Prayer For The Church

Use our prayer for the church to bless the church. Prayer is powerful and praying for the church is something we should all do because in effect you are praying for all people of the church. You see the church is a building to some people, but truly the church is not a building it is God's people sharing the love of God with others.

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  1. God,
    we give You praise that you have given us the gift of life, a life of salvation that we do not deserve.
    God, we pray that You would guide our path so that we are worthy in your sight.
    God, please help us be the body of Christ that you asked us to be that
    guides us to love one another in gentleness and understanding.
    Grant us all, God, unending patience as we all face uncertain times, as we all face trials and tribulations,
    and, as we all continue to grow in expressing our love to one another.
    God, give us sight so that we might see our wrongs and the heart to correct what
    we have done that is not according to your Will.
    We humbly ask, God, that You bestow upon us Your strength that we may
    be able to proclaim Your truth and
    Your message of salvation as written in Your Word.
    We know, God, that spreading the Good News is not always easy.
    We recognize that we may be scorned or attacked because of Your message of repentance, hope, salvation and eternal life.
    But, God, we ask for not only a willing heart but also the power of the Holy Spirit to propel us boldly forward.
    Use your Word, God, to both encourage and correct us as we move beyond our limitations and onward to a steady path of righteousness.
    We submit our lives to You for peace, patience and love, as we pray in Jesus' name.

  2. Father God,
    there is no One other who we praise and worship.
    We give You thanks for calling us to You.
    In this time of earthly division where the evil one moves continually to tear us apart,
    Father God, we ask that you give us the strength and perseverance to unite as one Body of Christ.
    Let not humankind define who You are; let not humankind erode that which
    You gave us as one body who together give You all praise and glory.
    Let us not, Father God, serve to erode us but to build us up as You decided.
    Let us work diligently to mend the fences that divide us so that Satan cries out in despair.
    We know, Father God, that we are not a church that is confined within a structure or to any place that humankind can make or declare.
    We humbly ask, Father God, that each Christ follower openly declare the Good News as one body, one voice and one truth.
    As one Body of Christ, Father God, we confess openly with voices raised that Jesus Christ is Our Lord and Savior.

  3. Heavenly Father,
    I come to You in all praise and worship.
    Father, I ask for Your strength and compassion for all of our Pastors who unselfishly serve us in Your name.
    I seek each Pastor's health; I seek each Pastor's on-going love to their flocks who need guidance, encouragement and necessary rebuke.
    Father, I know that they are only human and just like each of us, Father, they fight against the enemy every hour of the day.
    I ask, Father, that You keep them safe from the enemy; protect them from temptation;
    grant them Your wisdom so that they will continue to be our earthly light through dark days that surround us.
    I also pray, Father, that You will give each Christ follower the eyes to see what each can do, as each can, to help our Pastor's do or maintain.
    I ask, Father, that we give freely of our talents that You have given us to spread the Good News through our words and actions as You have commanded us to do,
    and not lay this work solely upon our Pastor's. I pray all of this in Jesus' name.

  4. Lord,
    we come to You in all praise for all You do without us even recognizing or knowing.
    Lord, we ask that You grant each Church staff member, those You have called to serve either as volunteers or paid,
    to grant them Your peace and strength as they work to advance Your Kingdom here on earth.
    We ask, Lord, that You give them the tools that they need, the guidance when requested,
    and the fortitude to encourage and prepare others for their Kingdom work.
    We pray this Father, in the name of Jesus.

  5. Father,
    we give You all honor and glory.
    We thank you for giving us leaders that support us, guide us, and move the yardsticks of Your Kingdom forward.
    We ask, Father, that You grant each leader the wisdom they need, the courage, the strength and commitment to serve You.
    We pray, Father, that You will grant to each leader the sight to recognize when they need help; when they need their own encouragement.
    May they find all of this through Your own flock and through the guiding and encouraging Word. We pray this in Jesus' name.

  6. Heavenly Father,
    we honor You and give you all thanks and praise.
    We know, Father, that each is us is Your child.
    But, we also know Father, that our little children, who do not yet know You,
    must be guided to the truth and the light.
    We pray, Father, that all those who are called to be Sunday school teachers are granted your love,
    passion and wisdom to help show these little children the way, the truth and the light.
    Each Sunday school teacher holds within their hands the tiniest of the flock and let not one be lost.
    We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

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