6 Poems About God

Be inspired by these poems about God. Verses that discuss God and His presence.

Share these poems with anyone who may have doubts or is questioning the fact that there is a God.

If we allow it and if we have faith, God does come through, we just need to believe and trust in God's timing. May these poems give you hope and encouragement.

We hope you enjoy these Christian poems about God.

A poem about recognizing God

  1. The Things God Has Done
    Greta Zwaan, 2003

    Have you ever recognized the things that God has done?
    Did you check the record of that great and Holy One?
    Have you read the Scriptures? Have you had a real good look?
    If you seek for confirmation, you will find it in God's Book.

    But there are other places where the hand of God is shown,
    There are joys beyond all measure, from His mercy, from His throne.
    When you rise in early morning, feel the dew upon your face,
    And the singing of the robins, can you sense, this is God's grace?

    In the peaceful, quiet hour, while the world is still asleep,
    Can you feel His holy presence, can you sense His love so deep?
    When you see a tiny baby, when you hold him in your arms,
    And you're mesmerized; he's perfect! You are smitten by his charms.

    Would you think it's evolution that produced this human being?
    That his parts just came together, not God's power you are seeing?
    In God's Book these words are written - He created all mankind;
    Through the eyes of faith believe it; don't let Satan make you blind.

    God is holy; He's unsullied; sin could never taint or blight;
    God, the same today, forever, He's the great eternal Light.
    Let not earthly things persuade you, for this life some day will end.
    Get instructions from the Bible, for man's laws and God's won't blend.

    God requires that man be holy, setting standards as a guide;
    Yet our hearts will not acknowledge that we're more enticed by pride.
    If we'll contemplate our future, that our time's not in our hands,
    We would look again at Jesus, be persuaded by His plans.

    From the sinful fall of Adam and the scarring of his soul;
    God announced He'd send a Saviour; even yet, God's in control.
    Be ye ready for His coming, for one day He will return;
    At a time when least expected, Christ, the One that now we spurn.

    God is sovereign, God is holy, what He says, that will He do;
    As you study through the Scriptures, let His message speak to you.
    Take to heart what God has written as He used the pen of man;
    Moved them with the breath of heaven as they wrote salvation's plan.

    In the peaceful, quiet moments that you set aside to read,
    It will bring complete instruction; it will guide if you but heed.
    Let the Bible guide you daily and the blessings will abound,
    For there is no greater treasure! It's God's grace that you have found!

  2. a poem about is there a God

  3. Is There A God?

    Greta Zwaan, 2018

    If God made the universe, and folks say that is true,
    If God created everything, including me and you,
    If God is wise and knows all things because He has the power,
    If He's aware of world events each day and every hour,

    If God can see the world at large, the carnage man has done:
    Destroying what is beautiful and calling destruction fun;
    Murdering unborn children because they'll wreck their plans,
    And wanting their education, having their own demands,

    If God can be an honest God and let these things go by,
    No wonder people are aghast and say, "God doesn't even try.
    He actually isn't even there; He's just a Christian's crutch.
    Their stories are all fables; they're really out of touch!"

    But why blame God for what man does? Man has the will to choose.
    If self is left in full control he's guaranteed to lose.
    God is not pleased with what man does and time will prove He heard,
    The cries of those in agony, God listened to each word.

    The time of reckoning is at hand, the criminal will pay,
    All mercy will be set aside on God's own judgment day.
    The history of man's evil deeds will come before the light,
    No earthly sanctions will be found, no place to hide in fright.

    A lifelong time rejecting God will finally see its end,
    You'll stand alone to face your fate with no one who'll befriend.
    Yes! There's a God, He is alive! His plea to you is real,
    While there's still time to save your soul, reply to His appeal.

    Don't let your pride stand in your way or shame be your downfall,
    Instead, release yourself to God; be still and hear His call.

  4. Walk With God
    Poet: Edgar Daniel Kramer

    When folks say that I walk alone,
    With pity in their eyes,
    I ever stand and stare at them
    In wondering surprise,
    Because they are too blind to see
    That in each breathing clod,
    In sun and ran in grass and trees,
    I ever walk with God.

  5. inspiring poems about God

  6. The Glory That Is God
    John McLeod, 1982

    It's the kind word softly spoken
    And the friendly laughter heard,
    It's the smile of proffred friendship
    And the heavy burden shared,
    It's the gently hand that guides us
    As each weary mile we plod,
    It's the splendor of His giving
    And the glory that is God!

