6 Christmas Poems about Hope

Find poems about Christmas hope to inspire and encourage you. When we think of Christmas it is a season of faith, joy, and hope. Find the reason for the hope in Christmas in these poems. And in our daily lives, we should always remember the hope that Christmas has brought into the world.

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  1. God Gave Us Hope
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Imagine if the Saviour had not been born
    We would feel lost and forlorn
    But God loved us so much
    He sent us Jesus, our lives were touched.

    That glorious first Christmas morn
    When our Saviour, Jesus was born
    Is one which we give thanks and praise
    Singing Hallelujah, our voices we raise.

    God gave us love and gave us hope
    For times when we feel we cannot cope.
    So no matter what this Christmas brings
    Give thanks to God for everything.

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  3. Christmas Cheer
    Poet: Robert T. Kerlin

    ’Tis Christmas time! ’Tis Christmas time!
    Dear hallowed name of every clime!
    How each one’s heart now happy feels,
    How each one’s face fresh joy reveals
    As Christmas Day is drawing near
    The merriest day of all the year!

    Old spite and hate, the scowl, the sneer
    Are vanquished, all, by kindly cheer,
    And friendships nigh forgot and cold
    Glow warm again as once of old.
    Man’s worries cease, his hope returns,
    His breast with love now brighter burns;
    So, Christmas cheer! Oh, Christmas cheer!
    A hearty welcome to you here.

    A welcome through the world where trod
    The source of joy, the Son of God,
    The Lowly One who from above
    First warmed cold earth with gladsome love:
    Who still proclaims with golden voice,
    “Peace on earth! Rejoice! Rejoice!"

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  5. The Bells Of Yule
    Poet: Alfred Tennyson

    The time draws near the birth of Christ:
    The moon is hid; the night is still;
    The Christmas bells from hill to hill
    Answer each other in the mist.

    Rise, happy morn; rise, holy morn;
    Draw forth the cheerful day from night:
    O Father, touch the east, and light
    The light that shone when Hope was born.

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  7. Christmas Is a Time of Hope
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Christmas is a time of hope
    Some sent in an envelope,
    Children send letters to Santa
    For some, it is an extravaganza.

    Parents rush around
    Sometimes feeling like clowns
    Trying to get everything done
    Thinking it will make Christmas fun.

    Christmas is more than shopping at
    Stores. It gives us hope knowing that
    God so loved us all and sent the angels call
    To announce that He sent His Son to save us all.

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  9. The Voice Of The Christ-Child
    Poet: Phillips Brooks

    The earth has grown old with its burden of care.
    But at Christmas it always is young.
    The heart of the jewel burns lustrous and fair.
    And its soul full of music breaks forth on the air.
    When the song of the Angels is sung.

    It is coming, old earth, it is coming to-night;
    On the snowflakes which cover thy sod.
    The feet of the Christ-child fall gently and white.
    And the voice of the Christ-child tells out with delight
    That mankind are the children of God.

    On the sad and the lonely, the wretched and poor.
    That voice of the Christ-child shall fall;
    And to every blind wanderer opens the door
    Of a hope which he dared not to dream of before.
    With a sunshine of welcome for all.

    The feet of the humblest may walk in the field
    Where the feet of the holiest have trod;
    This, this is the marvel to mortals revealed,
    When the silvery trumpets of Christmas have pealed.
    That mankind are the children of God.

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  11. O Lovely Voices Of The Sky
    Poet: Felicia Hemans

    O lovely voices of the sky,
    That hymned the Saviour's birth!
    Are ye not singing still on high,
    Ye that sang "Peace on Earth!"
    To us yet speak the strains
    Wherewith, in days gone by.
    Ye blessed the Syrian swains
    O voices of the sky!

    O clear and shining light! whose beams
    That hour heaven's glory shed
    Around the palms, and o'er the streams,
    And on the shepherd's head;
    Be near, through life and death,
    As in that holiest night,
    Of Hope, and Joy, and Faith,
    O clear and shining light!

    O star! which led to Him whose love
    Brought down man's ransom free;
    Where art thou? - 'midst the hosts above
    May we still gaze on thee?
    In heaven thou art not set,
    Thy ways earth might not dim.
    Send them to guide us yet,
    O star which led to Him!

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