85 Prayer Quotes

May these prayer quotes remind you of the importance of your prayers. As you pray may your faith grow stronger. We hope these quotes inspire you to always make time to pray throughout the day.

Remember a prayer does not have to be a long drawn out process it can be a thank you to God, or it could just be a "help me please". No matter what your prayer, God is listening. And if your prayer is according to God's will you will see it come true!

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  1. Yet in these quiet simple moments, my heart perceives that God is near, without the rush to trust emotions, my Iife becomes a simple prayer.   John F Zurn, Life Becomes a Simple Prayer
    Christian Poems

  2. So let us all take our wants and troubles to the Lord in prayer. He invites us to do so, and promises to help us.   Grace Gold, Little Tangles
    Morning Prayer Devotion

  3. We do not need long drawn out prayers to talk with God, a short prayer sometimes expresses more than an hour-long prayer. Talk to God in prayer often throughout the day.   Catherine Pulsifer
    Short Prayers

  4. Prayer is powerful and praying for the church is something we should all do because in effect you are praying for all people of the church.   B. Pulsifer
    Prayer For The Church

  5. Sweet hour of prayer! thou holdest in thy hand a treasure rare   Clara McAlister Brooks, Sweet Hour Of Prayer
    Famous Poets

  6. I pray, “O God do make me kind:'’ the world needs kindness much   David V. Bush, Let Me Be Kind
    Kindness Poems

  7. When the road gets hard, do not quit. When you are unsure of your next steps, pray and seek counsel, then keep moving.   Rachelle Triay
    Don't Quit Poem

  8. Did you ever meet temptation like a lion in the way. When you knew your only refuge was to pray, pray, pray?   Emma I. Coston, Diligence
    God's Garden Poem

  9. We see a golden cross and pray to God that some day, in His own good time, the world may do His will.   Martha Provine Leach Turner, No Glory
    Good Friday Poem

  10. One of the greatest gifts to give our friends and others is a prayer.   Ellen J. Barrier
    Quotes For A Friend

  11. Weak is the back on which burdens are pressing, but stout is the heart which is strengthened by prayer.  Unknown, Somehow Or Other
    Poems About Life

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  13. There is no stronger way to start a week but by praying  Catherine Pulsifer
    Monday Prayer

  14. Sometimes the simplest of prayers are the most powerful. "Thank you Lord!" or "Your will be done!"   Catherine Pulsifer
    Devotion About Prayer

  15. Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.   Thomas Goodwin
    Quotes About Blessings

  16. Lord, we thank you for all our blessings - our family, friends and all good things.   Catherine Pulsifer, Father We Thank You
    Quotes About God's Blessings

  17. Patient prayer is powerful prayer. If thou hast come into Christ’s school, submit to His lessons and His tasks; one of them is, — "Not as I will, but as Thou wilt."  Fenelon
    Patience Poem

  18. Humanity is never so beautiful as when praying for forgiveness, or else forgiving another.   Jean Paul
    Forgiveness Quotes

  19. May Christ grant all the power to see, as at his name they bend the knee, the way to heaven!  Caleb Davis Bradlee, Christmas Bells Are Ringing
    Christmas Poems

  20. God keep and bless you on this special day - God watch over you this I always pray   Catherine Pulsifer
    New Year Poems

  21. The great antidote to anxiety is to come to God in prayer. We are to pray about everything. Nothing is too big for Him to handle, and nothing is too small to escape His attention.   Jerry Bridges
    Bible Verses about Anxiety and Fear

  22. This be my prayer for her - blessings and honour, rest like a halo bright.   William Maxwell, My Prayer For Her
    Valentines Day Poems

  23. When the trials seem too great and you've nowhere you can turn, Jesus opens up the avenue of prayer.   Greta Zwaan, Jesus, A Friend
    The Promises of God

  24. If your words will cause us sorrow, pray keep them till the last to-morrow.   Richard Burton, Words To Say
    Meaningful Poems

  25. I will not doubt, though all my prayers return unanswered from the still, white realm above   Ella Wheeler Wilcox, I Will Not Doubt
    Poems About Faith

  26. God's smile is on the waters, His spirit in the air, my glad heart owns His presence, and swells with thankful prayer.   Unknown, God's Smile
    Poems About Peace

  27. Where did yesterday's sunset go....It flushed all night in many a dream - it thrilled in the folding hush of prayer   W. C. Gannett, Where Did It Go?
    Poems About Sunset

  28. So count your blessings, one by one ...your prayers of thankfulness shall rise.
  29. So count your blessings, one by one ...your prayers of thankfulness shall rise.   Unknown, The True Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving Poems

