31 Poems About God

Be inspired by these poems about God. Verses that discuss God and His presence. Share these poems with anyone who may have doubts or is questioning the fact that there is a God.

If we allow it and if we have faith, God does come through, we just need to believe and trust in God's timing. May these poems give you hope and encouragement. We hope you are inspired by these poems about God.

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  1. Just To Be Tender
    Poet: Unknown

    Just to be tender, just to be true,
    Just to be glad the whole day through,
    Just to be merciful, just to be mild,
    Just to be trustful with faith like a child,
    Just to be gentle and kind and sweet.
    Just to be helpful with willing feet.
    Just to be cheery when things go wrong.
    Just to drive sadness away with song.
    Whether the hour is dark or bright.
    Just to be loyal to God and right.
    Just to believe that God knows best,
    Just in His promises ever to rest -
    Just to let love sound its sweetest key.
    That is God's will for you and for me.

  2. My Barns Are Full
    Poet: Guy Hootman

    "My barns are full and running o'er.
    I'll tear them down and build some more.
    My treasure here is quite secure;
    My fertile fields will long endure.
    No thief will ever come by stealth
    And take away my earthly wealth."

    "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be
    By God in Heaven required of thee."

    God did not take what he held dear;
    He just took him and left it here.
    How foolish then for us to reap,
    And earthly harvests try to keep,
    For soon, yes soon, our Lord may call,
    And we'll be forced to leave it all.

  3. In the Woods
    Poet: Frederick George Scott

    This is God's house - the blue sky is the ceiling,
    This woods the soft green carpet for His feet,
    Those hills His stairs, down which the brooks come stealing,
    With baby laughter making earth more sweet.

    And here His friends come, clouds and soft winds sighing,
    And little birds whose throats pour forth their love.
    And spring and summer, and the white snow lying
    Pencilled with shadows of bare boughs above.

    And here come sunbeams through the green leaves straying,
    And shadows from the storm-clouds overdrawn,
    And warm, hushed nights, when mother earth is praying
    So late that her moon-candle burns till dawn.

    Sweet house of God, sweet earth so full of pleasure,
    I enter at thy gates in storm or calm;
    And every sunbeam is a joy and treasure,
    And every cloud a solace and a balm.

  4. There Is A God!
    Poet: John Imrie

    There is a God! - I know full well,
    Though I have never seen His face;
    Earth, sea, and sky, His power tell,
    His handiwork in these I trace.

    There is a God! - the heavens declare
    His gracious presence night and morn;
    Sun, moon, and stars in God's pure air
    Laugh Infidelity to scorn.

    There is a God! - each flower I see
    Seems but to live to speak His praise;
    Each blade of grass, each leaf-crown'd tree,
    Their heads in grateful gladness raise!

    There is a God! - thus saith the sea,
    Rock'd in the cradle of His hand;
    Emblem of God's immensity,
    Mov'd by the winds at His command.

    There is a God! - the mountains high
    Point to His heavenly throne above!
    The stars that twinkle in the sky
    Proclaim a God - a God of love!

    Thou art my God! - Thy word doth show
    The imprint of Thy hand divine;
    'Tis from its pages that I know
    My soul is kindred soul to Thine!

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  6. The Things God Has Done
    Greta Zwaan, 2003

    Have you ever recognized the things that God has done?
    Did you check the record of that great and Holy One?
    Have you read the Scriptures? Have you had a real good look?
    If you seek for confirmation, you will find it in God's Book.

    But there are other places where the hand of God is shown,
    There are joys beyond all measure, from His mercy, from His throne.
    When you rise in early morning, feel the dew upon your face,
    And the singing of the robins, can you sense, this is God's grace?

    In the peaceful, quiet hour, while the world is still asleep,
    Can you feel His holy presence, can you sense His love so deep?
    When you see a tiny baby, when you hold him in your arms,
    And you're mesmerized; he's perfect! You are smitten by his charms.

    Would you think it's evolution that produced this human being?
    That his parts just came together, not God's power you are seeing?
    In God's Book these words are written - He created all mankind;
    Through the eyes of faith believe it; don't let Satan make you blind.

    God is holy; He's unsullied; sin could never taint or blight;
    God, the same today, forever, He's the great eternal Light.
    Let not earthly things persuade you, for this life some day will end.
    Get instructions from the Bible, for man's laws and God's won't blend.

    God requires that man be holy, setting standards as a guide;
    Yet our hearts will not acknowledge that we're more enticed by pride.
    If we'll contemplate our future, that our time's not in our hands,
    We would look again at Jesus, be persuaded by His plans.

