Special Occasion Poems & Quotes

Share these poems and quotes for every special occasion! Here find poetry and quotes to suit the special occasion that you are celebrating.

We celebrate a special occasion many times throughout the year. From birthdays, anniversaries and retirements to holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, they are all special days. All of them are times where we send good wishes and happiness to family and friends. Share them with family and friends to let them know you are thinking of them on their special day.

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General Special Occasions

birthday   Birthday

Birthday Poems

Birthday Poems For Dad

Birthday Poems For Mom

Happy Birthday Poems Daughter

Birthday Poems To My Son

Birthday Poems For Aunt

Cousin Birthday Poems

Birthday Poems For Nephew

Birthday Poems For Niece

Birthday Poem For Friend

Happy Birthday Baby Girl or Boy

Birthday Poems for Her

Happy Birthday To My Brother

Birthday Poems for Sister

Birthday Poems for Husband

Birthday Poems for Wife

Birthday Blessings

Religious Birthday Poems

Birthday Love Poems

Middle Age Poems

Senior Poems

Birthday Poems For Granddaughter

Birthday Poems for Grandma

Birthday Poems For Grandpa

Happy Birthday Poems To My Love

Birthday Celebration Poems

Roses Are Red Birthday Poems

Funny Birthday Poems

Milestone Birthday Poems

21st Birthday Poems

25th Birthday Poems

Turning 30 Poems

40th Birthday Poems

50th Birthday Poems

55th Birthday Poems

60th Birthday Poems

65th Birthday Poems

70th Birthday Poems

75th Birthday Poems

80th Birthday Poems

Birthday Quotes

new baby  New Baby

Baby Poems

Baby Shower Poems

Children Quotes

Quotes About Babies

graduation  Graduation

Graduation Poems

- Graduation Poems For Daughter

- Graduation Poems For Son

- Graduation Poems From Parents

- Graduation Poems For High School

- Graduation Thank You Poems

- A New Chapter In Life Poem

- Graduation Christian Poems

Funny Graduation Poems

Graduation Wishes For A Friend

Graduation Sayings

retirement   Retirement

Retirement Poems

Retirement Wishes

Retirement Quotes

wedding anniversary
Wedding / Anniversary

Wedding Poems

Irish Wedding Blessing

Anniversary Poems

Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Special Occasions By Month


New Year Poems

- Inspirational Poems For The New Year

- New Years Blessings

- New Year Toasts

- New Years Wish

- New Year's Resolutions Poems

- Poems About New Year's Eve

- New Year Prayers

- New Year's Hymn

- Year End Poem

- New Year Love Poems

New Year New Beginnings Poems

Religious New Years Poems

Funny New Year Poems

Famous New Year Poems

Christian Poems For The New Year

New Year Quotes


Valentines Day Poems

       - Valentine Poems For Him

       - Valentine Poems For Her

       - Short Valentine Poems

       - Valentine Poems For Friends

Short Love Poems

       - Love Poems For Him

       - Love Poems For Husband

       - Love Poems For Her

Thinking Of You Poems

Short Love Quotes

Rose Day Quotes


St. Patricks Day Poems

Irish Blessing

Irish Blessing Quotes


Easter Poems

Good Friday Poem

Christian Poems

Poems About Jesus

Spiritual Poems

Easter Quotes

Motivational Quotes From the Bible

Inspirational God Quotes

Christain Quotes

Poems About Earth Day

Earth Day Quotes


- Mothers Day Poems

- Mothers Day Poems From Daughter

- Mothers Day Poem From Son

Mom Poems

Mothers Day Prayers

Mothers Day Messages

Loving Quotes About Mothers


-Fathers Day Poems

- Fathers Day Poems From Daughter

- Happy Fathers Day Poems To My Husband

Fathers Day Inspirational Poems

Fathers Day Verses

This Is Father's Day

Funny Fathers Day Poems

Dad Poems

Father Quotes


- Inspirational Friendship Poems

Special Friend Poem

Best Friend Poems

Friendship Poems

Meaningful Friendship Quotes

Quotes For A Friend


Back to School
Poems about School

Quotes about School

Poems About Education

Quotes About Education

Grandparents Day
Grandparents Poems

Grandma Poems

Grandpa Poems

Quotes On Grandparents

Grandpa Quotes

Grandma Quotes


Halloween Poems

Trick or Treat Poems

Funny Halloween Poems

Halloween Quotes

Thanksgiving Poems

Thanksgiving Blessings

Be Thankful Poems

Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving Quotes

Thanksgiving Prayers

Veterans Poems


Christmas Poems

Christmas Blessings

Christmas Poems About Jesus

Christmas Verses

Christmas Quotes

Christmas Messages:

Christmas Messages

Christmas Messages for Family

Christmas Messages for A Friend

Christmas Card Messages

Funny Christmas Card Messages

Christmas Wishes:

Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes To A Friend

all poems


famous poems
Famous Poems

weekly poems
Weekly Poems

We hope you have enjoyed our collection of special occasion to celebrate occasions throughout the year.  We hope whatever special occasion or holiday you are celebrating you are surrounded by those that you love.  Make sure you let them know how much you appreciate and love them during this special day of the year.

If you are unable to be with the people you care about on their special day, sending an email or a card is a great way to let them know that they are in your thoughts. Use poetry or quotations in your note to them. Brighten their day by letting them know you are thinking of them on their special occasion.

We are continually adding new material to our collection of special occasion so be sure to come back and visit when you need words for that special day!

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