  30. Grant us, Lord, from day to day, strength to watch and grace to pray   John George Fleet, Words
    Poems About Anger

  31. Prayer at its highest is a two-way conversation and for me the most important part is listening to God's replies.   Frank C. Laubach
    Poems About Prayer

  32. A softly spoken prayer: "It's the journey that's important, not the getting there!"   John McLeod, It's The Journey That's Important...
    Life Journey

  33. The impression that a praying mother leaves upon her children is life-long. Perhaps when you are dead and gone your prayer will be answered.   D.L. Moody
    Poems About Mothers

  34. Prayer at its highest is a two-way conversation - and for me the most important part is listening to God’s replies.   Frank Laubach
    Poems About Listening

  35. The twilight hour! the silent prayer of thousands at this hour ascending, like incense on the dewy air   Mrs. M. J. E. Crawford, Summer Twilight
    Summer Poems

  36. Take Thou the hands of prayer we raise, and let us feel the light of Thee!   John G. Whittier, The Light That Is Felt
    Poems About Hands

  37. Beware in your prayers, above everything else, of limiting God, not only by unbelief, but by fancying that you know what He can do.   Andrew Murray
    I Believe Poems

  38. With grateful heart and thankful voice thy constant care we pray. Before Thy Throne we now rejoice on our Thanksgiving Day.   Benjamin Walter Rogers Tayler, Our Praise
    Thanksgiving Prayers

  39. What power of self-mastery shall he enjoy who, looking to God for grace, seeks every day to practice the grace he prays for.   Maria Frink, Every Day A Little
    Poems About The Bible

  40. It may be I'm old-fashioned, but it seems to me to-day we're too much bent on having fun to take the time to pray   Edgar A. Guest
    An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

  41. The Bible commands us to help each other, for thy enemies to love and pray   J. J. Thorne, Sister and Brotherhood
    Poems About Brotherhood

  42. 	When dark clouds are looming near, whisper o'er a grateful prayer
  43. When dark clouds are looming near, whisper o'er a grateful prayer   Jennie Mast, Gratitude
    Gratitude Poems

  44. Is your life too busy to spare.....one moment a day in prayer?   Unknown, A Message Of Love
    Journey With Jesus

  45. Wisdom teaches...the privilege of prayer   William Arthur Ward, Wisdom Teaches
    Wisdom Poems

  46. I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.   Abraham Lincoln
    Mothers Day Poem From Son

  47. Knee deep in sorrow, an' knee deep in care. still keep on hopin' an' whisper your prayer   Edgar A. Guest, A Song
    Poems About Contentment

  48. I realize my error, I've tried to swim alone, but God, please be my Lifeguard and bring me safely home.   Greta Zwaan, Swimming Upstream, Alone
    God Is In Control

  49. With God a day is like a thousand years. So as we pray about our fears trust in Him and His timing too - He knows better than we do.   Catherine Pulsifer, God's Time
    God's Timing

  50. I pray that this day be filled with your glory and with your grace for all to see.   B. Pulsifer
    Tuesday Prayer

  51. This is to pray, with honest heart, and purpose true , — "Thy kingdom come."   Helen G. Rice, Thy Kingdom Come
    A Prayer

  52. Prayer is the asking, in that faith, knowing it will come to thee.  Leonora Milliken Boss, What Is Faith and What Is Prayer?
    Faith Over Fear

  53. I say a prayer for you each day and ask the Lord to keep you in every way - I pray that you are kept safe and well Samatha Anne Marie Lynch, Special In Every Way
    Thinking Of You Poems

  54. I want to be like Jesus, so freqprayeruently in prayer; alone upon the mountain top, He met his Father there.   W. Meynell Whittemore, Like Jesus
    Follow Jesus

  55. If we don't demonstrate a love for our fellow man, if we don't demonstrate a caring for others then we need to pray to God to help us, to open our hearts so that we love each other.   Catherine Pulsifer
    The Brotherhood Of Man

  56. I pray, Lord, that you guide my steps made clear through your sight.  Byron Pulsifer
    Abundance Prayer

  57. Many people say evening prayers, but before your feet hit the ground in the morning say a prayer thanking God for waking you up this day.   Edwin Markham, A Prayer
    Prayer For Today

  58. Like this clear sunshine, let Thy love shine down on me to-day!   Lucy Larcom, A Summer Morning Prayer
    Short Summer Poems

  59. Weak is the back on which burdens are pressing, but stout is the heart that is strengthened by prayer.   Unknown, Somehow Or Other
    Poems About Worry

