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15 Grandma Poems

Share our collection of Grandma poems with your Grandmother. Poems for and about grandmothers.

We all need people in our lives who encourage us and believe in us. A Grandmother is one of those special people who can do just that. Their love and support can be one of the most encouraging aspects of our life. They can be a role model for us.

We hope these poems reflect your feelings for your Grandma, Nana, Grandmother!

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    A poem that was written to express the appreciation of a Granddaughter to her Grandmother.

  1. To My Grandmother
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    You've always been,
    The one to go to,
    When in need.

    You're kind and thoughtful,
    In many ways.
    You'd always think of me,
    In my younger days.

    But now our relationship,
    Is more than special, you see.
    We talk and laugh,
    As two adults with glee.

    Today you're more than,
    Just a grandmother to me.
    You're my friend,
    And someone I aspire to be.

  2. Grandma poems to express appreciation

    Cookies and treats
    And lots of sweets
    At Nana's house, I find
    She is a lady who is so sweet and very very kind.

    Expressions of appreciation for your Grandma

  3. I Appreciate You
    Poet: Kate Summers, 2020

    Grandmother, this poem is to tell you I appreciate you
    I cannot express my thanks for all you do
    You make me laugh when I want to cry
    You always encourage me to try
    Your stories they inspire me
    To be the best that I could be
    Thank you, Grandma, I love you so
    In my life, you are my rainbow!

  4. My Nana is an energetic person
    She is so sweet not a lemon
    I do love her so
    She is always on the go!

    A Grandmothers thoughts!

  5. The Joys of Being A Grandma
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2018

    The joys of being a Grandma are many
    Life has not brought a memory of any
    That can compare with being a Grandmother
    It is an experience like no other

    Holding that baby, seeing them grow
    Playing with them and running to and thro
    The excitement on their face when they see
    Me walk through the door fills me with glee

    A love that is so strong, and the absolute bond
    Never would I have imagined or even dawned
    That being a grandma could be such joys
    I thank God above for these special girls and boys!

  6. in memory of grandma

    A poem in memory of Grandmother.

  7. Missing Grandma
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2019

    My Grandma, she was very special to me
    Whenever she saw me she smiled with glee
    No matter what she was doing
    When I walked through the doors she was cooing

    My memories of her are cherished
    My time with her more precious
    Her love and encouragement will stay with me
    She encouraged me to happy and just be

    When troubling times came my way
    She always had a listening ear no matter the time of day
    She celebrated my success too
    Like all Grandmothers do

    My life will not be the same anymore
    My Grandma, I did adore.
    But sad I will not be
    As she is in heaven with God and her I will see!

  8. Grandma, you're the best
    You're so positive and full of zest
    Whenever you get a chance
    You get out and dance!

    Verses that describe how a Grandmother makes us feel.

  9. When I Feel Blue
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Grandma when I feel blue
    I can always just call you
    You make me feel better
    I will love you forever

    You make my day happy and bright
    To talk to you is always a delight.
    You always give me my space
    But I always know I'm welcome at your place.

    You're always are willing to lend a hand
    You're always there and understand
    Thank you, Grandma, for being you
    Always remember I love you too!

  10. Nana, you always give a hand
    You never make demands
    I want to shout out loud
    Grandma of you I'm proud.

    A Grandmother is the best, a poem that states just  that.

  11. The Best
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Grandma is wise and teaches me so much
    About life and such
    She is always willing to help me
    Without her where would I be?

    When trouble comes my way
    She encourages me to pray
    And if I should fall as I sometimes do
    She makes me smile and not be blue

    In my life, she is a treasure
    Her love is full and cannot be measured
    I wouldn't want any other Grandmother
    She is the best unlike any other!

  12. When you walk into the room
    You're like sunshine and flowers in bloom
    Grandma you a jewel
    For you, we are so thankful!

    How lucky I am to have a Grandma like you!

  13. No Matter What
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    No matter what, no matter when
    My Grandma's a comfort and some then
    She would do anything
    For happiness to bring.

    She says never give up when I tried
    She encourages me to swallow my pride
    When mistakes I make
    She says, "Fix them before it is too late."

    She's like a second Mom
    To me and everyone.
    She's like a best friend
    Solid and with me to the end.

    Good to me was fate
    As my Grandmother is great!

