111 Christian Poems

Uplifting Christian poems that will inspire, uplift, and strengthen your faith. Be inspired by the words of these Poets. The verses are great to reflect on and to share with others who need an uplifting message.

Some are classic poems that have been inspiring people for many years and others are poems that have been recently penned but all give us encouragement in God and His son Jesus Christ. They remind us to praise and trust God not only in the good times but also in the more challenging times.

If you have any doubts or if you are experiencing issues in life then read these poems and be uplifted. May they give you hope and faith that God has a plan and it is good!

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    Let these poems strengthen your faith by giving you verses to reflect upon. Uplifting poems to help us focus on God and the love and peace that only He can give.

  32. poem - God And A Day by Poet Edward A. Church   Consider but this single day's demands, Its dower of work, its wage of smiles and tears! So rich with opportunity it stands: One day with God is as a thousand years.

  33. Hope & Joy
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Trust thou in the Lord, Holy is His name;
    When life's shadows cross thy path let thy aim
    Be to look on High, then will they depart
    And the sunshine of gladness fill thy heart.

    Thou hast done thy duty in thy own home,
    Glory awaits thee in the world to come;
    Rejoice and be glad, thy care is all o'er,
    God the Father is with thee evermore.

    Thou wilt return, bright as the evening star.
    Where now darkness reigns, hope's rays seem afar;
    But soon they'll encircle thee, all will be bright.
    And joy, blessed joy, will be thine morn and night.

  34. Believing and trusting in Jesus, living as per Jesus' words in the gospel is a sure way to reach Heaven.

  35. Trust In Jesus
    Poet: J. J. Thorne

    Christians wait and trust in God,
    While in this vile world you plod.

    In your troubles and despair,
    Blessed Jesus is even there.

    When we are loaded down with care,
    It seems that all are in despair.

    We then are further off from harm,
    Resting safe in Jesus' arm.

    When we rejoice in nature's delight,
    Satan is near, mark his flight.

    When we are on the mountain peak,
    In nature we are always week.

    But when we drop clown in the vails,
    Jesus is near, he never fails.

    When the clouds are looking dark.
    And you have lost your trusting spark.

    Look to Jesus for your rest,
    In whom you were always blessed.

    Amid the darkest, dreary night,
    Far up above there is light.

    Jesus with his smiling face,
    Discloses home and heavenly place.

    In Jesus up above so far,
    You are typical to a star.

    The star shoots and faids away.
    Typical to your dying day.

    A Christian's life is never lost.
    Neither a star of the heavenly host.

    You reach heaven by angelic grace,
    The star proceeds to its former place.

  36. The Hand Divine
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    The impress of a Hand Divine
    On every thing I see:
    The humblest flower, the tenderest vine,
    Speak of a Deity.

    There's not a plant that decks the spring,
    A blossom, or a rose,
    A blade of grass, an insect's wing,
    But heavenly wisdom shows.

    'Twas He who gave the lily birth,
    And made the worlds on high;
    In beauty spread the teeming earth
    The God forever nigh.

    'Tis everywhere I see and trace
    The finger of his love;
    Whose dwelling is unbounded space,
    Around, below, above.

  37. If we only realized how much God loves us - our world would change!

  38. Love Of God
    Poet: Horatius Bonar

    O love of God, how strong and true!
    Eternal, and yet ever new;
    Uncomprehended and unbought,
    Beyond all knowledge and all thought!

    O heavenly love, how precious still!
    In days of weariness and ill,
    In nights of pain and helplessness,
    To heal, to comfort, and to bless!

    O wide-embracing, wondrous Love,
    We read Thee in the sky above;
    We read Thee in the earth below,
    In seas that swell and streams that flow.

    We read Thee best in Him who came
    To bear for us the cross of shame,
    Sent by the Father from on high,
    Our life to live, our death to die.

    O Love of God, our shield and stay
    Through all the perils of our way;
    Eternal love, in thee we rest,
    Forever safe, forever blest.

  39. My Path
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    My path to graduation was hard and long,
    But with faith in Jesus I stayed strong.
    Though storms did come, I had the Lord,
    With His help I overcame and soared.

    The Lord has guided me on every mile,
    As I traveled through tears and smiles.
    From hearts of joy to waters of pain,
    I encountered each one in God’s name.

    My school journey was tough and tedious,
    But I thank the Lord for His graciousness.
    So as I walk across this stage today,
    It's Jesus who helped me all the way.

