26 Caleb Davis Bradlee Poems

Let these short poems by Caleb Davis Bradlee inspire and uplift you. These poems were written back in the late 1800s however they still have application today. You may find some of his work attributed to C. D. Bradlee.

Caleb Davis Bradlee was born in Boston, on February 24, 1831. He dies in 1897. He was an ordained Pastor. In 1855 he received a M. A. from Harvard and also received the degree of D. D. and Ph. D. from the Galesville University.

While he wrote and preached many sermons, poetry is a way that Rev. Bradlee expressed his thoughts and helped others with their faith. May these poems be ones inspire and uplift you and give you food for thought!

Caleb Davis Bradlee
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Popular Caleb Davis Bradlee Short Poems:

  1. Only A Little While
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    A little while! then we shall rest
    Prom pain and care and sin;
    And we shall find that God knew best
    The hour that death should win.

    A little while! the trump shall sound,
    And what a change will come!
    And what a light will fall around,
    When mortal life is done.

    A little while! then heaven we'll see,
    And angels gladly meet,
    And find by God's all wise decree
    Our blessedness complete.

    A little while! but faith must first
    Transfigure all our days!
    O'er all our lives must glory burst,
    On all our lips be praise.

    A little while! God, how long
    Before the time shall come?
    In that great hour may we be strong,
    And save us, through thy Son!

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  3. Lent
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    For forty days and nights, our Lord
    Passed out from mortal sight!
    And as the sacred men record,
    Stood firmly by the right!

    No Satan's arts could change his will,
    No tempter's wiles mislead;
    He kept his heart serenely stilt.
    In the great hour of need.

    "Get thee behind me," cried he loud
    To the false offers made;
    And on his soul there came no cloud,
    As he God's voice obeyed!

    So all upheld by his command,
    And guided by his grace,
    Must ever hold his gracious hand,
    And gaze upon his face!

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  5. 100th Birthday
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Glory to God, our friend is spared
    A century to greet!
    And God in mercy has declared
    This wondrous time complete!

    Glory to God, for grace so given,
    And love so richly shed;
    For all the light that came from Heaven,
    By which our friend was led!

    Glory to God, for trials too,
    That disciplined her heart,
    And made her faith all strong and true,
    And did great grace impart!

    Glory to God, for coming days,
    Through Jesus Christ, the Son!
    And let us all our prayers upraise
    For this dear aged one!

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  6. A Day Lost
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee
    (A Roman Emperor says, "that day is lost on which some good deed is not performed".)

    O count that day lost that sees no duty done;
    No brave battles fought, and no victories won;
    No great sins put down, no mighty truths attained;
    No base passions lost, no solid virtues gained.

    O count that day lost that finds thee not awake,
    And ready for all things good for Jesus' sake.
    Day lost indeed, unless thou'rt ashamed to stay
    Where thorns and thistles disfigure all the way!

    O count that day lost that leads thee not to God,
    Hard though be the pains, and sharp though be the rod;
    That finds thee not the more holy and more strong,
    And afraid of nothing but the path of wrong.

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  8. Our Departed Ones
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Strange murmurs from the other land,
    Strike right across the heart;
    And all around, a spirit band,
    Their cheering light impart.

    Voices that were hushed long ago,
    Again arouse our soul;
    And the tears will unbidden flow,
    As echoes round us roll.

    Yes, with us by faith's sacred call,
    And by hope's blessed way!
    They will visit us, each and all,
    By night, as well as day.

    It is an inward power they bring,
    These dear ones from above!
    It is in angel tones they sing,
    All full of peace and love!

    Along with Jesus at our side,
    Their constant help they give;
    And they in Him all trust confide!
    So would they have us live.

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  10. Go With Us, Lord
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Go with us, Lord, help us to go,
    The path of life. thyself dost know.
    Keep us right, point out the way,
    And lead us, step by step, each day.

    We are faint, if we go alone,
    Our hearts are cold and turned to stone;
    Touch our hearts, and light thy fire,
    Our thoughts and aims, each hour, inspire.

    With thee, as guide, we cannot fall;
    No pains can hurt, no fears enthrall
    And all our work will grandly shine,
    When all our souls are surely thine.

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  12. The White Mountains
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    The lofty mountains lift their heads sublime,
    And send their music with a holy chime
    Unto the Heavens that arch them from above,
    And bless them ever with a gracious love!

