103 Faith Quotes

Be uplifted by these short faith quotes to inspire you. May they strengthen your faith in God. May your faith be strong in good times and in difficult times. With strong faith, we can face things that seem impossible, we can overcome challenges and obstacles. Our faith gives us reason to be thankful and praise God for all the blessings we have.

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  1. I like the man who faces what he must...nor loses faith in man; but does his best   Sarah Knowles Bolton, The Inevitable
    Poems about Faith

  2. Our aim must be to develop into good gardeners, gardeners who work harmoniously among the flows of life. This means that besides vegetables, flowers, and fruit, gardeners are themselves undergoing a spiritual cultivation into something beautiful and sympathetic and healthy. A caring, faithful, and worshipping humanity is one of the garden’s most important crops.   Norman Wirzba
    Garden Poems

  3. Then, though the path be dreary, look forward to the goal; though the heart and the head be weary, let faith inspire the soul   S. K. Phillips, We Shall Be Satisfied
    Poems of Encouragement

  4. It encourages me to learn that faith is not always some bold action; but rather at times it is a helpless stumbling and bumbling which, with all its weakness, nevertheless still turns to God.   Ole Hallesby, Prayer
    Inspirational Poems

  5. God is faithful and reliable. If we confess our sins, he forgives them and cleanses us from everything we’ve done wrong.  1 John 1:9 (GW)
    God's Promises Poems

  6. Here's to the heart of friendship, tried and true....enshrouds our stricken souls; then smiles through all the midnight gloom with more than human faith.   Unknown, The Heart Of Friendship
    Friendship Poems

  7. Have faith that God has a plan and it is good!
  8. Have faith that God has a plan and it is good!   Catherine Pulsifer
    Christian Poems

  9. There must be something you can do to ease the burden of the day, for someone who has lost his faith in self, and cannot find his way.   Everett Wentworth Hill, Something You Can Do
    Poems About Helping Others

  10. Oh Lord, I come before thee seeking guidance and strength for me - life throws many tests at me which challenge my faith in Thee. Catherine Pulsifer, Oh Lord
    Spiritual Poems

  11. Renew our strength from day to day, quicken and deepen our faith, enrich our lives that this may be to us the best of all the years. George L. Perin, The Year's Journey
    New Year Prayers

  12. Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.   C.S. Lewis
    Christian Quotes For Encouragement

  13. My faith carries me through each stormy night allowing me to be a helping hand and do what’s right.   Catherine Pulsifer, Two Hands
    Poems About Hands

  14. Your faith is an inspiration to us all, your kindness and thoughtfulness, helps us not to fall.   Catherine Pulsifer, A Blessing
    Pastor Appreciation Poems

  15. God's timing is perfect...we may not understand, we may not see, but we must trust, have faith, and believe.
  16. God's timing is perfect...we may not understand, we may not see, but we must trust, have faith, and believe. Catherine Pulsifer, We Pray and We Pray
    Poems About God's Timing

  17. For within these walls, whispers of peace thrive, melodies of faith whispering through souls. A sanctuary where weary spirits revive, Church binds us close to our purposeful goals.   Catherine Pulsifer, A Grounding Place
    Poems About Church

  18. With faith as our anchor strong, and His love as our eternal song, we can face each new day with hope, and find contentment and learn to cope.   Catherine Pulsifer, Find Resilience In God
    Poems About Resilience

  19. A life of faith and trust is a life filled with future expectations.  Catherine Pulsifer
    Poems About Life

  20. God, almighty and divine, I praise You in unwavering faith and love Catherine Pulsifer, I Praise You
    Poems About Worship

  21. Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be all right, and the determined choice to praise God in every situation.   Kay Warren
    Christian Quotes About Joy

  22. Our faith itself, though it be the bond of our union with Christ through which we receive all His blessings, is not our savior. We have but one Savior; and that one Savior is Jesus Christ our Lord. Nothing that we are and nothing that we can do enters in the slightest measure into the ground of our acceptance with God. Jesus did it all.   B.B. Warfield
    Quotes About Jesus

  23. Lord make me an instrument of your peace...where there is doubt, faith   St. Francis of Assisi, The Peace Prayer
    St. Francis Prayer

  24. He who has the faith and strength to thank his God for sorrow has found a joy without alloy to gladden every morrow.   Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Thanksgiving Chorus
    Thanksgiving Wishes

