20 Poems About Family

Poems about family to share with your relatives. Families are such a key to life never take them for granted, always let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

Your family, whether a biological family or an adopted family helped make you who you are today. These people have made a difference in your life. Express your love and appreciation for these special people. Some of us have large families and some of us have small ones but the love within those families is what is important.

We can always count on our family no matter what has happened. They are always there for us, for the good times and the bad times.

1. Baby Poems 2. Brother Poems
3. Fathers Day Poems 4. Grandma Poems
5. Grandpa Poems 6. Grandparents Poems
7. Message To My Family 8. Mothers Day Poems
9. Mr Nobody Poem 10. Sister Poems
11. A Boy and His Dad 12. Your Brother
13. A Happy Home  

More Family Poems

  1. Family In My Life
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    My life is filled,
    With loving people.
    This makes me feel,
    So darn grateful.

    I am honored for those,
    Wonderful people.
    They make life so,
    Real darn peaceful.

    So thank you, Mom,
    And thank you, Dad.
    You've both made me,
    So darn glad.

    And then there are Grandparents,
    Sisters, brothers, uncles, and aunts.
    You've all given me,
    Everything I could want.

  2. importance of family poems

  3.  Relatives Stay
    Julie Hebert 2015

    Family is everything,
    In most people's eyes.
    But what do you do,
    When families despise?

    Relatives aren't chosen,
    Like we choose our friends.
    This makes getting along,
    Harder in the end.

    So what do we do,
    When we don't get along.
    I suppose we all just have to,
    Remember we’re lifelong.

    When a friendship goes sour,
    We all just walk away.
    But when you're family,
    You let it go and just stay.

  4. Family Circle
    Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    When we are young
    It is family that we are among.
    When we move into the teen years
    Family no longer seems so dear!

    But life changes when we marry
    Our family helps us to carry
    A celebration to mark the day
    We are all happy in every way.

    Then the children are born
    And at times we feel so worn
    Our family comes to the rescue
    They mind the kids and we have no curfew.

    Then before you know it the children are gone
    The house seems so empty but life goes on
    And as we age our family we see
    Are more important than all the busy.

    With age, life takes on new meaning
    And you treasure the feeling
    Of being loved by those special people
    Who make up your family circle.

  5. Winning is building a lovable family, brooding love and emotions

  6. Families Are Forever
    Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    We are born into them without a say
    Our family can support us and make our day.
    Families consist of many  different types
    Some so kind and others full of stripes.

    A loving family is a blessing from above
    It is one that is filled with much love.
    And while we may not always agree
    We do listen to each other to some degree.

    Respect and cherish these special folks
    And don't forget to laugh at their corny jokes.
    No matter what road in life you go down
    Your family is always there even when you frown.

    We may drift apart as the years go by
    But we never know when it is our last goodbye
    So hug your family, stay close to them
    You will find that they can be your best friend.

  7. people caring that is what a family is!

  8. A Family Is

    Poet: Kate Summers, 2020

    A family is a group of people
    It can be a group or a couple.
    A family is where
    People care.

    They share a love for each other
    They don't have to be a biological brother
    They offer support and encouragement too
    In facing life and all you do.

    You can be sure when times are hard
    They will show up and be a safeguard
    And when times are good
    They share and laugh as they should

    Without family the world can be a lonely place
    With no one to love or to embrace
    These relationships you should cherish
    Your life they will enrich.

  9. Our Kin
    Poet: Mary S. Scotsburn

    Sister, brother, Mom and Dad
    All make a family glad
    And aunts and uncles with cousins too
    Can make a family more than two.

    And then grandparents play a special role
    They complete and make the family whole.
    And don't forget those special friends
    They help make the family blend.

    All these people play a part
    They are in our lives from the start
    They know us better than most
    To them, we feel very close.

    We don't have to pretend or be okay
    They accept us the way we are today
    We know no matter what
    They won't let us stay in a rut.

    They encourage and support us
    And the love they offer is a plus.
    All these people, we are blessed
    With our kin who are the best!

  10. Read this poem and think about the words you say to your family. The point is we are sometimes more thoughtful of the words we speak with strangers than we are with our own family.

  11. Our Own
    Poet: Margaret Sangster

    If I had known in the morning
    How wearily all the day
    The word, unkind,
    Would trouble my mind
    I said when you went away,
    I had been more careful, darling,
    Nor given you needless pain;
    But we vex "our own"
    With look and tone
    We might never take back again.

    For though in the quiet evening
    You may give me the kiss of peace.
    Yet it might be
    That never for me
    The 'pain of the heart would cease.
    How many go forth in the morning
    That never come home at night,
    And hearts have broken
    For harsh words spoken
    That sorrow can near set right.

    We have careful thought for the stranger.
    And smiles for the sometime guest.
    But oft for "our own"
    The hitter tone.
    Though we love "our own" the best.
    Ah! lips with the curve impatient,
    Ah! brow with the look of scorn,
    T'were a cruel fate
    Were the night too late
    To undo the work of the morn.

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