  60. I pray, Father, that you would grant them your comfort, your peace, and your rest  Byron Pulsifer
    Mothers Day Prayers

  61. I center my focus on Jesus to whom all my pain is revealed. He promised not to forsake me, He said all my prayers will be heard;I trust His judgment completely; I fervently heed to His Word.  Greta Zwaan, Being Complaint
    Journey Of Faith

  62. ...the prayer the Lord has taught, which o'er our souls a rest has brought, will fill those souls with peace and love, and fix their gaze on Heaven above!  Caleb Davis Bradlee, The Lord's Prayer
    The Lord's Prayer - Our Father

  63. May your prayers be full of please - may you say them on your knees  Irish Blessing
    Irish Blessing Quotes

  64. Do you say a prayer for your Mother? You can be sure every Mother prays for her children  Catherine Pulsifer
    Prayer For Mother

  65. Hear, hear our prayer, ever wilt thou spare our souls from death!   Caleb Davis Bradlee, Lord Of Life and Light
    A Prayer For Every Day

  66. Prayer is the prelude to peace   William Arthur Ward, Prayer Is
    If I Can

  67. When ceaseless toil has hushed your song of gladness, and you have grown almost too tired to pray..... ease the burdens of each trying day: “This, too, shall pass away."   Lanta Wilson Smith, This Too, Shall Pass Away
    This Too Shall Pass

  68. And so I sometimes think our prayers might well be merged in one, ....repeat " Thy will be done."  Whittier, God Hears
    Poems About God's Love

  69. He is my trust and my comfort; God hears and answers my prayers.  Greta Zwaan, Questions
    Spiritual Awakening Poems

  70. Pray don't find fault with the man who limps or stumbles along the road  John Murray, Judge Gently
    Poems About Helping Others

  71. How sweet when hearts their fullness tell in the words of that loving prayer; "Good-bye! good-bye!" - May God be nigh  John Imrie
    Good-bye Means Not Farewell

  72. May we thus, praying to our God in the sky, feel His loving Spirit come from on high   Caleb Davis Bradlee
    Thanksgiving Day Poem

  73. ...help me to remember in prayer all those that need your guidance and love each and every day.  Byron Pulsifer, Prayer To Serve
    Five Finger Prayer

  74. Give thanks in prayer for what God has so graciously given where a "good night" actually translates to experiencing a good night through the grace of God Byron Pulsifer
    Good Night

  75. Prayer is the signature of the soul on the correspondence with our Creator. William Arthur Ward, Thoughts On Prayer
    Prayer Can

  76. Father in heaven....let me draw near to you - I ask that you hear my prayer - I know your promises are true Kate Summers, Draw Near To You
    Prayers to Draw You Closer

  77. Christmas is a time to pray giving thanks for the day. Catherine Pulsifer, A Time
    Christmas Time Is

  78. There are times when we pray and we can't understand why our prayers are not answered. However, we must learn to trust God as He knows what is best.
    Answered Prayers

  79. The prayers I thought unanswered once, were answered in God's own best way. To-day, aye! even this very hour is the best time I ever knew.
     Phoebe Cary, Reconciled

  80. Remember no matter the challenges you face you have a purpose, you have a place - start your day, take time to pray  Catherine Pulsifer, Focus On The Day
    Just For Today

  81. Grandma is wise and teaches me so much....when trouble comes my way she encourages me to pray   Catherine Pulsifer, The Best
    Grandma Poems

  82. She knows Omnipotence has heard her prayer, and cries, “It shall be done, — sometime, somewhere."  Mrs. F. Browning Burroughs, Sometime, Somewhere
    Poems About Prayer

  83. Whenever you're prompted to praise as you kneel in the silence to pray — when joy and love call forth your thanks you are proclaiming Thanksgiving Day.  Rae Cross, Thanksgiving
    Gods Blessings

  84. For prayer can bring some sunshine into the darkest day  Unknown, The Peoples Prayer
    God's Mercy

  85. ...when I kneel at night to pray, God sees.  Mary Mapes Dodge
    Poems About God

  86. Prayer — God’s blessed permission to us to see Him, and to know Him, and to trust in Him,— that is granted us not for the hours of death or agony alone, but for all life, almost from the very cradle, quite to the very grave. Canon Farrar
    Trust In God

  87. When doubt and danger weighed me down, then pleading all for me. It was a fervent prayer to Heaven that bent my mother's knee.   Samuel Lover, My Mother's Knee
    You Only Get One Mother

  88. Trust in God, going to Him in prayer will result in a peace that is like no other. With God in our lives, our hope lives!  Byron Pulsifer
    On Hope's Broken Wing

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