  25. Let us hold fast to the other and kindred truth that God employs His angels as "ministering spirits" to the humblest and lowliest of His children.   Theodore L. Cuyler
    Poems About Angels

  26. With Faith life's trials boldly breast, and come a conqueror to thy rest - bear on — bear bravely on!  Unknown, Fortitude And Trials
    Courage Poems

  27. This is an opportunity for Christian people who say they trust in the Lord and they put their faith in Jesus Christ, to demonstrate that by being stable and even hopeful and joyful. The kingdom of God is joy in the holy spirit.   John MacArthur
    Hopeful Quotes

  28. Lord our God, who rules above, accept our earthly works of love and fill our souls with faith to prove Thy Majesty.  Eloise A. Skimings, Hymn
    Faith In God Poems

  29. The dear God hears and pities all, He knoweth all our wants
  30. The dear God hears and pities all, He knoweth all our wants  Whittier, God Hears
    Poems About God's Love

  31. Hold on to your faith, it will be your guide, through life's ups and downs, it will abide.   Catherine Pulsifer, On This Special Day
    Graduation Christian Poems

  32. In God’s eyes, the greatest heroes of faith are not those who achieve prosperity, success, and power in this life, but those who treat life as a temporary assignment and serve faithfully, expecting their promised reward in eternity.   Rick Warren
    Serving God Poems

  33. With a steadfast faith in God above, the night becomes a hymn of boundless love.   Catherine Pulsifer, Darkness Veils The Light
    Poems About Night

  34. The new year offers us a wider range in which our faith may exercise a claim, and from the millions lost 'twould not be strange if many precious souls should be our gain. Jennie Mast, At The Close Of The Year
    Christian Poems For The New Year

  35. Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness. Colossians 2:7 (NLT)
    Thanksgiving Verses In The Bible

  36. When we let go of control though confusing, it can be freeing for God’s timing will lead us home. We need to have faith and remain believing.   Catherine Pulsifer, God's Time
    Poems About Time

  37. When the anchors that faith had cast are dragging in the gale, I am quietly holding fast to the things that cannot fail  Washington Gladden, Things That Abide
    Poems About Fate

  38. The only known antidote to fear is faith.   Woodrow Kroll
    Poems About Fear

  39. And may the Christmas splendor a joyous greeting bear, of love that's true and tender and faith that's sweet and fair.   Unknown, A Christmas Greeting
    Christmas Card Poem

  40. A sad day for those who believed their eyes could not bear to see gone were their hopes, their dreams....They didn't understand the plan that God had for man.   Catherine Pulsifer, They Day Was So Dark
    Good Friday Poem

  41. Sometimes He [God] weaveth sorrow, which seemeth strange to me; but I will trust His judgment, and work on faithfully   Father Tabb, Life's Weaving
    The Weaver Poem

  42. Are you willing to believe ... that the blessed life which began in Bethlehem nineteen hundred years ago is the image and brightness of the Eternal Love?   Henry VanDyke, Keeping Christmas
    Christmas Poems

  43. Just as God leads me, I abide in faith, in hope, in suffering true; His strength is ever by my side — can aught my hold on him undo?  Unknown, Just As God Leads
    Poems About Contentment

  44. When you have faith in God, you don't have to worry about the future. You just know it's all in His hands. You just go to and do your best.   Elder Bryan Mathison
    Encouragment Quotes

  45. Just as our faith in Christ forever grows, through seasons drear, through joy and earthly woes.   Catherine Pulsifer, God's Gracious Bounty
    Pumpkin Poems

  46. Though sorrow grips us, our faith remains   Catherine Pulsifer, In God's Embrace
    Poems Of Goodbye Death

  47. So keep faith in God throughout despair, when you feel defeated remember He's there.   Catherine Pulsifer, He's Always There
    Poems About Defeat

  48. Easter is perhaps the most important day in the ministry of Jesus. While His birth and the ministry of miracles are amazing, the day Jesus rose is the base of the Christian faith.  Catherine Pulsifer
    Easter Poems

  49. Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.
  50. Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.   Henry Ward Beecher
    Bible Verses about Anxiety and Fear

  51. Oh, let me hear the story told of him who there the victory won, who said in prayer, "Thy will be done"!   Clara McAlister Brooks, Thy Will Be Done

  52. The accepted blessing there; the lesson pondered o'er with thoughtful eyes, the faith that sees in all a meaning wise.   Lucy Fletcher, True Rest
    Poems About Peace

