80 Christian Poems

Uplifting Christian poems that will inspire and strengthen your faith. Poems packed full of verses that are inspirational, encouraging and praiseworthy. Verses that celebrate The Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

These Christian poems are full of verses that speak of God and are full of abundant praise and encouragement for difficult times.

1. Poems About God 2. God Has A Plan
3. Heaven Poems 4. Poems About Jesus
5. Journey Of Faith 6. Spiritual Awakening
7. Spiritual Poems 8. Trust In God
9. God Cares For You 10. God's Promises
11. Faith Over Fear 12. God's Mercy
13. Going To Church 14. The Promises of God
15. Gods Blessings 16. God's Grace Verses & Poems
17. God's Timing 18. Praise God
19. Sin Separates Us From God 20. God Is In Control
21. God Will Provide 22. The Weaver Poem
23. There Is No Unbelief 24. Comfort
25. When I Am Wrong 26.  The Book For All Time
27. God's Friday 28. The Bible
29. Daily Blessings 30. There Is A God
31. Do I Care Enough 32. Dreams Not Schemes
33. Just Go And Be A Friend 34. How Did He Know Me
35. Give A Helping Hand 36. If I Can
37. These Are The Gifts  38. Farewell
39. Heart's Repose 40. Read The Bible
41. God Is Everywhere 42. There Is A Time
43. Choose Life 44. God's Love
45. The Soul's Desire 46. Morning Hymn
47. Stars and The Soul 48. Whatever Is — Is Best
49. Daily Trials 50. Contented Home
51. My Mother's Bible 52. The Brotherhood Of Man
53. Press On 54. My Pledge
55. What Happened In Bethlehem 56. See It God's Way
57. How Terrible To Be Poor 58. Do Not Wait Until Tomorrow

    a great christian poem about God knows best

  1. God Knows Best

  2. Poet: C D. Bradlee

    My God knows best! through ail my days
    This is my comfort and my rest,
    My trust, my peace, my solemn praise,
    That God knows all, and God knows best.

    My God knows best ! That is my chart;
    This thought to me is always blest;
    It hallows and it soothes my heart,
    For all is well, and God knows best.

    My God knows best! then tears may fall;
    In his great heart I'll find my nest;
    For he, my God, is over all,
    And he is love, and he knows best.

  3. I Listened

  4. Poet: Mary C. Plummer

    I listened to a bird's sweet song,
    One balmy day in May;
    The world is full of lovely things.
    To me it seemed to say.

    But you must keep a happy heart,
    To find this always true.
    For dark clouds cover sunlit skies,
    And fade away the blue.

    I listened to a song from man:
    The tone was loud and clear;
    The trials of life are very hard,
    He sang, and shook with fear.

    'Twas then I sang a little song.
    To satisfy my heart:
    O, Jesus, draw me close to thee.
    My comforter Thou art.

  5. The World's Bible

  6. Poet: Annie Johnston Flint

    Christ has no hands but our hands
    To do his work today;
    He has no feet but our feet
    To lead men in His way;
    He has no tongue but our tongues
    To tell men how he died;
    He has no help but our help
    To bring them to his side.

    We are the only Bible
    The careless world will read;
    We are the sinner’s gospel,
    We are the scoffer’s creed;
    We are the Lord’s last message
    Given in deed and word—
    What if the line is crooked?
    What if the type is blurred?

    What if our hands are busy
    With other work than his?
    What if our feet are walking
    Where sin’s allurement is?
    What if our tongues are speaking
    Of things his lips would spurn?
    How can we hope to help him
    Unless from him we learn?

  7. Looking Upward

  8. Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    When I daily look up,
    And never look down,
    I find that my cup
    Is filled to the crown;
    Whatever is wanted
    Into my breast flows;
    'Tis when the heart's lifted,
    God kindly bestows.

    When I grovel in dust,
    And murmur and fret,
    How few and how meagre
    The blessings I get!
    'Tis only when upward
    I prayerfully turn,
    That favors are granted,
    And wisdom I learn.

  9. Troubles That Never Came

  10. Poet: David V. Bush

    The bridges that I've often crossed
    Before they came in sight,
    Have been of many, many kinds;
    Been grey, or black, or white.
    I fancied many brutish ones,
    And many could not name;
    I 've had my many troubles, but
    The worst ones never came!

    When squirrels get their nuts for food.
    They gather for a year,
    And do not worry 'bout the next,
    For that they have no fear,
    But man is not content today,
    He lives with troubled aim;
    A-thinking 'bout the troubles past.
    And those which never came!

    Some people build their mounts of care
    Of many sorts and kind.
    Which like the bridges that they build.
    Are mostly in their mind.
    Though sun's ablaze and sky is clear,
    They think of lightning's flame.
    They had their many troubles, but
    The worst ones never came!

    Now God is in the universe.
    The birds and squirrels know,
    They worry not, nor do they fret.
    For what we reap we sow,
    If we sow deeds they'll bear their fruit.
    For God will hear our claim;
    If we trust Him then we can say.
    The worst ones never came!

