Praise God - 3 Poems

Poems that encourage us to praise God. Praise God every day for the gift of life. Just as you like to receive praise, God also appreciates the praise. We should show him gratitude, give thanks, praise him as we are His children and we should be thankful for all He has done and continues to do.

No matter what is going on in our life give Him praise. It is easy to give Him praise when life is good, but also praise Him in the challenging times. As Nicky Gumbel said, "Until God opens the next door, praise him in the hallway." Be inspired by these poems.

  1. Happiness of the Heart - Praise God!
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

    What is it that makes,
    Happiness in your heart?
    Is it your job or your friends,
    Or maybe a fresh start.

    What is it that allows,
    You to find your way?
    Maybe school or a trip,
    Or a change of your day.

    What is it that keeps,
    Your faith in full light?
    Is it church or a song,
    Or a sense of great sight?

    Too often it happens,
    Truth becomes a haze,
    When in reality,
    It's God we should praise.

  2. Singing Praise To God
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2010

    Are you aware of the words that you use
    In the songs of praise that you sing?
    Do they convey your soul's inner joy,
    A thanksgiving offering you bring?

    Do they reveal the depths of your faith,
    Do you sing the words from your heart?
    Or do you just follow along with the crowd,
    Ritualistically doing your part?

    "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go, Dear Lord;"
    Can you commit to that thought?
    Or "All To Jesus I Surrender"
    And think of the battles He fought?

    Be faithful in worship, be wary of words,
    Don't promise what you can't fulfill.
    Sing of your love and praise to the Lord,
    But sometimes it's best to keep still.

  3. There's No Tomorrow
    Greta Zwaan, 2000

    Oh, what might! What wondrous power, holding earth around me;
    Sparkling stars and shining sun, glorious gifts surround me.
    Snowcapped mountains, bubbling brooks, verdant tress, sweet flowers,
    Time; the length we do not know, cause to praise for hours.

    So much cause to praise the Lord, God, our great Designer;
    From the dust He formed it all - dust? What can be finer?
    Man makes things from what exists, but God needs no assistance;
    Even tiny seeds we plant are, to man, resistant.

    Without God, who sends the rain, who grants to us our seasons,
    Brings forth blossoms, buds, then flowers, symmetrically, with reasons.
    It's God's love that gives us all gifts we cannot measure;
    Willingly He blesses it, and it gives Him much pleasure.

    What does God want in return? Full, complete devotion;
    Casting all our cares on Him, feelings, hurts, emotions.
    Letting Him design our life, giving us direction;
    Holding nothing back from Him - our love, our cares, affection.

    For 'tis God who gives us life, who holds it with His power;
    And blesses those who serve His cause, each moment, yes, each hour.
    No earthly being compares to Him, for all are His creations,
    For He is ruler of the world, the King of all the nations.

    Though man will sin and turn away and think that he is master,
    His worldly powers all will end - without God, there's great disaster!
    But God does not enforce His love, we're free to make our own choice;
    If we disdain His greatest Gift and do not head that still voice.

    Then we surrender future grace, we've chosen not to heed Him;
    God leaves us to defend ourselves, we've stated, "We don't need Him."
    Beware, oh foolish bit of clay, your riches all will perish,
    Your gold will vanish as the wind, the gold that you now cherish.

    And on your deathbed, who will guide your soul across to glory?
    No one! No one! For you refused, too late now to be sorry.
    Don't wait 'till time has elapsed, don't cause yourself such sorrow;
    Today! Accept the Lord your God. Don't wait! There's no tomorrow.

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