  53. If you stand very still and you hold to your faith - you will get all the help that you ask   Patience Strong, Silence
    Wisdom Poems

  54. In God's Book these words are written - He created all mankind; through the eyes of faith believe it   Greta Zwaan, The Things God Has Done
    Poems About God

  55. Faith is not just believing in God; it's trusting that His plans are better than our own.   Max Lucado
    God Has A Plan Quotes

  56. But by faith you look in the mirror and see a robed prodigal bearing the ring of grace on your finger and the kiss of your Father on your face.   Max Lucado
    Quotes About God's Grace

  57. Many people see God's timing as a test of faith. There are times when we do not understand why something has happened but our faith leads us to believe that God knows what is best for us and that His timing is perfect.   Catherine Pulsifer
    Quotes About God's Timing

  58. Have faith....Know this: God rules the hosts of heaven, the inhabitants of earth.   Friedrich Schiller, Words Of Strength
    Poems About Hope

  59. Happiness is our heritage when faith becomes our constant companion
  60. Happiness is our heritage when faith becomes our constant companion  William Arthur Ward, Happiness Is When
    Poems About Happiness

  61. Teach me thy patience, still with thee in closer, dearer company, in work that keeps faith sweet and strong, in trust that triumphs over wrong.   Washington Gladden, Master, let me walk with thee
    Short Prayers

  62. Faith is the foundation of a meaningful life. Without it, we are lost.   Author Unknown
    Christian Quotes For Life

  63. Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark. George Iles
    Christian Quotes About Hope

  64. Faith is the willingness to receive whatever God wants to give, and the assurance that He knows what is best for us.   Author Unknown
    Quotes About God's Promises

  65. Begin your day with faith, and God will turn ordinary moments into extraordinary blessings.  
    Christian Good Morning Quotes

  66. Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. Faith is the belief that God will do what is right.   Max Lucado
    God's Will Quotes

  67. The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on our spiritual progress. Whether you set goals at the beginning of this year or not, it is certainly good to ask where you have been this year and whether you are heading in the right direction.   Christopher Perry
    Year End Poem

  68. Have Faith. ...Know this: God rules the hosts of heaven, the inhabitants of earth.   Friedrich Schiller, Three Words Of Strength
    Poems About Strength

  69. God give you faith to see your dreams come true and on this New Year may God bless you.  Catherine Pulsifer
    New Year Poems

  70. Give me a man with an aim...let him walk in the path of right, and keep his aim in sight, and work and pray in faith always   Unknown, Better To Climb and Fail
    Poems About Goals

  71. Have faith in yourself. Just know that you can and you're simply bound to do; and never a barrier, bar or ban can keep you from carrying through.   Unknown, Believe
    Poems For Teenagers

  72. And in this journey over the thousand hills and valleys called life, he is wisest who ....has faith when he does not understand, and carries into the dark places the light of a cheerful heart.  Max Ehrmann, The Light Of A Cheerful Heart
    Desiderata Poem

  73. My wealth is greater than a miser's gold...for I have faith in God, and, have a friend!   Christine Grunt Curless, Abundance
    Abundance Poem

  74. Courage and cheer and faith and self-reliance these are things to which a man is born.   R. N. Livingston, Destiny
    Poems About Life Struggles

  75. When we speak of faith - the faith that can move mountains - we are not speaking of faith in general but of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.   Russell M. Nelson
    Poems About Jesus Resurrection

  76. These would I keep: my faith in men...a faith which helps me still to see what God intends a man to be   Lida Marie Erwin, These I Would Keep
    Life Journey Poems

  77. Come, all ye afflicted, and listen to me: with the eyes of faith every one can see  Maria J Dodge, An Appeal To The Blind
    Heaven Poems

  78. One hope, one faith, one love restore the seamless robe that Jesus wore.
  79. One hope, one faith, one love restore the seamless robe that Jesus wore.  John Greenleaf Whittier, Forgive
    Forgiveness Poems

  80. When storms arise and dark’ning skies about me threat’ning lower, to thee, O Lord, I raise mine eyes   Paul Laurence Dunbar, When Storms Arise
    Famous Poems

  81. In October's touch, His grace begins to unfold, a season of reflection, where faith takes hold. Through changing leaves and gentle, cooling breeze,God's handiwork whispers, inspiring hearts to appease.   Catherine Pulsifer, October's Design

