thou often turnest
    Is only love's fond thoughtful guile,
    And comes from heart in love most earnest
    When it would make thee smile —
    Is but the stream's bright circles breaking
    Beneath thy blessed tear-drops — waking
    Love's dimples there the while.

  23. Reflection
    Poet: J. B. Selkirk

    Within my lady's eyes I find the whole
    Of love's sweet moods reflected perfectly.
    The rapturous rest, the deep felicity,
    That silent sweet serenity of soul
    Love only knows when it has reached its goal.
    With nothing left to think of, hear, or see,
    That does not answer to the master-key,
    Nor falls within love's golden aureole.

    Could anything that heaven itself could give her
    Make those still eyes of hers more heavenly fair?
    Lo I as I look at them, like summer air
    That wakens into flame a sleeping river,
    Laughter has taken them with light so rare
    It would content me well to look for ever.

  24. When?
    Poet Unknown

    When fortune with a smiling face
    Strews roses on our way,
    When shall we stop to pick them up?
    Today, my love, today!
    But should she frown with face of care
    And speak of coming sorrow,
    When shall we grieve, if grieve we must?
    Tomorrow, love, tomorrow!

    If those who've wronged us own their fault.
    And kindly pity, pray
    When shall we listen and forgive?
    Today, my love, today!
    But if stern justice urge rebuke.
    And warmth from memory borrow,
    When shall we chide, if chide we must?
    Tomorrow, love, tomorrow!

  25. I Sat With Her Hand In Mind
    Poet: J. B. Selkirk

    I sat with her hand in mine,
    Last night when the sun went down;
    Our hearts were full of love's light divine,
    The light of life and the crown;
    My soul spoke only to hers,
    And the listening heavens above,
    While up through her eyes for ever
    Answered the speechless river
    Of her love.

    No word between us arose -
    Wherefore at all the need?
    For what are words to the heart that knows
    It loves, and is loved indeed?
    But I swear in my heart for her.
    To the listening heavens above.
    While up through her eyes for ever
    Answered the speechless river
    Of her love.

  26. She Loves Me
    Poet: Charles Harpur

    She loves me! From her own bliss-breathing lips
    The live confession came, like rich perfume
    From crimson petals bursting into bloom!
    And still my heart at the remembrance skips
    Like a young lion, and my tongue, too, trips
    As drunk with joy! while every object seen
    In life's diurnal round wears in its mien
    A clear assurance that no doubts eclipse.

    And if the common things of nature now
    Are like old faces flushed with new delight,
    Much more the consciousness of that rich vow
    Deepens the beauteous, and refines the bright.
    While throned I seem on love's divinest height
    'Mid all the glories glowing round its brow.

  27. I Love Thee More
    Poet Unknown

    Each day, beloved, I think I love thee more
    Than any day that we have ever known,
    But less than that which is to come.
    What will it matter then, in after years,

    The furrowed cheek, or ever-whitening hair,
    If always Love grows stronger, more serene!
    Think in our hearts what precious memories live,
    Not one of mine which is not also thine,
    Binding the old bonds closer every day,

    Weaving new links in Life's bright golden chain!
    We shall grow old and weak, with feeble steps,
    But closer every day, our clasping hands,
    Since every day, beloved, I love thee more
    Than any day that we have ever known,
    Yet less than that which is to come.

  28. And I . . .
    Poet: Unknown

    For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it;
    For every truth there is an ear somewhere to heed it;
    For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.

    But though my beauty meets no eye it still doth glow;
    Though my truth meets no ear it still doth shine.
    But when my love meets no heart it can only break.

  29. Give Away
    Poet: Louis Ginsberg

    Love that is hoarded moulds at last
    Until we know some day
    The only thing we ever have
    Is what we give away.

  30. A Conceit
    Poet: Mortimer Collins

    Oh, touch that rosebud! it will bloom
    My lady fair!
    A passionate red in dim green gloom,
    A joy, a splendor, a perfume
    That sleeps in air.

    You touched my heart; it gave a thrill
    Just like a rose
    That opens at a lady's will;
    Its bloom is always yours, until
    You bid it close.

  31. Come Back Soon
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When you are away, I miss you so
    It's like part of me is missing, I know
    Counting the hours until you're back home
    Can't wait to see your smile, not just over the phone.

    The house feels empty, without your embrace
    Your laughter and warmth, my heart does chase
    Come back soon, for I long for your presence
    Without you here, there's an undeniable absence.