    From the sinful fall of Adam and the scarring of his soul;
    God announced He'd send a Saviour; even yet, God's in control.
    Be ye ready for His coming, for one day He will return;
    At a time when least expected, Christ, the One that now we spurn.

    God is sovereign, God is holy, what He says, that will He do;
    As you study through the Scriptures, let His message speak to you.
    Take to heart what God has written as He used the pen of man;
    Moved them with the breath of heaven as they wrote salvation's plan.

    In the peaceful, quiet moments that you set aside to read,
    It will bring complete instruction; it will guide if you but heed.
    Let the Bible guide you daily and the blessings will abound,
    For there is no greater treasure! It's God's grace that you have found!

  7. God Never Commands
    Greta Zwaan, 2008

    God is a God of compassion but also a God of wrath,
    His mercy will go to great limits as He draws you to the right path.
    He gently prods for submission, but never commands you reply,
    The grace and love that He offers does not entice Him to pry.

    He lets you search out your mission, He lets you roam as you please,
    God holds down no restrictions, He doesn't push you to your knees.
    He uses gentle persuasion, which eternally flows from His throne,
    And those who are not yet in the fold He'll eagerly claim as His own …
    … once they acknowledge His kingship.

  8. God gives us grace more than we deserve. In turn, we should extend the same grace to others. Read more poems about God's grace.

  9. Uplifts
    By Stillman F. Kneeland

    Adversity is fortune's school,
    Its lessons fill the air;
    There's wisdom in the babbling brooks
    And uplifts everywhere.

    Disasters are but stepping-stones,
    That span life's mystic streams.
    Mere finger-posts to victory,
    Or figments of our dreams.

    The hand that bringeth sorrow,
    Ofttimes a blessing brings;
    The clouds that hover o'er us
    Are only angels' wings.

    If God is God and right is right,
    Though fools and cowards blame.
    Stand in the glowing beacon light,
    That ever shines the same.

    If God is good and right is might.
    We cannot suffer long;
    Discount the final victory,
    And lift your soul in song.

  10. Convenient God
    Greta Zwaan, 2018

    Is He a "sometimes" God in your life, a convenience when you're in need?
    Have you created the pattern yourself only so far to proceed?
    Is He allowed to only observe as a consultant, not guide?
    Are the decisions you make all your own, casting His offers aside?

    Has the thought ever entered your mind that He knows all of your needs?
    Your strong independence, your will to go forth,
    no thought to where this road leads?
    God won't step in without your request, He'll even allow you success;
    But when you achieve the goals you set forth, who do you think you'll empress?

    Think for a moment, if He should let go, totally leave you alone;
    Would you still prosper, would things go right, could you stand up on your own?
    Now you are young, full of great plans, visions of fortune and power;
    Strength in your favour, health on your side, you make the most of each hour.

    Then one day you find you're not satisfied, there's no more goals to achieve;
    Life at the top is far from ideal, people corrupt and deceive.
    Lonesome, distraught, heart sick and sad, feeling distressed, unfulfilled;
    Then someone says, "Why not try church, maybe your pain can be stilled."

    And there I found God! Waiting for me, He knew the need of my heart,
    No greater peace had I ever known, and He had been there from the start!
    I'd kept Him out but He hadn't left, He simply did not interfere,
    I made my life, He stood aside until I wanted Him near.

    Now I regret the long, wasted years, His love that so freely He'll give,
    I try to make up the time that I lost; I'll do it as long as I live!

  11. is there a God?
    The Weaver Poem

  12. Is There A God?
    Greta Zwaan, 2018

    If God made the universe, and folks say that is true,
    If God created everything, including me and you,
    If God is wise and knows all things because He has the power,
    If He's aware of world events each day and every hour,

    If God can see the world at large, the carnage man has done:
    Destroying what is beautiful and calling destruction fun;
    Murdering unborn children because they'll wreck their plans,
    And wanting their education, having their own demands,

    If God can be an honest God and let these things go by,
    No wonder people are aghast and say, "God doesn't even try.
    He actually isn't even there; He's just a Christian's crutch.
    Their stories are all fables; they're really out of touch!"

    But why blame God for what man does? Man has the will to choose.
    If self is left in full control he's guaranteed to lose.
    God is not pleased with what man does and time will prove He heard,
    The cries of those in agony, God listened to each word.

