Short Poems and Quotes

A collection of short poems and quotes for special occasions, for special people, and for everyday encouragement and inspiration. All of our short poems and quotes serve to provide inspiration, motivation and unparalleled deep thinking in regards to everyday issues we all face from one time to another.

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All of these short poems and quotes help to provide that little boost to either start your day on a positive footing or to give you that pick me up during a tough and stressful day no matter your job. Embed good and wholesome thinking into your mind and let it build a positive subconscious presence in your life. Dwell on what is beneficial by reading and digesting these various thoughts so that each morning, afternoon or evening is filled with joyful insights and unwavering worthiness.

1. For Inspiration and Encouragement

There are days we can all use a bit of inspiration and encouragement. Enjoy these short poems and quotes and may they add a positive thought to your day!

Be Encouraged and Inspired

For Encouragement
       Poems of Encouragement
Focus on all of life's good
And you will find things work out as they should
Feeling sorry and just sitting around
It is a sure thing to bring you down.

       Poems About Winning
Till at last we own the prize
That belongs to him who tries
With faith undying;
Own the prize that all may win
Who, with hope, through thick and thin
Keep a-trying.

       Difficult Times Quotes
       Never Give Up Quotes

       Don't Quit Poem
When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
when the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
when the funds are low and the debts are high,
and you want to smile but you have to sigh,
when care is pressing you down a bit -
rest if you must, but don't you quit.

       Poems About Hope
"Hope" is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all

       Discouragement Quotes
       Never Give Up Quotes

       Letting Go Poem
Past hurts move beyond them
This piece of advice is a hidden gem:
Once you let go forward you move
And you will find life will start to improve.

       Poems about Life Lessons
So change your attitude and you will find
Learning life lessons can be kind.
Helping you become the person you were meant to be
Just do your best and you will see!

       Positive Quotes About Change
        Life Journey Quotes

       Poems About Change
Life is full of change
If it wasn't it would be so strange
Everything would remain the same
It would be like playing a boring game.

       Smile Quotes
       Humorous Quotes

       Smile Poem
One of the many essential things
That make our lives worth while;
(Tho' it cost the least of all)
Is a sweet and pleasant smile.

For Inspiration
       Inspirational Poems
There are people out there,
Who believe it's their right.
To tear others down,
And take away their light.

       Inspirational Quotes
       Short Inspirational Quotes

       Poems About Life
It's the little bit of sunshine
Lighting up the dullest day,
That brings a glow of pleasure
As we journey on Life's way.

       Life Quotes
       Life Is Too Short Quotes

       Positive Poems
You have potential,
To pursue your dreams.
Now get out there,
And explore your schemes.

       Positive Quotes
       Short Positive Quotes
       Positive Thoughts

       Motivational Quotes
       Motivational Poems
Our mind is a gateway to what's good and bad,
It just takes us to show it, it's way.
If we choose to be happy and see things not crappy,
We're sure that our lives will obey.

       Kindness Quotes
       Thoughtful Quotes

       Kindness Poem
If you have kind words to say,
Say them now.
Tomorrow may not come your way
Do a kindness while you may

       Easy Poems to Memorize
I have no Yesterdays,
Time took them away;
Tomorrow may not be -
But I have Today.

       Poems about God
Sometimes I need to thank God that His answers
Do not comply with all of my requests.
It's God who gives the thorns and plants the roses.
It's God who gives to me the very best.

       Heaven Poems
The knob on the door to heaven extends to one side alone,
It's a place of great exaltation with God seated on the throne.
No need for a knob on the inside, it's a home where all long to go,
Where great joys are never ending and praises ring to and fro.

       Spiritual Awakening
       Quotes From The Bible

2. Short Poems and Quotes for Holidays

Each month of the year there are special days and holidays we all need poems or a quote to share with others.

Happy Holidays

       New Year Quotes

       Rose Day Quotes
       Short Love Quotes
       Short Love Poems

       Valentines Day Poems
Valentine's day declares our love!
For family and friends, we thank God above!
A day to show how much you care!
A day to make others aware!
So here's a message just for you!
I appreciate all that you do!

       St. Patricks Day
       St. Patricks Day Poem
Today is the day fer the wearin' o' the green.
Today is the day when the little people are seen.
Today is St. Patrick's Day, so if ye'r Irish me lad,
Join the celebratin' fer the grandest time ta' be had.