  40. Change The Pattern
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2017

    God did not look down from heaven to see me as one who’s a jewel;
    He saw far beyond what I’m able, I desperately needed renewal.
    My mind was, “I am persuaded not many are serving as well;
    I feel that I set an example, for in many points I do excel.”

    I give and I tithe as required – my funds, my talents and time;
    I think that folks are inspired; really, it’s good, quite sublime.
    So why am I still without comfort? Why do I feel incomplete?
    There’s a spot in my heart that feels empty; my efforts still end in defeat.

    I ponder and find the conclusion – the story is not about me;
    I’m trying to win God’s approval while God’s plan is setting me free.
    My eyes should be focused on Jesus, not what I can achieve;
    But on His great plan of salvation, and only on that I should believe.

    The pattern of works will soon follow, then willingness follows in kind;
    The joy of being His servant will leave self exulting behind.
    God will receive all the glory, the rightful owner of praise,
    I’ll feel blessed and rewarded; I’ve changed my thoughts to His ways.

  41. There is no greater love than the love of God!

  42. God's Love
    Poet: Henry Reed Conant

    I know where’er my feet may be,
    Tho’ prone to stray,
    His watchful eye is over me
    Both night and day.

    And tho’ ofttimes this heart has erred
    ’Mid worldly cares,
    I know His pard’ning ear has heard
    My humble prayers.

    At all times, e’en when I have failed
    To do His will,
    His love has in my heart prevailed -
    And guides me still.

  43. A poem about being part of God's team, and be willing to work on behalf of God. Accepting God's will and allowing God to use us brings about a peace.

  44. The Link In The Chain
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2018

    I’m not the one to make judgements; I’m not the one to set goals,
    I’m just a tool for the Master, part of His team to save souls.
    I’m not the one with the answers to all the questions you ask,
    I’m not the one full of knowledge; I’m hardly up to the task.

    I too am one who is searching, why has the world gone astray?
    I have found peace in my Saviour but others have not found their way.
    So, God, if You’re willing to use me, a link in the chain of events,
    Give me instructions to follow, words that to lost souls make sense.

    Help me to keep it as simple as Jesus revealed to the crowd;
    Not oratorical flourish, not being boisterous or loud.
    Simply the plan of salvation, let it appeal to mankind,
    Its wonderful peace You have offered,
    Peace to the soul and the mind.

  45. God knows best
    Christian Quotes

    Words that are so true about God knowing what is best.

  46. God Knows Best
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    My God knows best! through all my days
    This is my comfort and my rest,
    My trust, my peace, my solemn praise,
    That God knows all, and God knows best.

    My God knows best! That is my chart;
    This thought to me is always blest;
    It hallows and it soothes my heart,
    For all is well, and God knows best.

    My God knows best! then tears may fall;
    In his great heart I'll find my nest;
    For he, my God, is over all,
    And he is love, and he knows best.

  47. Throughout life we are faced with many trials and tribulations, however, if we stop and appreciate the little things and keep a happy heart focused on Jesus then we will draw nearer to Jesus and there is no other comfort than that!

  48. I Listened
    Poet: Mary C. Plummer

    I listened to a bird's sweet song,
    One balmy day in May;
    The world is full of lovely things.
    To me it seemed to say.

    But you must keep a happy heart,
    To find this always true.
    For dark clouds cover sunlit skies,
    And fade away the blue.

    I listened to a song from man:
    The tone was loud and clear;
    The trials of life are very hard,
    He sang, and shook with fear.

    'Twas then I sang a little song.
    To satisfy my heart:
    O, Jesus, draw me close to thee.
    My comforter Thou art.

    A Christian poem that makes us realize that we are reflections of Christ and that what we say and do shows our Lord to other people.

  49. The World's Bible
    Poet: Annie Johnston Flint

    Christ has no hands but our hands
    To do his work today;
    He has no feet but our feet
    To lead men in His way;
    He has no tongue but our tongues
    To tell men how he died;
    He has no help but our help
    To bring them to his side.

    We are the only Bible
    The careless world will read;
    We are the sinner’s gospel,
    We are the scoffer’s creed;
    We are the Lord’s last message
    Given in deed and word—
    What if the line is crooked?
    What if the type is blurred?

