Mothers Day Poems

[Updated May 8, 2019]

Mothers' Day Poems express the love and joy for that special woman in our lives. A mother, no matter what age, never stops being a mom. She is there for solace, grief, happiness, counsel, and forever love. Make sure you tell your mom just how much she is loved and appreciated not just on mother's day but throughout your life. After all, we only have one mum!

The Mother
Robert William Service (1874 - 1958)

There will be a singing in your heart,
There will be a rapture in your eyes;
You will be a woman set apart,
You will be so wonderful and wise.
You will sleep, and when from dreams you start,
As of one that wakes in Paradise,
There will be a singing in your heart,
There will be a rapture in your eyes.

There will be a moaning in your heart,
There will be an anguish in your eyes;
You will see your dearest ones depart,
You will hear their quivering good-byes.
Yours will be the heart-ache and the smart,
Tears that scald and lonely sacrifice;
There will be a moaning in your heart,
There will be an anguish in your eyes.

There will come a glory in your eyes,
There will come a peace within your heart;
Sitting 'neath the quiet evening skies,
Time will dry the tear and dull the smart.
You will know that you have played your part;
Yours shall be the love that never dies:
You, with Heaven's peace within your heart,
You, with God's own glory in your eyes.

You My Mom
, © 2012

For all the things you have done
For all the sacrifices you made
For all the love you shared
For all the work you did

I will always appreciate you
I will always respect you
I will always look up to you
I will always love you

You my Mom, are great
You my Mom, are the best
You my Mom, there is no other
You my Mom, are a blessing

So on this special day
To recognize you
I say Thank You Mom
For all you do.

Number 1 Mom
B. Rivers, © 2012

No matter how old I am
I always remember what you taught me
The values, the rights and wrongs
Have guided me through many a day

Thank you Mom for all you do
Thank you Mom for all you've done
Always remember in my books
You will be my Number 1.

Mothers Day Is Every Day
Julie Hebert, © 2012

Mother's Day is but once a year.
A normality that isn't right.
Mothers should be celebrated every day,
This is up to you to be make right.

Mothers have given each of us,
So much to be grateful for.
They've given, went without and did all they can,
To make sure we had the chance to soar.

And this is why one day a year,
Just isn't remotely enough.
Each and ever day of the year they deserve,
Breakfast in bed and their pillows fluffed.

If I know my mother this would not be allowed,
And she'd say nothing should be done.
So a little thank you's and lots of hugs and kisses,
Every day shows you appreciate your Mom.

Mothers Day is a day to honor your Mom. It is a day that is celebrated around the world. No matter where you live in the world, the one thing we all have in common is that we all have a Mother. In North America it is celebrated in May.

As Abraham Lincoln once said,
"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."

As you read the short verses we hope they remind you of how special Moms are. We sometimes take our Mom for granted, and no matter what they are always there for us. You don't have to wait for Mothers Day to tell your Mom how much you love and appreciate her.

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