    The time of reckoning is at hand, the criminal will pay,
    All mercy will be set aside on God's own judgment day.
    The history of man's evil deeds will come before the light,
    No earthly sanctions will be found, no place to hide in fright.

    A lifelong time rejecting God will finally see its end,
    You'll stand alone to face your fate with no one who'll befriend.
    Yes! There's a God, He is alive! His plea to you is real,
    While there's still time to save your soul, reply to His appeal.

    Don't let your pride stand in your way or shame be your downfall,
    Instead, release yourself to God; be still and hear His call.

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  14. Walk With God
    Poet: Edgar Daniel Kramer

    When folks say that I walk alone,
    With pity in their eyes,
    I ever stand and stare at them
    In wondering surprise,
    Because they are too blind to see
    That in each breathing clod,
    In sun and ran in grass and trees,
    I ever walk with God.

  15. it's God who gives to me the very best
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  16. The Glory That Is God
    John McLeod, 1982

    It's the kind word softly spoken
    And the friendly laughter heard,
    It's the smile of proffred friendship
    And the heavy burden shared,
    It's the gently hand that guides us
    As each weary mile we plod,
    It's the splendor of His giving
    And the glory that is God!

  17. God's Patience
    Poet: Saxe Holm

    Like a cradle, rocking, rocking,
    Silent, peaceful, to and fro;
    Like a mother's sweet looks dropping
    On the little face below, —
    Hangs the green earth, swinging, turning,
    Jarless, noiseless, safe, and slow;
    Falls the light of God's face, bending
    Down, and watching us below.

    And as feeble babes that suffer,
    Toss and cry, and will not rest,
    Are the ones the tender mother
    Holds the closest, loves the best;
    So when we are weak and wretched,
    By our sins weighed down, distressed,
    Then it is that God's great patience
    Holds us closest, loves us best.

  18. God Smiles Upon Us
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Rise and shine, the day has begun,
    It is a gift from above, each ray of sun.
    God smiles upon us, His love so pure,
    Seize this morning, let your spirit soar.

    Don't waste a moment, for this is your chance,
    To illuminate the world with God's romance.
    Embrace the day and all it brings,
    Shine His light, and His praises do sing.

  19. Thy Will Be Done
    Poet: S. F. Adams

    God sendeth sun, he sendeth showers;
    Alike they're needful for the flower:
    And joys and tears alike are sent
    To give the soul fit nourishment,
    As comes to me or cloud or sun,
    Father, thy will, not mine, be done!

    Can loving children e’er reprove,
    With murmurs, those they trust and love?
    Creator! I would ever be
    A trusting, loving child to Thee:
    As comes to me or cloud or sun,
    Father, Thy will, not mine, be done.

    O ne’er will I at life repine;
    Enough that Thou hast made it mine;
    When falls the shadow cold of death,
    I yet will sing with prating breath,
    As comes to me or cloud or sun,
    Father, Thy will, not mine, be done.

  20. God's Gracious Will
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    God never meant us to be separated
    From one another in our work and thought;

    Spirits that share His Spirit He has mated,
    That so his loving purpose may be wrought.

    His gracious will be done
    In earth and heaven, as one.

  21. God Seen In All His Works
    Poet: Mary Snell

    How wond'rous are the works of God,
    In wisdom hath he wrought them all,
    Earth was created at His word,
    Sun, moon and stars came at His call,
    When darkness was upon the earth
    God spoke and said let there be light,
    The light appeared, He called it day,
    Also the darkness He called night.

    God spake again, the waters fled,
    A pace from off the earth, then stayed;
    The mighty ocean knew its bounds,
    Its Maker's mandate was obeyed.
    God spoke and verdure clothed the fields.
    The trees did yield abundant food.
    He saw the works His word had wrought,
    And blessed them and pronounced them good,

    The birds, the beasts, the fishes all
    Came in obedience to His word,
    And were submissive to His will.
    Each took their place and knew their- Lord,
    When man God formed out of the dust,
    In his own likeness man He made,
    And placed him in fair Eden's bowers,
    Where oft they met at evening shade

    Oh! who can sound the deep abyss,
    Of such amazing power and skill,
    Oh! who can solve Gods mysteries
    And understand His righteous will.
    When mortals pause awhile and think.
    And contemplate the vast design,
    Deep reverence doth possess the soul,
    And awe and wonder fill the mind.

    The sun that rules as king of day.
    The moon and stars that shine afar.
    Their Maker's glory all show forth.
    And they His wisdom do declare.
    The tiny blade of grass that form,
    The rich green carpet of the earth,
    These seem to softly whispering say,
    'Twas tender goodness gave us birth.

