22 Poems About Family

Poems about family to share with your relatives. Families are such a key to life never take them for granted, always let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

Your family, whether a biological family or an adopted family helped make you who you are today. These people have made a difference in your life. Express your love and appreciation for these special people. Some of us have large families and some of us have small ones but the love within those families is what is important.

We can always count on our family no matter what has happened. They are always there for us, for the good times and the bad times.

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  1. Within The Family's Embrace
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Within the family's embrace, love ignites,
    A haven where children's dreams take flight.
    Parents as beacons, shining so bright,
    Guiding with wisdom, a constant light.

    In their footsteps, values firmly planted,
    A moral compass true, beautifully enchanted.
    Role models inspiring, never disenchanted,
    Children's hearts and minds forever enchanted.

    With patience and grace, they nurture and mold,
    Unveiling talents and stories untold.
    Through challenges faced, together they hold,
    Family's bond, a treasure of gold.

    In laughter and tears, memories unfold,
    Traditions and love, never growing old.
    A symphony of love, a tale to be told,
    Within family's embrace, hearts behold.

    In this symphony of love, a legacy,
    Passed down through generations with glee.
    For family and children, a destiny,
    A tapestry woven with love eternally.

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  3. Families Can Be
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Families can be big or small
    The people can be short or tall
    They can be full of girls and boys
    They can be quiet or full of noise.

    Families play a part of life
    Even when there is some strife
    But families can be full of love
    They are truly from God above.

    Appreciate your family each day
    Don't wait until they are old and gray
    Be sure to say I love you
    As families are with you through and through.

  4. Family In My Life
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    My life is filled,
    With loving people.
    This makes me feel,
    So darn grateful.

    I am honored for those,
    Wonderful people.
    They make life so,
    Real darn peaceful.

    So thank you, Mom,
    And thank you, Dad.
    You've both made me,
    So darn glad.

    And then there are Grandparents,
    Sisters, brothers, uncles, and aunts.
    You've all given me,
    Everything I could want.

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  6.  Relatives Stay
    Julie Hebert 2015

    Family is everything,
    In most people's eyes.
    But what do you do,
    When families despise?

    Relatives aren't chosen,
    Like we choose our friends.
    This makes getting along,
    Harder in the end.

    So what do we do,
    When we don't get along.
    I suppose we all just have to,
    Remember we’re lifelong.

    When a friendship goes sour,
    We all just walk away.
    But when you're family,
    You let it go and just stay.

  7. I firmly believe that family is the building block of society and that our greatest fulfillment lies there. Stephen R. Covey

  8. A Necklace Of Love
    by Frank L. Stanton

    No rubies of red for my lady —
    No jewel that glitters and charms,
    But the light of the skies in a little one's eyes
    And a necklace of two little arms.

    Of two little arms that are clinging
    (Oh, ne'er was a necklace like this!)
    And the wealth o' the world and Love's sweetness impearled
    In the joy of a little one's kiss.

    A necklace of love for my lady,
    That was linked by the angels above;
    No other but this — and the tender, sweet kiss
    That sealeth a little one's love.

  9. My Family Arrives
    Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    As Thanksgiving draws near, I can’t help but grin,
    For my family arrives, each with their odd spin.
    My Aunt. who always mixes up her words,
    And my Uncle, who tells tales of talking birds.

    My Cousin, with his laugh so loud and clear,
    And Grandpa, who still wears suspenders this year.
    Though they're quite unique in their own funny craze,
    I love them all dearly—quirks and all—their merry ways.

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  11. Family Circle
    Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    When we are young
    It is family that we are among.
    When we move into the teen years
    Family no longer seems so dear!

    But life changes when we marry
    Our family helps us to carry
    A celebration to mark the day
    We are all happy in every way.

    Then the children are born
    And at times we feel so worn
    Our family comes to the rescue
    They mind the kids and we have no curfew.

    Then before you know it the children are gone
    The house seems so empty but life goes on
    And as we age our family we see
    Are more important than all the busy.

    With age, life takes on new meaning
    And you treasure the feeling
    Of being loved by those special people
    Who make up your family circle.

  12. Families Are Forever
    Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    We are born into them without a say
    Our family can support us and make our day.
    Families consist of many  different types
    Some so kind and others full of stripes.

    A loving family is a blessing from above
    It is one that is filled with much love.
    And while we may not always agree
    We do listen to each other to some degree.

    Respect and cherish these special folks
    And don't forget to laugh at their corny jokes.
    No matter what road in life you go down
    Your family is always there even when you frown.

    We may drift apart as the years go by
    But we never know when it is our last goodbye
    So hug your family, stay close to them
    You will find that they can be your best friend.

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  14. A Family Is
    Poet: Kate Summers, 2020

    A family is a group of people
    It can be a group or a couple.
    A family is where
    People care.

    They share a love for each other
    They don't have to be a biological brother
    They offer support and encouragement too
    In facing life and all you do.