    What if our hands are busy
    With other work than his?
    What if our feet are walking
    Where sin’s allurement is?
    What if our tongues are speaking
    Of things his lips would spurn?
    How can we hope to help him
    Unless from him we learn?

  50. Bible Verses
    Bible Verses by topic

    A great Christian poem that reminds us to look up and focus on God rather than letting our focus be on this world.

  51. Looking Upward
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    When I daily look up,
    And never look down,
    I find that my cup
    Is filled to the crown;
    Whatever is wanted
    Into my breast flows;
    'Tis when the heart's lifted,
    God kindly bestows.

    When I grovel in dust,
    And murmur and fret,
    How few and how meagre
    The blessings I get!
    'Tis only when upward
    I prayerfully turn,
    That favors are granted,
    And wisdom I learn.

  52. A great poem if you find yourself worrying instead of trusting God. Believe in the Lord's love for everyone.

  53. Troubles That Never Came
    Poet: David V. Bush

    The bridges that I've often crossed
    Before they came in sight,
    Have been of many, many kinds;
    Been grey, or black, or white.
    I fancied many brutish ones,
    And many could not name;
    I've had my many troubles, but
    The worst ones never came!

    When squirrels get their nuts for food.
    They gather for a year,
    And do not worry 'bout the next,
    For that they have no fear,
    But man is not content today,
    He lives with troubled aim;
    A-thinking 'bout the troubles past.
    And those which never came!

    Some people build their mounts of care
    Of many sorts and kind.
    Which like the bridges that they build.
    Are mostly in their mind.
    Though sun's ablaze and sky is clear,
    They think of lightning's flame.
    They had their many troubles, but
    The worst ones never came!

    Now God is in the universe.
    The birds and squirrels know,
    They worry not, nor do they fret.
    For what we reap we sow,
    If we sow deeds they'll bear their fruit.
    For God will hear our claim;
    If we trust Him then we can say.
    The worst ones never came!

  54. fear disheartens, faith encourages

    This poem reminds us that we just have to open our eyes to see God around us each and every day.

  55. God's Power
    Poet: Maria J Dodge

    In every waving blade of grass,
    In every little flower.
    That daily in my walks I pass,
    I see God's wondrous power.
    And every tiny drop of rain
    Which falls in gentle shower,
    And then in mist ascends again.
    Tells of His wondrous power.
    The little birds that gaily trill
    Their songs in morning hour,
    And all the air with music fill.
    Sing of His wondrous power.

  56. When we think of Jesus we should think of Him as our Saviour and our friend. Let this Christian poetry be one that inspires you to open your heart to Jesus.
  57. Divine And Human
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    Jesus, Saviour, Friend most dear!
    Dwell thou with us daily here!
    By Thine own life teach us this —
    How divine the human is!

    One with God, as heart with heart,
    Saviour, lift us where Thou art!
    Join us to His life, through Thine,
    Human still, though all divine!

    O Love, O Friend, Thy name is God!
    Lord of the unseen and the known!
    Thy thoughts the universe have trod,
    With worlds like sands of silver strewn.

    Lead us through these bewildering ways
    Of pain and beauty thou hast trod!
    Thou art our creed, our prayer, our praise,
    O Christ, Thou human heart of God!

  58. A Christian poem that reminds us of how short life is. But thanks to the love of God we have a home in heaven.
  59. Influencer
    Poet: Marie B. Williams

    The limit of life is brief;
    'Tis the red in the red rose leaf;
    'Tis the gold in the sunset sky;
    'Tis the flight of a bird on high.
    Yet we may fill the space
    With such an infinite grace
    That the red will be in all time,
    And the gold through the ages shine.
    And the bird fly swift and straight
    To the lilies of God's own gate.

  60. God hath not promised skies always blue...

    An inspiring Christian poem reminds us that life is a simple prayer.  And peace begins with God. The verses of this poetry will give you encouragement and hope of peace with the Lord.

  61. Life Becomes a Simple Prayer
    Poet: John F Zurn, 2019

    Life has mostly simple moments
    Like the rising sun each day.
    The times of truly great excitement
    Seem like clouds that drift away.
    Plans and memories are tainted
    With the hopes and fears of thought.
    When the many dreams have faded,
    The only peace begins with God.

    Then in the moments by the river,
    Or walking through a crowded mall,
    Simple thoughts of God can linger,
    And nothing else exists but God.
    In this moment thoughts have ended,
    And the spirit fills my heart.

