12 Caleb Davis Bradlee Poems

Let these short poems by Caleb Davis Bradlee inspire and uplift you. These poems were written back in the late 1800s however they still have application today. You may find some of his work attributed to C. D. Bradlee.

Caleb Davis Bradlee was born in Boston, on February 24, 1831. He dies in 1897. He was an ordained Pastor. In 1855 he received a M. A. from Harvard and also received the degree of D. D. and Ph. D. from the Galesville University.

While he wrote and preached many sermons, poetry is a way that Rev. Bradlee expressed his thoughts and helped others with their faith.

Caleb Davis Bradlee
Caleb Davis Bradlee

  1. Let Your Light Shine - A poem that should inspire us all to let our light shine by doing what is right, by helping others, and by setting a good example for all to follow.

  2. Stern Winter - Many people hate the cold of winter. Let this poem by Caleb Davis Bradlee give you a different perspective on winter.

  3. The New Year - The Old Year - A poem to say good-bye to the old year and welcome the new year. While the old year may have memories of joy and grief, we look forward to a fresh start that the new year brings.

  4. I Love To Think Of Jesus - A poem that thinks of Jesus and the love the Poet has for Him.

  5. A Prayer To The Father - A short prayer written by Caleb Davis Bradlee. A prayer asking for guidance in what we do this day; one in which we pray that God hears our prayer and forgives our sins and stays with us until the end of our days.

  6. The Golden Wedding - An inspiring short poem to recognize a golden wedding anniversary. The poem talks about a wedding that took place 50 years ago.

  7. Where Is God and how can we find him? - A short poem that asks the questions that are asked by so many people, where is God? How do we find Him? Many questions are asked about God.

  8. Spring, Summer, Autumn Poems - Be inspired by these 3 poems, one for each season of the year. Reading the verses can bring memories of each season.

  9. God's Christmas Gift - Let these poems remind you of the amazing, and wondrous Christmas gift that God gave each and every one of us.

  10. Grace, Mercy, Peace - A short prayer asking God for grace, for mercy, and for peace.

  11. The Lord's Prayer - Our Father - A poem by Caleb Davis Bradlee in which the Lord's prayer is used for the first line of every stanza. You could consider this Christian prayer as an explanation for each line in the Lord's prayer.

  12. Hearts Awaited - A Christmas poem about people waiting for the birth of Jesus. However, even with the birth, the miracles, and the resurrection of Jesus people do not seek Him.

May Caleb Davis Bradlee's poems be ones inspire and uplift you and give you food for thought!

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