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Be inspired by our collections of short poems that contain the best and beautiful poetry to encourage you on living life, love, happiness, and more. Read our poem of the week that is uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging. You will find poems covering many different topics but they all contain inspiration, motivation, and encouragement in regard to everyday issues of life we all face from one time to another.

Be inspired by our poem of the week and our favorite and popular collections all with the focus of providing the best poems that will add a positive thought to your day. Plus we have poetry for you to share with others for special occasions throughout the year.

Short Poem Of The Week

The Trail
Poet: Arthur E. McFatridge

As I stand on the street at eventide
And watch the crowds go by,
The rich and the poor, the large and the small,
I am prone to wonder why -
To try and guess what it's all about,
And what they are going to do
When they get to the end of the trail they're on -
But perhaps they are wondering, too.

Some may never reach the goal
They are trying so hard to find;
It may be, perchance, they are on the wrong road,
The one they had in mind
When they started alone on the journey of life.
On the road that we all are on;
The road to be traveled by those yet to come;
The trail of those who are gone.

The manner in which we walk may count;
The things that we leave behind
May have something to do, when we get to the end.
With what we, there, will find.
So, while we're upon the journey of life,
Why not walk upright, and be
Able to see at the end of the trail
The things we may want to see?

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Poetic writings and rhymes have been around for centuries and have been passed down from generation to generation. It is not just about the rhyme but it is the meaning each sentence has that conveys meaning.  At times, a few words can express more thoughts and influence and impact a person than a book full of writings.

Poetry can help anyone to express their feelings; are great to share, and, at times, can even change a person's thinking in a particular situation or circumstance. They can encourage and inspire by adding a positive thought to your day.

As L.V. Seachild said, "Poems tell a story - it's just that the words rhyme." Stories can inspire us and give us hope. They can teach us lessons we otherwise may not experience. And poems are a way of expressing and sharing thoughts and experiences. So let the rhyme in these verses tell a story for you.

Our site has been online since 2003 with short, brief, and to the point, poetry and inspiring thoughts to inspire, motivate, and encourage! Our goal is to provide the best short poems, verses or rhymes to share with family, colleagues, and friends. Either a brief poem, a rhyme, or just a verse can help to express positive messages of appreciation, love, joy, and encouragement. We hope you enjoy our collections of short poems!

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