    Then the peace of being present
    Overwhelms my inner talk.
    But just for a short pause only
    Does the fleeting moment last.
    My eager mind returns and slowly
    Thinking fuels by selfishness.
    Yet in these quiet simple moments,
    My heart perceives that God is near,
    Without the rush to trust emotions,
    My Iife becomes a simple prayer.

  62. A poem that makes us think about the words we pray - "Thy will be done"

  63. Thy Will Be Done
    Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

    It may seem hard to say sometimes,
    When trials and troubles come,
    But then is it not a consolation, to say,
    "Father, thy will be done?"

    Even when affliction comes
    And He takes away some loved one,
    Is it not a comfort, to say,
    "Thy will 0, God, be done?"

    Though the clouds are dark around us,
    And our pathway drear and lone,
    Oh! is it not sweet to say
    "Father in heaven, thy will be done?"

    When joy, pleasure and happiness,
    Profusely to us come.
    We are not slow to say.
    "Father, thy will be done."

    Still it is the same kind Father,
    That sends of joy some, of sorrow some,
    And ought we not always say,
    "Father, thy will be done?"

  64. If you were to write your creed would it have reflections of God in it?

  65. My Creed
    by Alfred Bem

    I'm nowhere lost and everywhere I am at home,
    My God is nature, my church is the immense blue dome,
    And my religion is goodness attached to no other name,
    All mankind, whatever creed or color, to me are dear the same
    Admiring everything that's beautiful and loving all that's true,
    I do believe in every thought that turns this world to greatness, new.

  66. O Lord, our Lord, how wonderful You are!
    Jesus quotes about love

    A Christian poem that talks about the words "God bless you". We all want the Lord's blessings and our prayers often express our wishes for His blessing.

  67. God Bless You
    Poet: Julia A. Baker

    I cannot find a truer word
    Nor fonder to caress you;
    Nor song of poem I have heard
    Is sweeter than "God bless you!"

    God bless you! so I breathe a charm
    Lest Grief's dark night oppress you.
    Then how can Sorrow bring you harm
    If 'tis God's way to bless you.

    And so, not "All thy days be fair,
    And shadows touch thee never,"
    But this alone — God bless you, dear!
    So thou art safe forever.

  68. While there are some wonderful and comforting contemporary  hymns that we sing praises to the Lord, some of the old hymns are ones that have survived the test of time. Hymns like "How Great Thou Art" or "Amazing Grace" - those hymns are ones that we all know and love.

  69. The Old Hymns
    Poet Unknown

    There's lot o' music in 'em, the hymns of long ago,
    An' when some gray-haired brother sings the ones I used to know,
    I sorter want to take a hand — I think o' days gone by,
    On Jordan's stormy banks I stand and cast a wistful eye.

    There's lots of music in 'em — those dear, sweet hymns of old,
    With visions bright of lands of light and shining streets of gold;
    And I hear 'em ringing — singing, where Mem'ry dreaming stands,
    "'From Greenland's icy mountains to India's .coral strands."

    They seem to sing forever of holier, sweeter days,
    When the lilies of the love of God bloomed white in all the ways;
    And I want to hear their music from the old-time meetin's rise.
    Till 'I can read my title clear to mansions in the skies."

    We never needed singin' books in them old days; we knew
    The words — the tunes of every one the dear old hymn book through!
    We didn't have no trumpets then — no organs built for show;
    We only sang to praise the Lord "from whom all blessings flow."

    An' so I love the old hymns, and when my time shall come —
    Before the light has left me and my singing lips are dumb —
    If I can only hear 'em then, I'll pass without a sigh
    To Canaan's fair and happy land, where my possessions lie!

  70. Can It Ever Be?
    Poet: Mary C. Ryan

    O God! how can it ever be,
    That I Thy glorious face can see,
    Be cleansed from sin by Thy Son's blood,
    Which for man's sins so freely flowed?
    That when Thou comest with Thy band
    Of mighty angels fair and grand.
    To make Thy jewels up for Thee,
    That Thou wilt then remember me?

    But, ah! how can I ever be
    A jewel bright and glow for Thee,
    And live with Thee in that fair land.
    And with Thy hosts of angels stand?
    For now I am so vile and weak.
    But trembling, lone. Thy ways I seek.
    Thy blood to cleanse. Thy love to guide,
    And lead me to my Saviour's side.

