6 Poems About Grandma For Funeral

As we say goodbye to our beloved Grandma in poems, each line represents a silent whisper of reassurance that while she may no longer be physically present with us, her impact will continue to resonate through generations. The matriarch of the family whose warmth and wisdom have shaped us in countless ways, it is indeed a time filled with deep emotions. However, it's also during these moments that we find an opportunity to celebrate Grandma's life, cherish her legacy and express the profound love and compassion she has given upon us.

These verses often speak universal truths about grandmothers—their unwavering support, their quiet strength, their endless love—creating moving reflections for those left behind. They allow us to reflect on the rich tapestry of experiences woven by Grandma’s hands; bringing comfort and consolation even amidst mourning. This is where poems about Grandma for her funeral serve as beautiful tributes—words elegantly entwined together that capture not just our sorrow but also shared joys.

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  1. Grandma's Grace
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the heartland of Heaven thrives Grandma's grace,
    A life well-lived echoes in celestial space.
    Her love, a brilliant light shining through temporal tide,
    An impact relentless on hearts far and wide.

    In us, her legacy, like soft summer rain,
    Her laughter bubbles in joy, not in vein.
    She danced through the world leaving sparks of delight,
    Now she waltzes with stars in eternity's twilight.

  2. Grandma's Life Lessons
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In quiet hush, dear Grandma passed from sight,
    Her wisdom cascading like the dwindling light.
    Through tales of yore and long forgotten years,
    She sowed rich seeds to calm our darkest fears.

    Life lessons echoed in a warm, tender voice,
    Her love, her strength - our guiding compass by choice.
    In death she leaves a legacy immense through time,
    A history of wisdom, forever etched in mine.

  3. Secure In Her Love
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In visions of dusk, Grandma's warmth persists,
    Steadily shining, amidst shifting mists.
    Even in death, her love radiant and pure,
    A sanctuary secure, of that I am sure.

    Gone is her form, but not her essence,
    Her grandeur dwells with brilliant fluorescence.
    For no veil of death can shroud the song,
    Of a grandmother’s love—immortal and strong.

  4. Our Guide Through Every Storm
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Grandma's strength supreme, her influence pure,
    In every storm, she was our cure.
    With lessons nurtured and wisdom's allure ,
    In all our hearts, she lives for sure.

    In God's embrace, our dear matriarch lies,
    Her strength now etched within the timeless skies.
    She was the anchor, love's enduring source,
    A lighthouse guiding our familial course.

    Nurtured were we in her bountiful heart,
    Our unity a testament of her noble art.
    Her influence persists, though death imparts,
    Within us, Grandma's flame forever sparks.

  5. Everlasting Love
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    After the sunset, Grandma passed with grace,
    Her earthly form surrendered in sleep's embrace.
    Her whispers linger in the winds that blow,
    Echoes of wisdom for her loved ones below.

    In the folds of our hearts, she sowed seeds of love,
    An eternal song sung by stars above.
    Even in absence, her spirit shapes us anew,
    Grandma at death left a love everlastingly true.

  6. In the folds of our hearts, she sowed seeds of love, An eternal song sung by stars above.
    Grandma Poems

  7. The Lord's Embrace
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Grandma, in death's firm grasp, never dared to fear,
    In the Lord’s embrace she sought solace pure.
    No mourning mark'd her path as life's final year,
    Her courage and love enduring, ever sure.

    Undaunted by shadows reaching from above,
    Faith her shield, His love her undying reward.
    Unfading light of Heaven reflecting love,
    Grandma lives in us, through our blessed Lord.

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