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  33. Right And Wrong
    Poet: George MacDonald

    Alas! how hardly things go right!
    'Tis hard to watch on a summer's night,
    For the sigh will come, and the kiss will stay,
    And the summer's night is a winter's day.

    Alas! how easily things go wrong!
    A sigh too much or a kiss too long,
    And there comes a mist and a weeping rain,
    And life is never the same again.

    And yet how easily things go right,
    If the sigh and the kiss of the summer's night
    Come deep from the soul in the stronger ray
    That is born in the light of the winter's day.

    And things can never go badly wrong
    If the heart be true and the love be strong;
    For the mist, if it comes, and the weeping rain.
    Will be changed by the love into sunshine again.

  34. Love And Hope
    Poet: Christina Rossetti

    Love for ever dwells in heaven, —
    Hope entereth not there.
    To despairing man Love's given, —
    Hope dwells not with despair.
    Love reigneth high, and reigneth low, and reigneth everywhere.

    In the inmost heart Love dwelleth, —
    It may not quenched be;
    E'en when the life-blood welleth,
    Its fond effects we see
    In the name that leaves the lips the last — fades last from memory.

    And when we shall awaken,
    Ascending to the sky.
    Though Hope shall have forsaken.
    Sweet Love shall never die:
    For perfect Love and perfect bliss shall be our lot on high.

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  36. An Incantation
    Poet: Marguerite Wilkinson

    O strong sun of heaven, harm not my love,
    Sear him not with your flame, blind him not with your beauty,
    Shine for his pleasure!

    O gray rains of heaven, harm not my love.
    Drown not in your torrent the song of his heart.
    Lave and caress him!

    O swift winds of heaven, harm not my love.
    Bruise not nor buffet him with your rough humor,
    Sing you his prowess!

    O mighty triad, strong ones of heaven.
    Sun, rain and wind, be gentle, I charge you;
    For your mad mood of wrath have me, I am ready —
    But spare him, my lover, most proud and most dear —
    O sun, rain and wind, strong ones of heaven!

  37. When  beauty  blooms,  and  love  is  fed, The  wine  of  life  is  strong  and  red.
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  38. So Beautiful You Are Indeed
    Poet: Irene Rutherford McLeod

    So beautiful you are, indeed,
    That I am troubled when you come.
    And though I crave you for my need.
    Your nearness strikes me blind and dumb.

    And when you bring your lips to mine
    My spirit trembles and escapes.
    And you and I are turned divine.
    Bereft of our familiar shapes.

    And fearfully we tread cold space.
    Naked of flesh and winged with flame,
    . . . Until we find us face to face,
    Each calling on the other's name!

  39. The Girl I Love
    Poet: M. Archibald

    A wish for the girl I love -
    God love her!
    A song for the eyes of tender shine,
    And the fragrant mouth that melts on mine,
    And the shimmering tresses uncontrolled
    That clasp her neck with tendril gold;
    The blossom-mouth and the dainty chin,
    And the little dimple out and in
    The girl I love -
    God bless her!

  40. You Say There Is No Love
    Poet: Grace Fallow Norton

    You say there is no love, my love,
    Unless it lasts for aye!
    Oh, folly, there are interludes
    Better than the play.

    You say lest it endure, sweet love.
    It is not love for aye?
    Oh, blind! Eternity can be
    All in one little day.

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  42. Love Me Little - Love Me Long
    Poet: Unknown

    Love me little, love me long,
    Is the burden of my song,
    Love that is too hot and strong
    Burneth soon to waste.
    Still I would not have thee cold,
    Not too backward or too bold;
    Love that lasteth till 'tis old
    Fadeth not in haste.

    If thou lovest me too much,
    It will not prove as true as touch;
    Love me little, more than such,
    For I fear the end.
    I am with little well content,
    And a little from thee sent
    Is enough, with true intent,
    To be steadfast friend.

    Say thou lovest me while thou live,
    I to thee my love will give,
    Never dreaming to decieve
    While that life endures:
    Nay, and after death, in sooth,
    I to thee will keep my truth,
    As now, when in my May of youth,
    This my love assures.

    Constant love is moderate ever,
    And it will through life persever;
    Give me that, with true endeavour
    I will it restore.
    A suit of durance let it be,
    For all weathers; that for me,
    For the land or for the sea,
    Lasting evermore.

    Winter's cold or summer's heat,
    Autumn's tempests on it beat,
    It can never know defeat,
    Never can rebel
    Such the love that I would gain.
    Such the love, I tell thee plain,
    Thou must give, or woo in vain;
    So to thee farewell.

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