  71. have patience and wait for God's timing
    Christian Good Morning Quotes

  72. The True Way
    Poet: Henry Reed Conant

    We know that we’re stubborn and willful,
    And tho’ we have kindly been shown
    The true way, which God has appointed,
    We often go on in our own.
    And thus we go on in the darkness,
    Groping our way thro’ the night;
    Unmindful ofttimes of His goodness,
    And missing His glorious light.
    But still He looks down with compassion,
    And e’en thro’ life’s greatest alarms
    We’re sheltered and safely protected,
    As weak little lambs in His arms.
    Could we but have more of His goodness
    Implanted each day in our heart,
    Perhaps there are others about us
    Who’d feel the rich joy we’d impart.
    Could our love, every day, be to others
    As the love from our Maker above,
    O what a grand army of brothers
    Would be banded together in love!

  73. High Above The Hills
    Poet: J. McLeod, 1981

    High above the hills and dales
    A white dove soars, a seagull sails
    A skylark sings from altitude
    Unseen, but heard below where good
    And ill so often fight it out
    Instilling fear, unrest and doubt
    That darkens vision to confuse
    So much to gain, so much to lose!

    And here below I cannot fly
    To be with them in azure sky
    My heart cries out for freedom's way
    Above the clouds of violent grey
    To where in tune with skylark's song
    Dismissed is pain and sufferings wrong
    With seagull and with gentle dove
    At one with God
    In Peace and Love

  74. How many books have we read searching for the truth? This short poem reminds us the Bible has all the answers we need - we just need to read and study it.

  75. The Bible
    by John Greenleaf Whittier

    We search the world for truth, we cull
    The good, the pure, the beautiful,
    From graven stone and written scroll,
    And all old flower-fields of the soul;
    And, weary seekers of the best,
    We come back laden from our quest,
    To find that all the sages said
    Is in the Book our mothers read.

  76. 'Tis Evening Tide
    Poet: Mary C. Plummer

    'Tis evening tide, and chirping birds
    To their snug little nests are flying;
    'Tis evening tide, and the Master calls
    To sinful souls still dying.

    'Tis evening tide, and wearied workers
    Homeward tread so wearily;
    Hark! I hear one softly singing:
    Lord, in Thy mercy, shelter me.

  77. The Life And Light
    Poet: Thomas Moore

    Thou art, O God, the life and light
    Of all this wondrous world we see;
    Its glow by day, its smile by night,
    Are but reflections caught from Thee.

    Where'er we turn, Thy Glories shine,
    And all things fair and bright are Thine.
    When Day, with farewell beam, delays
    Among the op'ning clouds of Even,

    And we can almost think we gaze
    Through golden vistas into Heaven —
    Those hues that make the sun's decline
    So soft, so radiant, Lord! are Thine.

    When Night, with wings of starry gloom,
    O'ershadows all the earth and skies,
    Like some dark, beauteous bird, whose plume
    Is sparkling with unnumbered eyes —
    That sacred gloom, those fires divine,
    So grand, so countless, Lord! are Thine.

  78. Glorious Days Ahead
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    There are many days to ponder
    What should I have done but wander.
    I did not stop to aid, to comfort
    My own I felt was cowardly discomfort.

    For what was the beast so near
    It was so sure in my selfish fear.
    Why was I so scared
    Was I not ready and prepared?

    The host of others who ran towards
    Was my defense to shrink backwards.
    I hope that I should never see
    More times to run from so easy.

    For in the last of days
    There will be no moving sideways.
    For we all must face
    A certain death without disgrace.

    This is not a time to fear
    It is really a time to cheer.
    For we have been given
    A Savior who has risen.

  79. A short Creed but one that gives us direction in how to live.

  80. Creed Worth Believing
    seen on a Church Bulletin

    I will not worry.
    I will not be afraid.
    I will not give way to anger.
    I will be kind to every man, woman and child with whom I come in contact.
    I will be cheerful and hopeful.
    I will trust in God and bravely face the future.

  81. How many times have we said, "Help me Lord"? This poem reminds us to reach out to the Lord and to trust Him.

  82. Help Me Lord
    Greta Zwaan, 2011

    T’was not the night, the long, long night; I knew that we must part,
    But oh, the pain! The deep, deep pain that stirred within my heart.
    It’s been so long since this began, so many tears I’ve shed,
    So often I have bared my soul, “Let it be me instead!”