  7. Sunrise
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2018

    The sun begins to scatter the clouds that claimed the night,
    The glowing lights of colour make darkness take its flight.
    At first there’s but a glimmer as colour finds its way
    And then great bursts of sunshine announce a brand-new day.

    The harmony of colours dance in the morning mist,
    They’re orange, they’re red, they’re yellow; what colours they enlist!
    They touch and mould together, they snap as they join hands,
    The music is ethereal and then they break their bands.

    And still they dance in union, together then apart,
    The colours blend and scatter – a heavenly work of art.
    I almost hear their laughter; I almost hear them say:
    “God’s made a brand-new morning; wake up, enjoy the day!

    You’ve seen a bit of glory; you’ve seen the rising sun;
    We’ve barely scratched the surface, our story’s just begun.
    God’s majesty and power has colour without end,
    Like morning’s brilliant glory their wonders move and blend.”

    Each sunrise is new with splendour, each programme so well planned;
    Each day holds forth its promise of life throughout the land.
    When God displays His glory, when sunshine shows its face;
    Rejoice and dance like sunbeams that evening clouds erase.

  8. God Seen In All His Works
    Poet: Mary Snell

    How wond'rous are the works of God,
    In wisdom hath he wrought them all,
    Earth was created at His word,
    Sun, moon and stars came at His call,
    When darkness was upon the earth
    God spoke and said let there be light,
    The light appeared, He called it day,
    Also the darkness He called night.

    God spake again, the waters fled,
    A pace from off the earth, then stayed;
    The mighty ocean knew its bounds,
    Its Maker's mandate was obeyed.
    God spoke and verdure clothed the fields.
    The trees did yield abundant food.
    He saw the works His word had wrought,
    And blessed them and pronounced them good,

    The birds, the beasts, the fishes all
    Came in obedience to His word,
    And were submissive to His will.
    Each took their place and knew their- Lord,
    When man God formed out of the dust,
    In his own likeness man He made,
    And placed him in fair Eden's bowers,
    Where oft they met at evening shade

    Oh! who can sound the deep abyss,
    Of such amazing power and skill,
    Oh! who can solve Gods mysteries
    And understand His righteous will.
    When mortals pause awhile and think.
    And contemplate the vast design,
    Deep reverence doth possess the soul,
    And awe and wonder fill the mind.

    The sun that rules as king of day.
    The moon and stars that shine afar.
    Their Maker's glory all show forth.
    And they His wisdom do declare.
    The tiny blade of grass that form,
    The rich green carpet of the earth,
    These seem to softly whispering say,
    'Twas tender goodness gave us birth.

    The flowers that bloom in varied hues,
    Adorning hill and dale and grove,
    These all in silent eloquence
    Proclaim to us that God is love.
    Behold the giant forest trees,
    Lika faithful sentinels they stand,
    Their wild majestic beauty reigns.
    Preserved and fostered by God's hand.

    The birds in tuneful chorus join
    To praise the Lord for blessings given,
    Their music cheers man in his toil,
    And upward turns his thoughts to heaven,
    The bee, the butterflies, the ant.
    Tell us of God's unfailing care.
    Each little shrub and every plant
    Show us that God is everywhere.

    The mountain and the prairie wide,
    The lofty hill, the lowly dell,
    The lake, the river and the brook,
    Of their creator's goodness tell.
    All upward look and seem to say,
    God made us and his name we praise.
    He doth supply our every need.
    Bless Him, for wondrous are His ways.

    Out on the ocean wide is seen,
    God's mighty works upon the deep,
    When gloomy darkness doth enshroud
    And weary watch the sailors keep
    When mountain billows fiercely foam,
    And tempests rage with fearful power,
    Man, trembling, bows his head and owns
    God's presence in that awful hour.

    And when the storm has passed away,
    The waves subdued, the tempest staid.
    Stilled by a word from Him whose power
    O'er all is then and there displayed.
    Earth, sea and sky, all, all proclaim
    Their Maker's wondrous love and skill,
    And all unite to praise his name,
    And each their mission do fulfil.

    What wondrous love, a hat tender care,
    Unerring wisdom, power supreme,
    Justice and judgment righteous pure,
    In all the works of God are seen.
    Join all the universe to sing
    His praise, who doeth all things well,
    Join every creature here below,
    Loud let the grateful anthem swell.

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