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Be inspired by these quotes about God's will. It is always imperative to understand that God only wants the best for His people and His will is always for good.

Christians want to live their lives in alignment with God's will. How do we determine what His will is? It is by people seeking to discern what God wants for our lives, which can be seen by the decisions we make about major life choices and our behavior. It also means trust, surrender, and faith in God.

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  1. It’s not in God’s plan to be cruel or unfair, He does not delight in your grieving. He does not force His will to be yours, but He’s blessed when He finds you believing.   Greta Zwaan
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  2. Farewell, God's will, not ours, be done, life's battles o'er, the victory won.  C. C. Hassler
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  3. There are a lot of things in life that are evil. Not everything that happens in this world is God's will. But God says he will work good out of the bad things in life if you will trust him.   Rick Warren
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  4. Trusting God's will is an adventure of faith.   Beth Moore
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  5. God will meet you where you are in order to take you where He wants you to go.   Tony Evan
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  6. Surrendering to God's will is the ultimate act of trust.   Author Unknown
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  7. God's will is not a burden, but a blessing.   Max Lucado
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  8. Walking in God's will is a journey of faith, not a destination.   Louie Giglio
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  9. God's miracles are not always supernatural events, but the working of His providential will.   John Calvin
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  10. While John exhorts to Christian love, for those who have it God will bless Unknown, Books Of The Bible
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  11. It is not God's Will that You be Discouraged - It's God's will that you have Courage to Overcome every situation in life.
  12. It is not God's Will that You be Discouraged - It's God's will that you have Courage to Overcome every situation in life.   Charles and Frances Hunter
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  13. Whenever God calls us to a task, He will equip us and enable us to complete that task.   Michael Youssef
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  14. The will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot keep you.   Author Unknown
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  15. Forgive and forget, don't hold a grudge - remember it is only God who will judge.   Catherine Pulsifer, Dad's Advice and Wisdom
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  16. Prayer is not a means of getting what we want from God, but a means of aligning ourselves with His will.   Timothy Keller
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  17. He [God] gives the light and he wants it to shine, and his will is right, and he is divine!   Caleb Davis Bradlee
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  18. God gives us all some small, sweet way, to set the world rejoicing.
  19. God gives us all some small, sweet way, to set the world rejoicing.   Unknown, Set The World Rejoicing
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  20. What is our purpose, what meaning does our life have. It is not just to live and then die is it? God has a purpose for your life, be open to it. Catherine Pulsifer
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  21. And God only knows what is yet to come ere we hear the trumpet's blast.   Unknown, A Message Of Love
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  22. As we step into January, let us remember that it is a time of reflection and resolution. It is an opportunity to draw closer to God, seeking His wisdom and guidance for the year ahead. In this month of new beginnings, may we commit ourselves to live according to His will and bring glory to His name.   Author Unknown
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  23. Through prayer, we align our will with God's and invite His presence into every aspect of our lives.   Author Unknown
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