Life Quotes

Be encouraged by these life quotes; let them inspire you to live life to the fullest.

"Biographies of great men prove that life is what you make it!"
Dorothea S. Kopplin, Something to Live By
Best Attitude Quotes

"Without family and friends to share in lifes frenz, life would be so grey."
Julie Hebert
Short Family Quotes

As we journey on Life's way. It's the simple things that please us like a willing kindness done.
John McLeod
Poems About Life

"In life you are as small as your controlling desire or as great as your dominant aspiration."
Armstrong Williams

"My life is filled, with loving people. This makes me feel, so darn grateful.
Julie Hebert, People In My Life
Thanksgiving Poems

"The key to succeeding at anything in life is to focus on the small victories."
Mark Black

"Being the best version of yourself is the most important aspect of your life to master."
Zac Dixon
Quotes to Live By

"Life can have its ups and downs,
how you handle them that determines your frown."
Julie Hebert, Your Journey Through Life
Cute Quotes

"Whatever you want the people in your life to become, treat them that way - not the way they are."
Rick Warren
Helping Others Quotes

"If you have a positive attitude you look for the good in life. But, if your attitude is a negative, your focus is on everything that is wrong in your life."
Catherine Pulsifer, Life is The Way It Is
Positive Thoughts

"Focus on developing one habit or routine that will improve many areas of your life."
Alex Altman, Time Is Money

"I’m sure there are things to better myself, But I am thankful for life as it is."
Julie Hebert
Poems About Change

"Don't keep sitting in the audience of your own life. It is time to become the star of your own show."
Rosemary Peck

Behind every face there has been a life filled with struggles, obstacles, and accomplishments.
Larry Hagner, The Dad's Edge

"To me life is, community made. Family and friends, all things God made."
Julie Hebert, Life Is Good
Friendship Poems

Consequently, if we are looking to do anything life-changing with ourselves, we have to begin by learning about our habits and then working on them.
Romuald Andrade, Habit Triggers
Learning Quotes

Whether you realize it or not, your life has an objective, a purpose.
Lilliet Garrison, Getting Unstuck
Hope Quotes

Finding your true purpose and living it is the key to life.
Myles Munroe, Wisdom from Myles Munroe
Poems of Encouragement

If we have a positive can-do attitude in our thinking life, that will transfer into our real world situations and experiences.
Benjamin Chapin, Think Positive
Positive Quotes

Keeping a journal is always a powerful way to affect change in your life.
Cat O'Connor, 30 Days Of Inspiration
Positive Quotes About Change

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