Poem About Family

Find a poem about family to share with your relatives. Families are such a key to life never take them for granted, always let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

Also, be inspired by our collection of family quotes. Your family, whether a biological family or an adopted family helped make you who you are today. These people have made a difference to you.

Family In My Life

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

My life is filled,
With loving people.
This makes me feel,
So darn grateful.

I am honored for those,
Wonderful people.
They make life so,
Real darn peaceful.

So thank you, Mom,
And thank you, Dad.
You've both made me,
So darn glad.

And then there are Grandparents,
Sisters, brothers, uncles, and aunts.
You've all given me,
Everything I could want.

A Message To My Family
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

I have something to say,
To my mother, brother, sister and dad.
You've always been someone I could count on,
And that has always made me so glad.

This is a message of thanks,
For all you have given me.
I hope one day I can repay you,
And give you what you've given me.

But for sure your message of love,
WIll be passed on to the future family.
And they will always know,
Of your love and teachings to me.

So again I'd like to thank you,
For always believing in me.
I love you now and forever,
And this will always be.

Relatives Stay
Julie Hebert 2015

Family is everything,
In most people's eyes.
But what do you do,
When families despise?

Relatives aren’t chosen,
Like we choose our friends.
This makes getting along,
Harder in the end.

So what do we do,
When we don’t get along.
I suppose we all just have to,
Remember we’re lifelong.

When a friendship goes sour,
We all just walk away.
But when you’re family,
You let it go and just stay.

Family Quotes

Two of life's greatest blessings are my family and my friends.
Kate Summers
Short Family Quotes

I firmly believe that family is the building block of society and that our greatest fulfillment lies there.

Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families
Short Quotes

My love for my family drove me to work hard to provide the best life I could for them. I took on life’s challenges like a charging rhino.

Mo Gawdat, Solve for Happy
Poems About Life

No matter what kind of family you are part of, an enormous new body of research shows that your family is central to your overall happiness and well-being.

Bruce Feiler, The Secrets of Happy Families
Happiness Quotes

You know that despite its dizzying ups and downs, family life is the greatest joy of your existence. You know that, each in their own way, your kids are more amazing than you ever dreamed.

Lisa Heffernan, Grown and Flown
Positive Poems

Whether you feel blessed by your family, your friends or just by having a roof over your head and food in your stomach remind yourself of these things.

Heather Rose, Depression Help
Thanksgiving Blessings

And since most of us live out a large portion of our lives in some sort of family setting, these experiences - both good and bad - inevitably transform and alter our lives forever.

Barbara A. Mitchell, Family Matters
Experience Quotes

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