    The valleys, too, reclining at their base,
    And gazing at them with a touching grace,
    With beauty smile, as if in keen delight
    They felt the glory of the lovely sight!

    The rocks, stern, grave, and rugged in their power
    Seem willing, too, to bring their sacred dower
    Of peace and strength, of splendid might and truth,
    Of old age, crowned with everlasting youth!

    The waters, too, cascades and ponds, and brooks,
    Preach startling sermons by their pleasant looks.
    And strangers gathered from many a home,
    Who' ve felt the mystic spell that bade them come,

    Bow gravely low at sights so grand to see,
    And lift their humble thanks, God, to Thee!

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  14. The Eternal Presence Of God
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Lord, when we shall question in our heart,
    Whether thou wilt stay with us, or depart,
    Then let us hear our dear Redeemer say,
    "Lo, I am with you always," day by day.

    Teach us we are watched by thy gracious eye,
    That thou wilt surely hear the faintest cry,
    That round us all is a sustaining arm,
    And that nothing ever can do us harm.

    And let us know that all our trials sent,
    Are but gifts dispensed, by thy mercy lent,
    And as we shall keep our hearts calm and still,
    So grandly shall we meet our Father's will.

    And when life's stormy battles all are fought,
    And to life's end thy children shall be brought,
    then withdraw the curtain from above,
    And bless us all by thy forgiving love.

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  16. A Petition
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Father, our lives, by grace defend;
    To foolish fears bring speedy end;
    And never let a murmur rise
    To thee, God of earth and skies!

    Thy way, and all thy deeds make plain;
    Teach us no blow is sent in vain;
    Roll back the cloud that hides thy face;
    Reveal thyself in every place.

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  18. Night
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    The night has come, the light has fled,
    The stars above us shine;
    And while we sleep, and sense is dead.
    Save us, God divine.

    Why need we fear, sustained by thee
    Who art forever true;
    And wilt thou, as we bend the knee,
    Thy love and grace renew?

    Forgive the sins this day we've done,
    Thy sacred help concede,
    And wilt thou, O most holy one,
    Be with us in our need?

    And when the night of death is sent,
    And work is done below,
    And all our earthly power is spent,
    Eternal blessings show.

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  20. Listening For God
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    O may we listen for the mighty One
    Who speaks in tones of love through Christ the Son,
    And all through nature, and by each one's heart,
    Does a quickening life each hour impart.

    The soul must find Almighty God in Him,
    The most perfect image that ne'er grows dim ;
    The gentle voice that teaches, all the time,
    The rules and blessings of the Father's clime.

    And in nature's beauties and glories grand,
    Should each one detect the eternal hand,
    And clearly know that skies, and land, and sea,
    Will bring us up to God, on bended knee.

    So, in the heart, a temple should be laid,
    Adorned with faith, in hope and peace arrayed,
    Where God shall love to come each week and day,
    To bless each thought, and light each clouded way.

    Almighty God, by thine eternal power,
    In every way send grace, a blessed shower;
    Great troops of angels from thy Heaven send down,
    To guide our ways, and lead us to a crown!

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  22. Come To God
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    O come to God to-day,
    And wait not till the night,
    Whilst never may you want to stray
    From all things true and right.

    O come to God to-day,
    To him give all your heart,
    And may his precepts be your stay,
    Your guide, your light, your chart.

    O come to God to-day,
    Before Him prostrate fall;
    For Christ, the life, the truth, the way,
    Invites us one and all.

    O come to God to-day;
    And then when life is past,
    And all that's mortal shall decay,
    True bliss shall come at last

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  24. A Prayer
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Great God and King,
    Our prayers we bring
    This day!
    give us light,
    And inward sight,

    With trust and love,
    We look above,
    For grace!
    Thy peace impart,
    And show the heart
    Thy face!

    O leave us not
    By Heaven forgot,
    In tears!
    But guide us well,
    At once dispel
    Our fears.

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  26. The Ocean
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    I looked upon the Ocean, and calm it seemed, and fair,
    The peace of the Almighty was surely resting there!

    I listened to the Ocean, its ripples and its swell;
    The voice of the Eternal, a message seemed to tell!

    I bowed before the Ocean and all its fearful rage
    Restrained by the good Father who made the shores its cage!

    I stood by the old Ocean, and thought about our life,
    Its days so full of changes that pass from calm to strife!

    And the Ocean seemed to speak of a more gracious shore,
    Where God would stay our billows and bless us evermore!

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