    To watch him suffer, see his pain for which there was no cure,
    I prayed for guidance as I asked, “How long must he endure?”
    “God, You’re the healer of mankind, the keeper of his soul,
    Could You not touch him with Your power? Restore him? Make him whole?”

    Dear God, I’m pleading, give me peace, help me to understand,
    Your loving kindness will come through, that our whole life is planned.
    I cannot see the path ahead, I wander in a daze,
    I reach my hand out for Your love, I want to give You praise.

    Oh, precious Lord, give me the strength to trust, to let You guide,
    What e’re the outcome of Your plan, walk closely by my side.

  83. The Way To Be Blest
    Poet: Lord Byron

    ''Tis being and doing and having that make
    All the pleasures and pains of which mankind partake;
    To be what God pleases, to do a man's best.
    And to have a good heart, is the way to be blest.

  84. Courage
    Poet: Celia Thaxter

    Because I hold it sinful to despond,
    And will not let the bitterness of life
    Blind me with burning tears, but look beyond
    Its tumult and its strife;

    Because I lift my head above the mist,
    Where the sun shines and the broad breezes blow,
    By every ray and every raindrop kissed
    That God's love doth bestow;

    Think you I find no bitterness at all?
    No burden to be borne, like Christian's pack?
    Think you there are no ready tears to fall
    Because I keep them back?

    Why should I hug life's ills with cold reserve,
    To curse myself and all who love me? Nay!
    A thousand times more good than I deserve
    God gives me every day.

    And each one of these rebellious tears
    Kept bravely back, He makes a rainbow shine;
    Grateful I take His slightest gift, no fears
    Nor doubts are mine.

    Dark skies must clear, and when the clouds are past,
    One golden day redeems a weary year;
    Patient I listen, sure that sweet at last
    Will sound His voice of cheer.

    Then vex me not with chiding. Let me be.
    I must be glad and grateful to the end.
    I grudge you not your cold and darkness, me
    The powers of light befriend.

  85. Seven Good Rules
    by Unknown

    Acquire thoroughly. - This puts the knowledge in.
    Review frequently. - This keeps the knowledge.
    Plan your work. - This begins well.
    Work your plan. - This finishes well.
    Never think of self. - Selfishness spoils all.
    Never look back. - Waste no time over failures.
    Earn, save, give all you can for Jesus. - Happiness.

  86. Oh, if we could see others as God sees them our outlook and attitude would be much more loving and understanding.

  87. Let Me See
    Poet: Unknown

    God grant to me that I may see
    The beauty of a crooked tree,
    The blossom of a humble weed,
    The glory of a homely seed,
    The pathos of a homeless pup,
    The way to lift a brother up.
    O, grant me the highest art —
    The patience of an understanding heart.

  88. A poem that defines what being a Christian is, and what it looks like in all aspects of our lives.

  89. What Christianity Is
    by Unknown

    What Christianity is....

    In the home it is kindness.
    In business it is honesty.
    In society it is courtesy.
    In work it is fairness.
    Toward the unfortunate it is pity.
    Toward the weak it is help.
    Toward the wicked it is resistance.
    Toward the strong it is trust.
    Toward the penitent it is forgiveness.
    Toward the fortunate it is congratulation.
    Toward God it is reverence and love.

  90. Where is God? This poem reminds us to look around and we will see Him everywhere, we just need to open our eyes

  91. God Seen In His Works
    Poet: James Cowden Wallace

    There's not a tint that paints the rose,
    Or decks the lily fair,
    Or streaks the humblest flower that blows,
    But God has placed it there.

    At early dawn, there's not a gale
    Across the landscape driven,
    And not a breeze that sweeps the vale,
    That is not sent by Heaven.

    There's not, of grass, a single blade,
    Or leaf of loveliest green,
    Where heavenly skill is not displayed,
    And heavenly wisdom seen.

    There's not a tempest, dark and dread,
    Or storm that rends the air,
    Or blast that sweeps the ocean's bed,
    But God's own voice is there.

    Wherever space extends,
    There God displays His boundless love,
    And power with mercy blends.

  92. The Peace Of Full Surrender
    Poet: Frederic R. Marvin

    O the peace of full surrender -
    All my joy to do His will!
    Mine to trust His faithful promise;
    His the promise to fulfill.

    O the glory and the rapture,
    Thus to dwell with Christ the Lord;
    New delight and wisdom gaining
    From the study of His word.

