Going To Church

Going to church holds different meanings for people. The poems and quotations here express thoughts about why we go to church. You can also find more Christian Poems to inspire.

Some Go To Church To ...

Poet: Job Elletson

Some go to church to take a walk,
Some go there to laugh and talk.
Some go to church for observation,
But some go there for speculation.
Some go there to meet a lover.
And some go there a fault to cover.
Some go there to meet a friend,
And some go there their time to spend.
Some go there to sing a sonnet.
But some go there to show their bonnet.
Some go to church oppressed with grief.
Some go there to find relief.
Some go to hear a grand oration,
Some go to glorify the nation.
Some go to hear about the war.
Some go to show how good they are.
Some go repentant and repenting,
But some go hardened, unrelenting.
Some go to praise, to pray and weep.
But some go there to lounge and sleep.
Some go to better their condition,
Some go to gain a good commission.
While some go there to doze and nod.
There's many go to worship God.

Four-Wall Christians
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 1994

Four-wall Christians, safe in our way;
Make little impact if all we do is pray.
We may share our dollars, the few we may not need,
And call it generous giving, but God will call it greed.

We think not of our neighbour, or pain in other lands,
We have to make a living, achieve our goals and plans.
We go to church each Sunday, like Christians ought to do,
But after every service, we haven't changed our view.

We live so isolated, so far from hurt and pain;
We stifle our own conscience time and time again.
But what if a "RWANDA" should happen in our land?
And we should feel that heartache, and need that helping hand?

Would we think that a Christian, who had the means and power
Should send relief and comfort in our most desperate hour?
If mortar shells were falling and bombs dropped everywhere,
Would we want other Christians to just kneel down in prayer?

I'd think we'd want assistance, involvement and concern,
With no thought of repayment or favours to return.
Not just a token offering, not just a passing glance,
But genuine love and caring; a new start, a new chance.

If we want that from others, we ought to give the same,
Not out of sheer compulsion, but give in Jesus' name.
Don't be a "four -wall" Christian who doesn't get involved,
Who gives a meagre dollar and prays that wars are solved.

Become a burden-bearer, become a caring friend,
Stretch forth your hand in mercy, just let your life be spent.
The things that are important are what God gives to you,
And how you use that talent that makes His message true.

You cannot take it with you, you've heard that line before,
But souls won for God's glory will share that heavenly shore.

Church Quotes

We believe that God wants our church to be a worshipping church—a church that values and pursues God’s presence.
Zach Neese, How To Worship a King
Worship Quotes

I want the earth to resound with worship. I want you to become a worshipper. Why? Because I don’t want to die without seeing the glory of God in His churches again.

Zach Neese, How To Worship a King
God Inspirational Quotes

Sunday morning church service is not an enormous priority; spending time with other believers is.

Donald Miller
Short Inspirational Quotes

I see many signs of hope and creative transformation within established churches. With each passing day, many congregations, small and large, rural and urban, denominational and independent, liberal and conservative, are starting down the exciting path of transition.

Tim Conder, Church in Transition
Poems About Hope

One thing we learn early on in our work as church leaders is that the church is a volunteer-run organization.

Nelson Searcy, Connect
Community Service

His grace is to guide us and strengthen us in the good times and in the bad, at work and at home, in church and on the streets. His grace is to influence how we relate to Him, to ourselves, and to others.

Tony Cooke, Grace: The DNA of God
God's Grace Verses

Our children are not falling away because the church is doing a poor job ...Our children are falling away because we are asking the church to do what God designed the family to accomplish.

Voddie Baucham Jr., Family Driven Faith

Active involvement in a local church is an essential component in seeing our boys become godly men.

Michael Fabarez, Raising Men, Not Boys

For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her

Ephesians 5:25 (NLT)
Motivational Quotes From The Bible

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