    You can be sure when times are hard
    They will show up and be a safeguard
    And when times are good
    They share and laugh as they should

    Without family the world can be a lonely place
    With no one to love or to embrace
    These relationships you should cherish
    Your life they will enrich.

  15. Our Kin
    Poet: Mary S. Scotsburn

    Sister, brother, Mom and Dad
    All make a family glad
    And aunts and uncles with cousins too
    Can make a family more than two.

    And then grandparents play a special role
    They complete and make the family whole.
    And don't forget those special friends
    They help make the family blend.

    All these people play a part
    They are in our lives from the start
    They know us better than most
    To them, we feel very close.

    We don't have to pretend or be okay
    They accept us the way we are today
    We know no matter what
    They won't let us stay in a rut.

    They encourage and support us
    And the love they offer is a plus.
    All these people, we are blessed
    With our kin who are the best!

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  17. The Old-Time Family
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    It makes me smile to hear 'em tell each other nowadays
    The burdens they are bearing, with a child or two to raise.
    Of course the cost of living has gone soaring to the sky
    And our kids are wearing garments that my parents couldn't buy.
    Now my father wasn't wealthy, but I never heard him squeal
    Because eight of us were sitting at the table every meal.

    People fancy they are martyrs if their children number three,
    And four or five they reckon makes a large-sized family.
    A dozen hungry youngsters at a table I have seen
    And their daddy didn't grumble when they licked the platter clean.
    Oh, I wonder how these mothers and these fathers up-to-date
    Would like the job of buying little shoes for seven or eight.

    We were eight around the table in those happy days back them,
    Eight that cleaned our plates of pot-pie and then passed them up again;
    Eight that needed shoes and stockings, eight to wash and put to bed,
    And with mighty little money in the purse, as I have said,
    But with all the care we brought them, and through all the days of stress,
    I never heard my father or my mother wish for less.

  18. Home, Sweet Home
    Poet: John Howard Payne

    'Mid pleasures and palaces, though we may roam.
    Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home;
    A charm from the sky seems to hallow us there.
    Which, seek through the world, is ne'er met with elsewhere.
    Home, home, sweet, sweet home,
    There's no place like home.

    An exile from home, splendor dazzles in vain;
    Oh, give me my lowly thatched cottage again;
    The birds, singing gayly, that came at my call, —
    Give me them — and the peace of mind, dearer than all.
    Home, home, sweet, sweet home.
    There's no place like home.

  19. Sunshine Of The Family
    by Maria Frink

    There is just one way; that is to surround them
    by day and night with an atmosphere of love.
    Restraint and reproof may be mingled with love,
    but love must be a constant element.

    "I found my little girl was growing unamiable and plain,"
    said a mother to us the other day,
    and, reflecting on it sadly,
    I could only accuse myself as the cause thereof.

    So I changed my management,
    and improved every opportunity to praise and encourage her;
    to assure her of my unbounded affection for her,
    and my earnest desire that she should grow up to
    lovely and harmonious womanhood.

    As a rose opens to the sunshine,
    so the child opened in the warmth of the constant affection
    and caresses I showered upon her;
    her peevishness passed away, her face grew beautiful;
    and now one look from me brings her to my side,
    obedient to my will, and happiest when she is near me."

    Is not this a lesson for all parents?
    Not all the plowing or weeding or cultivation of every sort
    we can give our growing crops,
    will do for them what the steady shining of the sun can affect.

    Love is the sunshine of the family;
    without it, not character, or morality, or virtue,
    can be brought to perfection.

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  21. A Family Is
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A family can be many things
    But over time experience many swings
    Happy days and sometimes, sad
    Good things happen and also some bad.

    A family is like a book
    And each chapter not to be overlooked
    Milestone events our family is there
    They truly love us and do care.

    A family is like sunshine
    When all is happy it is divine
    However, some families are torn
    They just can't seem to weather the storm.

    No matter the family you belong
    Showing patience will make it strong
    And most importantly is love
    Love them lots and thank God above.

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    We should all take time and reflect on the verses of this poem. Family is better than all the money in the world!

  23. The Best Estate
    Poet: Alex F. Tuer

    One counted his gold at the end of a day
    In the busy marts of trade.
    He fingered the coins that before him lay
    And thought of the profits he'd made.
    But it brought no joy to his withered soul -
    He was tired and lonely and old.
    No kin there were his wealthy to share
    He had nothing in life but his gold.

    A scientist set his telescope
    And searched the heavens afar.
    For his Life's goal lay in the one great hope
    He'd discover an unknown star;
    He knew no joy of a woman's love,
    Or prattle of children dear.
    He lived in a world of the stars above
    And missed all the blessings near.

    A laborer came to his home at night
    To rest from the toil of the day.
    His body was tired but his heart was light.
    And he sang on his homeward way,
    "Oh great is my wealth for I've strength and health
    A home and a loving wife,
    A handsome babe and a loyal friend,
    What more can I ask of Life?"

