There Is A Time, Christian Poems

There Is A Time

A poem that reflects how in life we all have time for certain things. But the Poet also expresses the one thing that God did not provide time for. Read this Christain poem and be encouraged and inspired.

There Is A Time
By Walter E. Isenhour

There is a time to work and play,
A time to eat and sleep;
A time to study and to pray,
A time to laugh and week;
A time for fellowship that's sweet,
A time for sacred song;
But never is there time to treat
A human being wrong.

There is a time to lift men up
And help them on life's road;
A time to drain their bitter cup
And share their heave load;
A time to bless them with our grace
And boost them all along;
But never is there time and place
To treat our fellows wrong.

There is a time to help men seek
Our God who saves the soul;
A time to show them that the meek
Shall reach life's highest goal;
A time to help them turn aside
And leave the wicked throng;
But never did our God provide
A time to treat men wrong.

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