Love Is Not Easy

Do you feel that love is not easy? There are times when love is difficult and there are other times when love is effortless. Read the poems and quotes for others thoughts on love and it being easy or not.

Always remember that anything worth doing, or worth having, or anyone worth loving will require you to give and take. By giving and taking - easy comes!

Love Is
Poet: John Gay

Love is a sudden blaze, which soon decays;
Friendship is like the sun's eternal rays;
Not daily benefits exhaust the flame;
It still is giving, and still burns the same.

Be Not Discouraged
Poet: Henry Reed Conant

When the clouds hang darkly o’er thee,
Be thou not discouraged:
When the world looks drear before thee,
Be thou not discouraged:
Let thy heart be light and gay;
Soon the clouds will pass away:
’Tis darkest just before the day;
Be thou not discouraged.

Love Isn’t Far
Poet:  Julie Hebert, © 2012

Love is kind and can be mind.
If I allow it so.
I’ll find the guy, and make him mine,
He’ll be my loving beau.

We’ll go on trips and take some dips,
And love forever more.
My favourite thing, about him
Will be his sleeping snore.

Okay maybe the snore will be a bore,
But there will still be lots I’ll love.
His bright brown eyes and mind so wise,
Him I’ll never want to get rid of.

So till the day I meet this man,
I’ll dream he’s on his way.
And on that day life will be gay,
He’ll be everything I prayed.

A Broken Heart
Poet: K. Summers, © 2010

My heart was broke
When you said you were going away
I loved you so much
But you did not care
You felt you had to go
But little did I know
The best of life
was just to begin.

The Tender Passion
Poet: John Imrie

Love had set my heart on fire,
And tuned me to devotion,
1 could the fairest face admire
Without the least emotion:
I felt as free
As wind or sea,
Each day was full of gladness;
But when at last
Love's die was cast,
My joy was ting'd with sadness!

For only when my love was near
I felt the sun was shining,
Love's presence is a foe to fear
When hearts are intertwining!
A world of bliss
Was in each kiss,
They set our hearts a-singing;
When call'd to part
Sad was each heart,
True lover's fears up-bringing!

At last to ease my heart's deep pain
I made a fair confession,
And kiss'd her o'er and o'er again, -
Reward for Love's concession:
We now are one
Still shines the sun! -
All earth is full of beauty!
Though Love be blind
She's wondrous kind
And mindful of her duty!

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Love Is Not Easy Quotes

Some people are meant to fall in love with each other, but not meant to be together.
Scott Neustadter
Short Love Quotes

No one said life was going to be easy, no one said love was going to be easy,
but life and love can be easy if your attitude is positive and upbeat!
Catherine Pulsifer
Best Attitude Quotes

May those now love, who never loved before;
May those who’ve loved, now love the more.
Thomas Parnell
Famous Love Poems

To the wings of love, may they never lose a feather,
But soar up to the sky above, and last forever and ever.
Author Unknown
Valentines Day Poems

Never a tear bedims the eye
that time and patience will not dry.
Bret Harte
Patience Poems

Life becomes so unfair when you don’t get what others do. But don’t worry, God has decided something better for you.
Vj Nadar
Poems About Life

Love that is hoarded moulds at last until we know some day
The only thing we ever have is what we give away.
Louis Ginsberg
Best Love Poems

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