    Now if Fate should require you to choose your estate,
    What more can I ask of Life?
    The one with gold, the scientist old
    Or the workman so happy and free?
    Methinks that a family and home and friends
    Can bring greater joy to the soul
    Than all of the gold the world may hold
    Or the star of the scientist's goal.

  24. Be Kind To Family
    Poet: Margaret Courtney

    Be kind to thy father; for when thou wer't young.
    Who loved thee so fondly as he?
    He caught the first accents that fell from thy tongue,
    And joined in thy innocent glee.

    Be kind to thy father; for now he is old,
    His locks intermingled with gray;
    His footsteps are feeble, once fearless and bold;
    Thy father is passing away.

    Be kind to thy mother; for, lo! on her brow
    May traces of sorrow be seen;
    Oh, well mayst thou cherish and comfort her now.
    For loving and kind hath she been.

    Remember thy mother: for thee shall she pray
    As long as God giveth her breath;
    With accents of kindness then cheer her lone way,
    E'en to the dark valley of death.

    Be kind to thy brother: his heart will have dearth
    If the smiles of thy joy be withdrawn;
    The flowers of feeling will fade at their birth
    If the dew of affection be gone.

    Be kind to thy brother wherever you are:
    The love of a brother shall be
    An ornament purer and richer by far
    Than pearls from the depths of the sea.

    Be kind to thy sister: not many may know
    The depth of the sisterly love:
    The wealth of the ocean lies fathoms below
    The surface that sparkles above.

    Be kind to thy father, once fearless and bold.
    Be kind to thy mother so near,
    Be kind to thy brother nor show thy heart cold,
    Be kind to thy sister so dear.

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    We are all made different. We all have our good qualities and our bad. This applies to every member of our family. But the difference with our family members is they are with us forever!

  26. Different Type of Folks
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Families include different types of folks
    There are serious people and those full of jokes
    There are those who pretend not to care
    And then there are those who always share.

    No matter the type of folks
    Whether they're rich or always broke
    These are people we can depend
    They are with us to the end.

  27. Relationships in life sometimes get complicated. And family relationships are no different.  The point of this poem is to remind you to appreciate your family, love them!

  28. Family Relationships
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Think of a family and you will see
    Different relationships that can be.
    A mom and a dad
    That always love us even when mad.
    A sister or brother
    They are unlike any other
    And then there is uncles and aunts
    Who sometimes become a confidant.
    Cousins there are lots
    Old and young tots.
    Grandparents who are loving and dear
    Always can be counted on to be near.

    While relationships vary with each one
    There is one thing we all have in common
    We all belong to the family clan
    That is part of God's overall plan.
    They are people we can call
    If we face a life stumble and fall.
    They pick us up and get us going again
    A family is like links in the chain.
    Families are given to us from above
    Always appreciate them and give them love.
    Keep your family close to you
    Without them, life is hard to do.

  29. We all belong to the family clan That is part of God's overall plan.

    Many times we look at other families and wish we could be a part of that one rather than the one we belong to. However, always remember that no family is perfect, there are issues in every family. What you may think is perfect may actually be worst than the situation you are now in.

  30. Perfect Family
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You look at the family across the street
    They seem so perfect and so sweet.
    Why can't my family be like that
    Maybe I should go and have a chat.

    But if you chat or lived in their home
    You may find issues that would make you roam
    You see there is no perfect family
    Every family is not orderly.

    So appreciate the family you have
    Your sisters, brothers, mom and dad.
    You will have days where you want to scream
    But there is no family as you dream.

    Life is full of ups and downs
    And families that make us frown
    But the most important thing to remember
    Part of a family you are a member.

    So love them always, good or bad
    Help them when they feel sad.
    Be grateful for these people in your life
    Who will stand by you in the good and the strife.

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    A short cute poem about being a family man. Life does change when you have a family and this short poem reflects just that!

  32. Family Man
    Poet: J. G. Saxe

    I once was a jolly young beau
    And knew how to pick up a fan.
    But I've done with all that, you must know,
    For now I'm a family man!

  33. Family Is A Bond
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Family is a bond that's strong,
    A place where we all belong.
    It's where we find our roots and grow,
    And learn the things we need to know.

    It's where we laugh and sometimes cry,
    And share the moments that pass by.
    It's where we find our strength and love,
    And blessings sent from up above.

    It's where we learn to give and take,
    And mend the bonds that sometimes break.
    It's where we find our peace and rest,
    And know that we are truly blessed.

    So cherish your family every day,
    And let them know in every way.
    That they are loved and always will be,
    A part of you, and in life that is key!

  34. The Family
    Poet: Unknown

    The family is like a book -
    The children are the leaves,
    The parents are the covers
    That protecting beauty gives.

    At first the pages of the book
    Are blank and purely fair,
    But Time soon writeth memories
    And painteth pictures there.

    Love is the little golden clasp
    That bindeth up the trust;
    Oh, break it not, lest all the leaves
    Should scatter and be lost!

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