Where Is God

and how can we find Him?    A short poem that asks the questions that are asked by so many people, where is God? How do we find Him? Many questions are asked about God - is He with us? where does he reside? has he left us? Read this poem for answers to these questions!

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Where Is God
and how can we find Him?
by Caleb Davis Bradlee

Can any one tell where our God may be found?
Has He left anywhere, a mark or a sound?
Is He high up in Heaven, above the blue sky,
Looking down on us all, and counting each sigh?

Or is He here with us, and almost in sight,
And ever quite near us, by day and by night?
Or is He right in us, and close to the heart,
A light and a strength, and a peace, and a chart?

He is beyond us, and above the blue sky;
He is at our side, and will always seem nigh;
And He fills the whole soul of all who do well,
And right gracious truths to his children will tell!

But how can we find Him, and where is his home?
He is known in one way, through Jesus He'll come!
And those who make Jesus their trust and their light,
Will find the dear Father, all safe and all right!

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