    The flowers that bloom in varied hues,
    Adorning hill and dale and grove,
    These all in silent eloquence
    Proclaim to us that God is love.
    Behold the giant forest trees,
    Lika faithful sentinels they stand,
    Their wild majestic beauty reigns.
    Preserved and fostered by God's hand.

    The birds in tuneful chorus join
    To praise the Lord for blessings given,
    Their music cheers man in his toil,
    And upward turns his thoughts to heaven,
    The bee, the butterflies, the ant.
    Tell us of God's unfailing care.
    Each little shrub and every plant
    Show us that God is everywhere.

    The mountain and the prairie wide,
    The lofty hill, the lowly dell,
    The lake, the river and the brook,
    Of their creator's goodness tell.
    All upward look and seem to say,
    God made us and his name we praise.
    He doth supply our every need.
    Bless Him, for wondrous are His ways.

    Out on the ocean wide is seen,
    God's mighty works upon the deep,
    When gloomy darkness doth enshroud
    And weary watch the sailors keep
    When mountain billows fiercely foam,
    And tempests rage with fearful power,
    Man, trembling, bows his head and owns
    God's presence in that awful hour.

    And when the storm has passed away,
    The waves subdued, the tempest staid.
    Stilled by a word from Him whose power
    O'er all is then and there displayed.
    Earth, sea and sky, all, all proclaim
    Their Maker's wondrous love and skill,
    And all unite to praise his name,
    And each their mission do fulfil.

    What wondrous love, a hat tender care,
    Unerring wisdom, power supreme,
    Justice and judgment righteous pure,
    In all the works of God are seen.
    Join all the universe to sing
    His praise, who doeth all things well,
    Join every creature here below,
    Loud let the grateful anthem swell.

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  23. But God II
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2015

    Oh, for the wonderful little word “BUT,”
    Where God brings solutions to bear;
    Where, lost in our sin, resulting in death,
    God has been saying, “I care.”

    He does not choose the road we take,
    Yet guide posts are marked on the way;
    We seek the path that brings pleasures and joy,
    Not knowing it leads us astray.

    BUT GOD, in His wisdom persuades us to turn,
    Not walk on the road that brings pain.
    The straight, narrow path near the river of peace,
    Grants joy and the power to sustain.

    The wide road of pleasure lasts but a few days,
    All too soon we are left with regret.
    Change your direction while there’s still time,
    And God will annul every debt.

  24. The Voice Of My Lord
    Poet: Bill Gurney

    I hear the voice of my Lord,
    I hear Him in the rustling leaves
    And the wind in the trees.
    I hear Him down along- the creek ford.

    His voice, is sweet. Oh I can tell,
    And it causes a silence. Birds stop singing,
    And the sheep and cattle stop grazing and listen.
    I can hear His every word in the valley deep.

    Some day when I go
    I know I wall meet no foe,
    For my Lord will meet me in that valley,
    And His voice I will know.

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  26. If We Love God
    Poet: Alaurice Francis Egan

    If we love God, we know what loving is,
    For love is God's, He sent it to the earth,
    Half human, half divine, all glorious, —
    Half human, half divine, but wholly His;
    Not loving God, we know not love's true worth,
    We taste not the great gift He gave to us.

  27. A General And A Special Providence
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    God is around and with us all the time,
    Making the soul a most glorious clime;
    Watching o'er the heart with a mighty power,
    And keeping it from danger, hour by hour.

    A general Providence, in the sky;
    A special Providence, and strangely nigh!
    We love to think He rules by laws so old
    The years they've lasted, none can now unfold.

    And yet we feel so mighty is his love,
    Each name is written in the " Book" above.
    God wound up the world from the start, we know,
    But each day his life makes it onward go.

    I see Him ruling on the throne of light!
    I know each hour He makes my life more bright.
    I do not lose my God in the dim space,
    Every instant I feel his blessed grace.

  28. God By The Sea
    Poet: Ellwood Haines Stokes

    In the beginning, God, -
    The Father, Son, and Spirit, by the Sea;
    Where truth, like dew-drops on the sod,
    Falls tenderly.

    God in and over all.
    Whose glory glows like sunbeams on the flood;
    And billows as they rise and fall,
    Each murmur, "God!"

    God, here, forever more.
    In the blest fixture as the glorious past;
    On rolling sea, and golden shore,
    First, always, last.