       Irish Blessing Quotes
       Irish Blessing

       Happy Spring
       Spring Poems
I've banished Winter, saith the Spring,
Awake! arise, ye flowers!
Brisk breezes blow,
Bright sunshine glow,
And rouse the young Year's powers.

       Christian Poems
Wonderful thought, my freedom was bought;
My future is bright and secure.
I struggled, I fought; it all came to 'naught,
'Twas all I could do to endure.

       Spiritual Poems
       Poems About Jesus

       Mothers Day
       Mothers Day Poems
Thank you Mom for all you do
Thank you Mom for all you've done
Always remember in my books
You will be my Number 1.

       Mothers Day Messages

       Fathers Day
       Fathers Day Poems
A special father,
I must say,
Is you my father,
In every way.

       Father Quotes

        Friendship Day
       Best Friend Poems
I've always wondered what it would be like,
To have a friend like you.
To have someone be there when in need,
And want only for me to succeed.

       Friendship Poems
When times get tough,
And you don’t know what to do.
Remember your friends,
Who will stay true to you.

       Best Friend Captions
       Meaningful Friendship Quotes

       Grandparents Day
       Grandma Poems
Today you're more than,
Just a grandmother to me.
You're my friend,
And someone I aspire to be.

       Short Family Quotes

       Happy Fall
       Autumn Poems
Yellow leaves are falling
covering the ground in gold,
through the forest I'm strolling
watching a circle that the nature has just made,
but why do I feel old
when the summer colours start to fade?

       Fall Quotes

       Thanksgiving Poems
Take nothing for granted, for whenever you do
The "joy of enjoying" is lessened for you -
For we rob our own lives much more than we know
When we fail to respond or in any way show
Our thanks for the blessings that daily are ours . . .

       Happy Thanksgiving
       Happy Thanksgiving Quotes
       Thanksgiving Blessings

Merry Christmas
       Christmas Poems
How beautiful are the houses,
Decorated in red and green.
I love to see so many lights,
On the Christmas scene.

        Christmas Verses
       Inspirational Christmas Messages
       Christmas Wishes

3. Short Poems and Quotes for Special Occasions

Throughout the year there are many special occasions that we celebrate with family and friends. Use these poems or quotes to express your thoughts to celebrate the day.

       Birthday Poems

This is the anniversary of the day you were born
There is no reason for you to scorn,
A day for a party, presents and gifts
We hope this day gives you a lift

       Funny Birthday Poems
Happy birthday to you,
We know you feel blue.
It's time to get over it ...
There's nothing you can do!

       Birthday Quotes

       Graduation Poems
From this moment on,
Your life will begin.
From what you knew in the past,
Your life will be changing.

       Graduation Sayings

New Baby
       Baby Poems
Babies are a gift.
Each with their own uniqueness.
So cuddly and small
It is hard to believe that they will crawl.

       Children Quotes

        Retirement Quotes

Saying Goodbye

       Goodbye Poems

Saying Good Morning
       Good Morning Poems
So difficult it is saying goodbye
At times it can make us cry.
Saying goodbye is never easy
At times it makes us feel so queasy.

       Good Morning Quotes

Saying Thank You
       Thank You Poems
You gave so willingly your time
And never once asked for a dime
So many appreciate all you do
We often wish you were two.

       Appreciation Quotes

Wedding Anniversary
       Wedding Anniversary Quotes

4. Short Poems and Quotes for Special People

Use these short poems or a quotation to express your appreciation to those special people in your life. Receiving a text message or email or card that expresses appreciation always makes others feel good!

Short Poems and Quotes for Special People

For Brother
       Brother Quotes

        Brother Poems
Growing up you were such a pain
I would tell you that again and again.
And in our teen years, I tolerated you
You made me laugh when I was blue.....
For Daughter
       Daughter Quotes

For Sister
       Sister Quotes

For Son
       Son Quotes

For The Gardener
       Gardening Poems
My garden is a pleasant place
Of sun glory and leaf grace.
There is an ancient cherry tree
Where yellow warblers sing to me...

       Garden Quotes
       Rose Quotes

5. Alphabetical List of Short Poems and Quotes

See all of our short poems or quotes in one listing sorted in alphabetical order.



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