    Pleasure's songs no more entice me,
    Nor the bugle notes of Fame;
    Sweeter far the holy music
    Of my dear Redeemer's name.

    O the glory and the rapture -
    Earthly burdens pass away!
    Stormy winter turns to summer;
    Lonely darkness into day.

  93. A poem that talks about what Jesus has done for each and every one of us - with bibical references.

  94. I Gave My Life For Thee
    Poet: Frances Ridley Havergal

    I gave my life for thee, Gal. 2:20.
    My precious blood I shed, 1 Pet. 1:19.
    That thou mightest ransomed be, Eph. 1:7.
    And quickened from the dead. Eph. 2:1.
    I gave my life for thee; Tit. 2:14.
    What hast thou given for me? John 21:15-17.

    I spent long years for thee 1 Tim. 1:15.
    In weariness and woe, Isa. 53:3.
    That an eternity John 17:24.
    Of joy thou mightest know. John 16:22.
    I spent long years for thee John 1:10, 11.
    Hast thou spent one for me? 1 Pet. 4:2.

    My Father's home of light John 17:5.
    My rainbow-circled throne Rev. 4:3.
    I left for earthly night Phil. 2:7.
    For wanderings sad and lone. Matt. 8:20.
    I left it all for thee; 2 Cor. 8:9.
    Hast thou left aught for me? Mark 10:29.

    I suffered much for thee — Isa. 53:5.
    More than thy tongue may tell — Matt. 26:39.
    Of bitterest agony, Luke 22:44.
    To rescue thee from hell. Rom. 5:9.
    I suffered much for thee; 1 Pet. 2:21-24.
    What canst thou bear for me? Rom. 8:17, 18.

    And I have brought to thee John 4:10, 14.
    Down from my home above, John 3:13.
    Salvation full and free, Rev. 21:6.
    My pardon and my love. Acts 5:31.
    Great gifts I brought to thee; Psa. 68:18.
    What hast thou brought to me? Rom. 12:1.

    Oh, let thy life be given, Rom. 6:13.
    Thy years for him be spent, 2 Cor. 5:15.
    World-fetters all be riven, Phil. 3:8.
    And joy with suffering blent! 1 Pet. 4:13-16
    I gave myself for thee; Eph. 5:2.
    Give thou thyself to me! Prov. 23:26.

  95. Born Again
    Poet: David V. Bush

    I had no joy in flowers,
    In dewdrop or in rain;
    No thought for shady bowers;
    Til I was born again.

    But now I love the rose,
    The blooms of hill and plain.
    And all that nature shows,
    Since I am born again.

    For idle joys I yearned,
    And solemn thoughts gave pain;
    Until the truth I learned.
    And thus was born again.

    My life was filled with pride.
    And all my thoughts were vain;
    I cared for none beside;
    'Til I was born again.

    I doubted God's great love,
    And mocked His righteous reign;
    But now I look above.
    Since I am born again.

    So every soul is taught
    To seek the highest gain;
    And wiser grows our thought,
    When we are born again.

  96. Yea, Lord
    Poet: Julia C. R. Dorr

    Yea, Lord! — Yet some must serve,
    Not all with tranquil heart,
    Even at Thy dear feet,
    Wrapped in devotion sweet,
    May sit apart.

    Yea, Lord! — Yet some must bear
    The burden of the day,
    Its labor and its heat,
    While others at Thy feet
    May muse and pray.

    Yea, Lord! — Yet some must do
    Life's daily task-work; some
    Who fain would sing, must toil,
    Amid earth's dust and moil,
    While lips are dumb.

    Yea, Lord! — Yet even Thou
    Hast need of earthly care.
    I bring the bread and wine
    To Thee, O Guest Divine!
    Be this my prayer!

  97. Lord, At Peace With Thee
    Poet: Juliet Marsh

    Lord! if to-morrow's rising sun
    Proclaim a battle day for me,
    I only ask that setting sun
    May find me still at peace with Thee:
    Give me the field at eventide,
    'Mid song of victory.

    Lord! if the shadows, lurking deep,
    Some unknown harm from me would hide,
    Take Thou my hand, lest in the dark
    The space should grow so wide
    That never bridging of my prayers
    Could reach the other side.

    Lord! if these treasures which I have
    Would keep me still in greater need,
    Loosen the clinging of my hold
    Lest they my growth impede;
    Take, then, my empty hands in Thine,
    And they are full indeed.

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