What Happened In Bethlehem

Much has been written about what happened in Bethlehem many years ago. Read these two poems in which the Poet's describe that special, holy night.

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The Little Town
Poet: Clinton Scollakd

O little town, O little town.
Upon the hills so far,
We see you, like a thing sublime.
Across the great gray wastes of time.
And men go up and men go down,
But follow still the star!

And this is humble Bethlehem
In the Judean wild;
And this is lowly Bethlehem
Wherein a mother smiled;
Yea, this is happy Bethlehem
That knew the little Child!

Aye, this is glorious Bethlehem
Where He drew living breath
(Ah, precious, precious Bethlehem!
So every mortal saith)
Who brought to all that tread the earth
Life's triumph over death!

When Christ Was Born
Poet: Florence Earle Coates

On that divine all-hallowed morn
When Christ in Bethlehem was born.
How lone did Mary seem to be,
The kindly beasts for company!

But when she saw her infant's face -
Fair with the soul's unfading grace.
Softly she wept for love's excess.
For painless ease and happiness.

She pressed her treasure to her heart -
A lowly mother, set apart
In the dear way that mothers are.
And heaven seemed high, and earth afar:

And when grave kings in sumptuous guise
Adored her babe, she knew them wise;
For at his touch her sense grew dim -
So all her being worshipped him.

A nimbus seemed to crown the head
Low-nestled in that manger-bed.
And Mary's forehead, to our sight,
Wears ever something of its light;

And still the heart - poor pensioner!
In its affliction turns to her -
Best love of all, best understood.
 The type of selfless motherhood!

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