  14. A Cheer For Grandma
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Grandma, you deserve a cheer
    We love you of that have no fear
    You are truly one of a kind
    Of that, we want to remind!

    You make us laugh, you make us smile
    For us you always go the extra mile.
    We often say, we love you more
    But then who is keeping score!

  15. Who Is The One
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Who brings cookies and treats to you
    Who thinks you're great in all you do
    Who is the one who doesn't care
    If you wake up like a bear.

    Who loves you unconditionally
    Who always makes you so happy
    Who is the one who wants for your success
    And always wants to see you filled with happiness.

    Who is the one who is always caring
    Who is the one that is always sharing
    Who is the one who soothes the frights
    And will stay up with you all night.

    Who is the one that with bubbles will blow
    Who is the one who will play in the snow
    Who is the one that always smiles
    And pushes you to go that extra mile.

    Who is the one that always guides
    Who is the one that shows so much pride
    Who is the one whom I have such a bond
    Why it is - Grandma that I am so fond.

  16. God's Blessing
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You always had a smile on your face
    And always reminded me to say grace
    I thank God every day
    And ask him to keep you safe in every way

    God bless me dearly
    I can see that so clearly
    When He gave me you
    I love you that's so true!

  17. Always There
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Nana, you always had time for me
    To read a book or just let me be.
    You're never said another day
    You were always willing to sit down and play

    And now the years are passing by
    And our age seems to multiply
    But our love for you will always be
    So strong for you to see

    Over the years
    We shared some tears
    But we always saw the sun
    And always had so much fun

    Thank you, my Grandmother, for loving me
    You're the best Grandmother that could be!

  18. Sunshine To My Life
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    The days of the past
    Seemed to have gone so fast
    But memories we each have
    And for that I am glad
    A grandmother like you
    Keeps us all from being blue
    In me you always see, and in me,
    You always believed
    You built me up when giving up
    Is what I want to do
    You bring sunshine to my life,
    I am glad you are mine.
    In case I have not said it enough over the years
    I love you Grandma and think of you as dear.

  19. Make Life Nice
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    If children are sugar and spice
    Grandma's are what make life nice.

    Full of love
    Sent from God above
    To guide us and a listening ear
    The unspoken words they do hear
    They always have time
    Night or daytime

    Oh, Grandma's make life nice
    We always appreciate their advice!!

  20. Grandmas Are
    Poet: Unknown

    Grandmas are for stories
    About things of long ago.
    Grandmas are for caring
    About all the things you know.

    Grandmas are for rocking you
    And singing you to sleep.
    Grandmas are for giving you
    Nice memories to keep.

    Grandmas are for knowing
    All the things you're dreaming of
    But, most importantly of all,
    Grandmas are for love!

  21. Grandmas never run out of hugs or cookies

  22. Grandmother's Baby
    Poet: Margaret E. Sangster

    Thirty years ago, my baby,
    A baby just like you,
    With golden fluff in silken rings,
    And shining eyes of blue,
    Came like a little angel,
    To fill my life with love,
    His dimpled hand was stronger then
    Than all the hosts above.

    But ere I knew it, baby,
    So fast the swift years ran,
    My darling was a romping lad,
    And then a bearded man.
    My darling went a-wooing,
    In honest joy and pride ;
    And as his father did before,
    He brought him home a bride.

    And I, a foolish mother,
    Felt somehow left alone;
    And the boy who was my first-born son
    Seemed not so much my own.
    "We mothers are so jealous,
    So selfish, I'm afraid;
    With so much earthly leaven.
    Our scales are often weighed.

    Now here are you, my baby,
    Son of my son, so fair,
    The hope of all our household,
    Of all our line the heir.
    Prince Royal; little comfort;
    There ne'er was babe so sweet;
    From golden head and violet eyes,
    To darling dainty feet.

    Thirty years ago, my baby,
    I tell it in your ear,
    Another nursling, just like you,
    Came from the angels here.
    I lost him in the whirlpool
    Of the rough world long ago;
    And now the angels bring him back —
    That's why I love you so!

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We hope the poems and verses reflect your thoughts about your Grandma. For those who still have their Grandma in their life, appreciate her and give her lots of love. And for those whose Grandmothers have passed, cherish the memories! Remember someday you will be a grandparent learn from yours, appreciate them, love them, and make them feel special!

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