16 Poems About Family

Find a poem about family to share with your relatives. Families are such a key to life never take them for granted, always let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

Also, be inspired by our collection of
short family quotes. Your family, whether a biological family or an adopted family helped make you who you are today. These people have made a difference to you.

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More Family Poems

  1. Family In My Life
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    My life is filled,
    With loving people.
    This makes me feel,
    So darn grateful.

    I am honored for those,
    Wonderful people.
    They make life so,
    Real darn peaceful.

    So thank you, Mom,
    And thank you, Dad.
    You've both made me,
    So darn glad.

    And then there are Grandparents,
    Sisters, brothers, uncles, and aunts.
    You've all given me,
    Everything I could want.

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  3.  Relatives Stay
    Julie Hebert 2015

    Family is everything,
    In most people's eyes.
    But what do you do,
    When families despise?

    Relatives aren't chosen,
    Like we choose our friends.
    This makes getting along,
    Harder in the end.

    So what do we do,
    When we don't get along.
    I suppose we all just have to,
    Remember we’re lifelong.

    When a friendship goes sour,
    We all just walk away.
    But when you're family,
    You let it go and just stay.

  4. Family Circle
    Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    When we are young
    It is family that we are among.
    When we move into the teen years
    Family no longer seems so dear!

    But life changes when we marry
    Our family helps us to carry
    A celebration to mark the day
    We are all happy in every way.

    Then the children are born
    And at times we feel so worn
    Our family comes to the rescue
    They mind the kids and we have no curfew.

    Then before you know it the children are gone
    The house seems so empty but life goes on
    And as we age our family we see
    Are more important than all the busy.

    With age, life takes on new meaning
    And you treasure the feeling
    Of being loved by those special people
    Who make up your family circle.

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