  29. Loveth
    by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

    He prayeth best who loveth best
    All things both great and small,
    For the dear God who loveth us,
    He made and loveth all.

  30. Destiny
    Poet: James Henry Thomas

    There's no escaping Destiny,
    No matter how we plan.
    We can't unfold God's purposes -
    They save too firm for man.

    Our destiny was fixed before
    Our birth into the world;
    We did not fix it when we came,
    Nor can it be unfurled.

    The road you traveled to success,
    Was strange to you, you know;
    You never thought when you began.
    That you would this way go.

    Life's path was fashioned by no man.
    Nor destined by his wit;
    'Twas surveyed by that Unseen Eye,
    And that we must admit.

    The things which you met in the way,
    Perhaps you tried to shun,
    And yet you say, "If I'd done thus,"
    And "If I had not done."

    But "If" is never in the way
    When Destiny is planned
    By God himself, who does not change
    The plan he's made to stand.

    Don't worry about your destiny,
    But try to do your best,
    To meet life's problems with a smile,
    And give your soul a rest.

  31. Night and Day
    Poet: Mary Mapes Dodge

    When I run about all day,
    When I kneel at night to pray,
    God sees.

    When I'm dreaming in the dark,
    When I lie awake and hark.
    God sees.

    Need I ever know a fear?
    Night and day my Father's near:
    God sees.

  32. Great Is Our Lord
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Great is our Lord, with miracles we are blessed,
    We see them morn and eve, we are not oppressed.

    The sun that rises in all her shining glory,
    Sets again at night in pursuit of a new story.

    The simple act of healing brokenness and strife,
    A kindness born to us on the wings of life.

    Blessings come both far and wide,
    Granting grace within each tide.

    To Him we look through faith divine,
    Surrounded by His miracles sublime.

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  34. God's Workshop
    Poet: Alex Tuer

    I think of Life as God's workshop,
    Where we each have our work to do.
    To some are entrusted many tasks —
    To others — only a few.

    One man may rule a nation.
    Or conquer a thousand foes.
    One may just soothe a widow's grief;
    Another — just plant a rose.

    One man may climb Fame's ladder
    Till he reaches Life's highest goal.
    Another goes down to the gates of Hell
    And brings back a poor lost soul.

    But none shall be called unworthy
    Who works as best he can,
    For, lowly or high, each has a part
    In the Master Workman's plan.

    And I think when the Master Workman
    Shall show us his finished plan,
    It will be just a picture of God Himself,
    The soul of a perfect man.

  35. God Is
    Poet: Walter B. Knight

    God is Before me, He will be my guide;
    God is Behind me, no ill can betide;
    God is Beside me, to comfort and cheer;
    God is Around me, so why should I fear?

  36. God's Will Is Best
    Poet: Paul Flemming

    Let nothing make thee sad or fretful,
    Or too regretful -
    Be still;
    What God hath ordered must be right,
    Then find in it thine own delight,
    My will.

    Why shouldst thou fill to-day with sorrow
    About to-morrow
    My heart?
    One watches all with care most true,
    Doubt not that He will give thee, too,
    Thy part.

    Only be steadfast, never waver,
    Nor seek earth's favor,
    But rest;
    Thou knowest what God wills must be
    For all His creatures, so for thee,
    The best.

  37. Thank God
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thank God for the sun rays that light up the day
    Thank God for being with us in every way.
    For His guidance and protection
    For His Word and its direction.

    God is full of unfailing love
    Watching over us from above.
    His mercy and grace are more than we deserve
    Thank Him, and Him we serve.

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  39. God's Album
    Poet: William Van Vorst

    We may write our names in Albums -
    We may trace them in the sand;
    We may chisel them in marble.
    With a firm and skillful hand:

    But the pages soon are sullied,
    Soon each name will fade away;
    Every monument will crumble,
    Like all earthy hopes, decay.

    But, dear friend, there is an Album,
    Full of leaves of snowy white.
    Where no name is ever tarnished,
    But forever pure and bright.

    In that Book of Life, God's Album,
    May your name be penned with care
    And may all who here may write,
    Have their names forever there.

  40. Hold On To God
    Poet: A. B. V. Dyke

    Hold on to God, what ever may betide,
    For there are pit-falls deep and wide;
    Hold on to God, though fierce the blast,
    Until the Adverse winds are past.

    Hold on to God, the Lord is by thy side,
    When we in His commands abide,
    Hold on to God, help comes at last,
    If we but wait, and trust, and ask.

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