The Christmas Star Poem

Find a Christmas star poem to remind you of the star that shone so brightly and continues to give us peace and hope today. May these poems encourage you and remind you of God's love for all. The Christmas star that shone many years ago, continues to shine today through those who believe in Jesus.

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The Christmas Star Poem

  1. Christmas Star
    Poet; Unknown

    A diamond shines no brighter
    Than that lovely Christmas star.
    It shines in all its brilliance;
    It’s seen from near or far.

    A symbol of the Christ child
    As He lay upon the hay,
    It tells to all the waiting world
    A King was born that day.

    O Bethlehem Star keep shining
    Give us faith and hope and love,
    Keep our thoughts forever turning
    To the Savior up above.

    Give us strength and hope and courage
    To do our best by far
    And never falter in our faith
    As we watch that Christmas star.

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  3. Just Where I Am
    Poet: Minnie Klemme

    The stars are lovely things at night;
    They light the hills and make them bright.
    They lift the valley from its knees,
    And make the plains as bright as these.

    One star shines brighter than the rest;
    It is the one I like the best.
    It marks the place of Jesus' birth,
    Of angel song and peace on earth.

    Were I a shepherd, I would go
    Down in the valley far below
    And worship at a manger stall
    In Bethlehem, the Lord of all.

    Were I wise man from afar,
    I, too, would follow that bright star;
    But, as I only am a lamb,
    I kneel to Him just where I am.

  4. That Christmas Star
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    That Christmas star that shone
    So many nights ago
    Gives us hope and peace
    It sets the world aglow.

    So when you see
    Bright stars in the sky
    Let it remind you
    To give thanks to God on High.

    God sent his only Son
    No gift could ever compare
    This gift of love truly shows
    Just how much God does care.

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  6. The Star Of Bethlehem
    Poet: Henry Kirke White

    When marshall'd on the nightly plain,
    The glittering host bestud the sky;
    One Star alone, of all the train.
    Can fix the sinner's wandering eye.
    Hark! hark! to God the chorus breaks,
    From every host, from every gem;
    But one alone the Saviour speaks.
    It is the Star of Bethlehem.

    Once on the raging seas I rode,
    The storm was loud — the night was dark,
    The ocean yawn'd — and rudely blow'd
    The wind that toss'd my foundering bark.
    Deep horror then my vitals froze.
    Death-struck, I ceased the tide to stem;
    When suddenly a star arose.
    It was the star of Bethlehem.

    It was my guide, my light, my all;
    It bade my dark forebodings cease,
    And through the storm and danger's thrall
    It led me to the port of peace.
    Now, safely moor'd — my perils o'er —
    I'll sing, first in night's diadem,
    For ever, and for evermore,
    The Star! — The Star of Bethlehem!

  7. May His love, down through the ages, Glow as the star did then
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  8. The Star Still Shines
    Poet: Marian L. Moore

    The star which guided the shepherds
    Still shines on our fellowman,
    And joy reigns again in human hearts
    As it did in Bethlehem.

    The Christ Child offers His blessings
    Onto all who dwell on earth,
    And those who know and love Him
    Share in His glorious birth.

    May His love, down through the ages,
    Glow as the star did then,
    And the spirit of peace on earth, good will
    Live in the hearts of men!

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  10. Christmas Stars
    Poet: Unknown

    Merry Christmas time is here,
    Bells are ringing sweet and clear,
    Stars up in the blue appear,
    At Merry Christmas time.

    Sometimes when I look overhead,
    I see a star that shines so red.
    Is it a Christmas star?

    As I am standing here below
    I see my bright star twinkle so.
    Is It a Christmas star?

    I look up in the big sky, too,
    To me my star looks small and blue.
    Is it a Christmas star?

    My star shines on a Christmas tree,
    It is just as pretty as can be.
    Stars of red and blue and gold,
    Twinkle, twinkle as of old,
    Shine o’er a happy world so bright,
    For it is Merry Christmas night!

  11. Stars Shining
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When you look up at night
    And see the stars shining bright
    Be reminded of Jesus' birth
    Who came and lived on earth.

    He came to save us all
    Without Him, we would fall.
    The star that shone so bright that night
    Brings the world hope and light.

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  13. Radiance Bright
    Poet: Anna George

    In Bethlehem's Town long years ago
    In a lowly manger bed
    Was born the tiny Christ Child
    Just as the scripture said.

    There was no room in house or inn,
    No one to welcome Him,
    No lovely clothes or blanket warm,
    No lights but lanterns dim.

    But overhead the morning star
    In wondrous radiance bright
    Shone out to guide the shepherds,
    As they traveled in the night,

    And a host of heavenly angels
    Loud hallelujahs sang;
    With peace on earth, good will to men,
    The earth and heavens rang.

    The shepherds saw that brilliant star;
    They heard the angels' song
    And knew that night was born
    The Christ for whom they'd waited long.

    The wise men also saw and followed
    The wondrous starlit way
    That led to Bethlehem's manger
    Wherein the Christ Child lay;

    This is an old, old story
    Of Christ the Saviour's birth,
    The story of glad tidings-
    Peace and good will on earth.

    But ever new to us each day
    On this glad Christmas morn
    We lift our hearts in gratitude
    That Christ the Lord was born.

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