  82. No circumstance is so big that He cannot control it   Jerry Bridges
    Bible Verses about Peace Of Mind

  83. How many lessons of faith and beauty we should lose, if there were no winter in our year! Thomas Wentworth Higginson
    Winter Poems

  84. O type through the ages and symbol of faith, whose spirit is true evermore; the hearts we have cherished we lose not in death, the grave over love hath no power.   Frederic L. Hosmer, Risen
    He Is Risen Poems

  85. The faith of Easter never will be caught by making Christ a fleeting afterthought.   George W. Wiseman, Easter Must Be Reclaimed
    Eastertide Poem

  86. Embrace the future with enduring hope and faith.
  87. Embrace the future with enduring hope and faith.   Lailah Gifty Akita
    Quotes About The Future

  88. For hearts of faith through the midnight dark...but most. Lord, thanks for a thankful heart.   Christie Lund, Thanks
    Be Thankful Poems

  89. But this I know, I shall be God's forever; so I can trust.   Unknown, Trust
    Trust In God Poems

  90. For Jesus conquered death with divine might...with joyful hearts, we embrace this truth, believing in Him, our faith finds its root.   Catherine Pulsifer, The Cross Reminds Us
    Poems About The Cross

  91. Though we can't attain to the standards You set, the least we can do is to try, To be wary of sin, faithful in love, all earthly enticements deny.   Greta Zwaan, God's Marvelous Grace
    Poems About God's Grace

  92. Let us, with a gladsome mind, praise the Lord, for He is kind: for His mercies shall endure, ever faithful, ever sure.   John Milton, Let Us With A Gladsome Mind
    God's Mercy Poems

  93. The world presents its Christ to-day, in poetry and art; be ours the simpler faith to know the Christ-child of the heart.   Ellwood Haines Stokes
    Poems About Jesus

  94. In Job we read of patient faith   Unknown, Books Of The Bible
    Poems About The Bible

  95. Some things take time, we find - so just be patient and keep faith till this is all behind!   Unknown, Patience Is A Flower That Grows
    Patience Poem

  96. ....faith will lead from darkest gloom, to where the fadeless flowers bloom.
  97. ....faith will lead from darkest gloom, to where the fadeless flowers bloom.  Maria J. Dodge, To My Friend
    Inspirational Friendship Poems

  98. Prayer requires the faith to believe that God listens.   Phillip Yancey
    Poems About Listening

  99. My heart's desire is that Christ should be revealed, that faith would be real sure and love real strong.   Greta Zwaan, How To Know Joy
    Poems about Following Jesus

  100. Miracles are not just about the individual's faith, but also the faith of the community.   Stanley Hauerwas
    Quotes About Miracles

  101. There is no unbelief; for thus by day and night unconsciously the heart lives by that faith the lips deny. God knoweth why!   Elizabeth York Case
    Poems About Beliefs

  102. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.  1 Corinthians 1-7 (NLT), Love Is
    What Is Love Poem

  103. For health and homes and country and laughter, sweet and gay - for all of these - and love and faith We thank thee, God, today!   Blanche Lea Walden, A Thanksgiving Prayer
    Thanksgiving Poems

  104. Adoption is a journey of faith, from beginning to end.   Johnny Carr
    Adoption Poems

  105. Faith makes all things possible -love makes all things easy.   Dwight L. Moody

  106. Are you aware of the words that you use in the songs of praise that you sing...do they reveal the depths of your faith, do you sing the words from your heart?   Greta Zwaan, Singing Praise To God
    Praise God Poems

  107. So look on high, beyond the sky. That faith's pure light may guide your eyes   Mary C. Ryan, Years Pass Away

  108. The little house, severly plain, a wealth of beauty may contain. Within it those who dwell may find high faith which makes for peace of mind,  Edgar A. Guest, The Little Home
    Poems About Home

  109. We begin to grow when we stand and face our sins. We ask the Lord to forgive us and our walk in faith begins.   A.D. Knox
    Quotes About Growth

  110. In the Bible, God's faithful word is penned, His promises are without end.   Catherine Pulsifer, In The Bible
    The Promises of God

  111. I do not have the answer; my faith alone says, “TRUST." He is the God of mercy, a loving God and just.   Elizabeth York CaseGreta Zwaan, How We Feel
    Spiritual Awakening Poems

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