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  11. God's Power

  12. Poet: Maria J Dodge

    In every waving blade of grass,
    In every little flower.
    That daily in my walks I pass,
    I see God's wondrous power.
    And every tiny drop of rain
    Which falls in gentle shower,
    And then in mist ascends again.
    Tells of His wondrous power.
    The little birds that gaily trill
    Their songs in morning hour,
    And all the air with music fill.
    Sing of His wondrous power.

  13. Divine And Human

  14. Poet: Lucy Larcom

    Jesus, Saviour, Friend most dear!
    Dwell thou with us daily here!
    By Thine own life teach us this —
    How divine the human is!

    One with God, as heart with heart,
    Saviour, lift us where Thou art!
    Join us to His life, through Thine,
    Human still, though all divine!

    O Love, O Friend, Thy name is God!
    Lord of the unseen and the known!
    Thy thoughts the universe have trod,
    With worlds like sands of silver strewn.

    Lead us through these bewildering ways
    Of pain and beauty thou hast trod!
    Thou art our creed, our prayer, our praise,
    O Christ, Thou human heart of God!

  15. Influencer

  16. Poet: Marie B. Williams

    The limit of life is brief;
    'Tis the red in the red rose leaf;
    'Tis the gold in the sunset sky;
    'Tis the flight of a bird on high.
    Yet we may fill the space
    With such an infinite grace
    That the red will be in all time,
    And the gold through the ages shine.
    And the bird fly swift and straight
    To the lilies of God's own gate.

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  17. Life Becomes a Simple Prayer

  18. Poet: John F Zurn, 2019

    Life has mostly simple moments
    Like the rising sun each day.
    The times of truly great excitement
    Seem like clouds that drift away.
    Plans and memories are tainted
    With the hopes and fears of thought.
    When the many dreams have faded,
    The only peace begins with God.

    Then in the moments by the river,
    Or walking through a crowded mall,
    Simple thoughts of God can linger,
    And nothing else exists but God.
    In this moment thoughts have ended,
    And the spirit fills my heart.

    Then the peace of being present
    Overwhelms my inner talk.
    But just for a short pause only
    Does the fleeting moment last.
    My eager mind returns and slowly
    Thinking fuels by selfishness.
    Yet in these quiet simple moments,
    My heart perceives that God is near,
    Without the rush to trust emotions,
    My Iife becomes a simple prayer.

  19. God Is True

  20. by M. G. Plantz

    God answers prayer; sometimes
    When hearts are weak.
    He gives the very gifts believers seek.
    But often faith must learn a deeper rest;
    And trust God's silence, when He
    Does not speak;
    For he whose name is Love
    Will send the best;
    Stars may burn out nor mountain
    Walls endure
    But God is true; His promises are sure
    To those who seek.

  21. Thy Will Be Done

  22. by Lillian E. Curtis

    It may seem hard to say sometimes,
    When trials and troubles come,
    But then is it not a consolation, to say,
    "Father, thy will be done?"

    Even when affliction comes
    And He takes away some loved one,
    Is it not a comfort, to say,
    "Thy will 0, God, be done?"

    Though the clouds are dark around us,
    And our pathway drear and lone,
    Oh! is it not sweet to say
    "Father in heaven, thy will be done?"

    When joy, pleasure and happiness,
    Profusely to us come.
    We are not slow to say.
    "Father, thy will be done."

    Still it is the same kind Father,
    That sends of joy some, of sorrow some,
    And ought we not always say,
    "Father, thy will be done?"

  23. My Creed

  24. by Alfred Bem

    I'm nowhere lost and everywhere I am at home,
    My God is nature, my church is the immense blue dome,
    And my religion is goodness attached to no other name,
    All mankind, whatever creed or color, to me are dear the same
    Admiring everything that's beautiful and loving all that's true,
    I do believe in every thought that turns this world to greatness, new.

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  25. Earth's Dark Day

  26. Poet: Mary C. Plummer

    Why look so sad, old earth?
    Your clouds are hanging low,
    You look as though you're going to weep.
    What has disturbed you so?

    Oh, yes I plainly understand,
    Your hidden secret I know,
    You're wondering if the selfish folk
    Would be pleased with rain or snow.

    Now do not ponder quite so deep.
    But make your worry less;
    Remember that 'tis God above
    Who sends down what is best.

  27. Every Minute

  28. Poet: Hugh Owen Meredith

    For every minute of my day
    To God the praise be said,
    For daily walk, for daily talk,
    For daily beef and bread !
    More than for all His other works
    I praise Him in my bed
    For this delight of closing night,
    My golden drowsihed.

  29. God Bless You

  30. by Julia A. Baker

    I cannot find a truer word
    Nor fonder to caress you;
    Nor song of poem I have heard
    Is sweeter than "God bless you!"

    God bless you! so I breathe a charm
    Lest Grief's dark night oppress you.
    Then how can Sorrow bring you harm
    If 'tis God's way to bless you.

