18 Quotes About God's Timing

Be inspired by these quotes about God's timing. As Christians, we trust God's timing is the perfect time. When people say "God's timing," they are typically referring to the belief that certain events or occurrences in life happen at the right moment, guided by God's plan or purpose. Here's a more detailed explanation:

- God's Plan: The concept of God's timing is rooted in the idea that there is a divine plan or purpose for each individual's life. This plan may include specific milestones, challenges, opportunities, or blessings that unfold at particular moments.

-Trust and Patience: Believing in God's timing often requires trust and patience. It means accepting that some things may not happen when we want them to but trusting that they will occur at the right time, as determined by a higher wisdom.

- Faith: Many people see God's timing as a test of faith. There are times when we do not understand why something has happened but our faith leads us to believe that God knows what is best for us and that His timing is perfect.

- Alignment with Personal Growth: People often believe that God's timing aligns with their personal growth and development. Certain experiences or opportunities may be withheld until an individual is ready to handle them, learn from them, or use them to fulfill their purpose.

- Comfort and Hope: When facing challenges or uncertainties, the idea of God's timing can provide comfort and hope. Our faith teaches us that God has a plan and there is a bigger picture than we can see, therefore we trust God.

- Acknowledgment of God's Control: Believing in God's timing acknowledges that there are aspects of life beyond human control. It's an acknowledgment that some events are guided by God rather than mere chance.

We hope these quotes have inspired you to trust God's timing in your life.

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  1. By trusting God our fears can be eliminated because we have faith that He is watching over us; He has a plan and His timing is always perfect!   Catherine Pulsifer, Faith Over Fear
    Poems about God's Timing

  2. If we allow it and if we have faith, God does come through, we just need to believe and trust in God's timing.   Catherine Pulsifer
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  3. God's timing is heavenly.   Randal Bibee, For Moms-To-Be
    Christian Poems

  4. When we let go of control though confusing, it can be freeing for God’s timing will lead us home. We need to have faith and remain believing.   Catherine Pulsifer, God's Time
    Poems About Faith

  5. Many times in our prayers we appeal to God, however, we must always trust that God's timing is perfect and that He has a plan.   Catherine Pulsifer
    Poems About Prayer

  6. With God a day is like a thousand years so as we pray about our fears trust in Him and His timing too He knows better than we do.
  7. With God a day is like a thousand years so as we pray about our fears trust in Him and His timing too He knows better than we do.   Catherine Pulsifer, God's Time
    Trust In God Poems

  8. You should have waited, just thought things through; been patient and trusting, in God's timing for you.   Greta Zwaan, Abram - Gods Promise
    God's Promises Poems

  9. Does God still do miracles today? You bet he does. But he does them in his timing, according to his sovereign will.   Rick Warren
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  10. When things don't go my way I must remember you above as your timing is better   Catherine Pulsifer, Thank God For His Gifts
    Thank You God Poems

  11. God’s mercy and compassion are greater than we know...He set aside a time for you to lean upon His breast, in tenderness He watches as you journey through this test.   Greta Zwaan, God Cares
    God's Mercy Poems

  12. God is always on time even when He seems late.
  13. God is always on time even when He seems late. This great truth of life is proven numerous times in the Bible in situations where God’s timing proved to be the absolute right timing.   Miriam Kinai
    Poems About The Bible

  14. Faith in God includes faith in God’s timing.   Neal A. Maxwell
    Faith Quotes

  15. God knows all and understands His timing is perfect and the best. He has plans that stretch beyond our knowledge and so to Him, we must trust and rest.   Catherine Pulsifer, God's Time
    Quotes About Trusting God

  16. Prayer is powerful, and paves the way for the both of you to come together in God’s perfect timing.   Tiffany Langford
    Prayer Quotes

  17. To live your best life now, you must learn to trust God’s timing - God is arranging all the pieces to come together to work out His plan for your life.   Joel Osteen
    God Has A Plan Quotes

  18. There are no ifs in God’s Kingdom. His timing is perfect.
  19. There are no "ifs" in God’s Kingdom. His timing is perfect. His will is our hiding place. Lord Jesus, keep me in Your will!   Corrie ten Boom
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  20. Trust in God’s sweet timing and don’t ever, ever think that you don’t have value on this earth. You are born for such a time as this.   Heather Lindsey
    Christian Quotes For Encouragement

  21. God goes into the midst of it all, chooses one person to be his instrument, and does his miracle there, where one least expects it.   Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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