    And so, not "All thy days be fair,
    And shadows touch thee never,"
    But this alone — God bless you, dear!
    So thou art safe forever.

  31. The Old Hymns

  32. Poet Unknown

    There's lot o' music in 'em, the hymns of long ago,
    An' when some gray-haired brother sings the ones I used to know,
    I sorter want to take a hand — I think o' days gone by,
    On Jordan's stormy banks I stand and cast a wistful eye.

    There's lots of music in 'em — those dear, sweet hymns of old,
    With visions bright of lands of light and shining streets of gold;
    And I hear 'em ringing — singing, where Mem'ry dreaming stands,
    "'From Greenland's icy mountains to India's .coral strands."

    They seem to sing forever of holier, sweeter days,
    When the lilies of the love of God bloomed white in all the ways;
    And I want to hear their music from the old-time meetin's rise.
    Till 'I can read my title clear to mansions in the skies."

    We never needed singin' books in them old days; we knew
    The words — the tunes of every one the dear old hymn book through!
    We didn't have no trumpets then — no organs built for show;
    We only sang to praise the Lord "from whom all blessings flow."

    An' so I love the old hymns, and when my time shall come —
    Before the light has left me and my singing lips are dumb —
    If I can only hear 'em then, I'll pass without a sigh
    To Canaan's fair and happy land, where my possessions lie!

  33. Can It Ever Be?

  34. by Mary C. Ryan

    O God! how can it ever be,
    That I Thy glorious face can see,
    Be cleansed from sin by Thy Son's blood,
    Which for man's sins so freely flowed?
    That when Thou comest with Thy band
    Of mighty angels fair and grand.
    To make Thy jewels up for Thee,
    That Thou wilt then remember me?

    But, ah! how can I ever be
    A jewel bright and glow for Thee,
    And live with Thee in that fair land.
    And with Thy hosts of angels stand?
    For now I am so vile and weak.
    But trembling, lone. Thy ways I seek.
    Thy blood to cleanse. Thy love to guide,
    And lead me to my Saviour's side.

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  35. The True Way

  36. Poet: Henry Reed Conant

    We know that we’re stubborn and willful,
    And tho’ we have kindly been shown
    The true way, which God has appointed,
    We often go on in our own.
    And thus we go on in the darkness,
    Groping our way thro’ the night;
    Unmindful ofttimes of His goodness,
    And missing His glorious light.
    But still He looks down with compassion,
    And e’en thro’ life’s greatest alarms
    We’re sheltered and safely protected,
    As weak little lambs in His arms.
    Could we but have more of His goodness
    Implanted each day in our heart,
    Perhaps there are others about us
    Who’d feel the rich joy we’d impart.
    Could our love, every day, be to others
    As the love from our Maker above,
    O what a grand army of brothers
    Would be banded together in love!

  37. High Above The Hills

  38. Poet: J. McLeod, 1981

    High above the hills and dales
    A white dove soars, a seagull sails
    A skylark sings from altitude
    Unseen, but heard below where good
    And ill so often fight it out
    Instilling fear, unrest and doubt
    That darkens vision to confuse
    So much to gain, so much to lose!

    And here below I cannot fly
    To be with them in azure sky
    My heart cries out for freedom's way
    Above the clouds of violent grey
    To where in tune with skylark's song
    Dismissed is pain and sufferings wrong
    With seagull and with gentle dove
    At one with God
    In Peace and Love

  39. The Bible

  40. by John Greenleaf Whittier

    We search the world for truth, we cull
    The good, the pure, the beautiful,
    From graven stone and written scroll,
    And all old flower-fields of the soul;
    And, weary seekers of the best,
    We come back laden from our quest,
    To find that all the sages said
    Is in the Book our mothers read.

  41. 'Tis Evening Tide

  42. by Mary C. Plummer

    'Tis evening tide, and chirping birds
    To their snug little nests are flying;
    'Tis evening tide, and the Master calls
    To sinful souls still dying.

    'Tis evening tide, and wearied workers
    Homeward tread so wearily;
    Hark! I hear one softly singing:
    Lord, in Thy mercy, shelter me.

  43. The Life And Light

  44. Poet: Thomas Moore

    Thou art, O God, the life and light
    Of all this wondrous world we see;
    Its glow by day, its smile by night,
    Are but reflections caught from Thee.

    Where'er we turn, Thy Glories shine,
    And all things fair and bright are Thine.
    When Day, with farewell beam, delays
    Among the op'ning clouds of Even,

    And we can almost think we gaze
    Through golden vistas into Heaven —
    Those hues that make the sun's decline
    So soft, so radiant, Lord! are Thine.

    When Night, with wings of starry gloom,
    O'ershadows all the earth and skies,
    Like some dark, beauteous bird, whose plume
    Is sparkling with unnumbered eyes —
    That sacred gloom, those fires divine,
    So grand, so countless, Lord! are Thine.

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