13 Henry VanDyke Poems

Henry VanDyke has influenced and inspired many over the years. Born in Germantown, Pennsylvania on November 10, 1852 his work as an author, clergyman, and professor of English literature has made a positive difference in the lives of his students and people of all walks of life. He also contributed to the first Presbyterian printed liturgy, The Book of Common Worship of 1906, which has impacted thousands of people.

He died on April 10, 1933, but his work continues to live on and inspire people today. We hope the poems shown here to inspire you and add a positive thought to your day.

Henry vanDyke
Henry VanDyke

  1. A Mile With Me - A friendship poem expressing true friends will walk with us in the good times and in the hard times. Henry VanDyke reminds us that friendship is for all seasons not just the happy ones.

  2. These Are The Gifts  - An inspiring Christian poem by Henry VanDyke about the gifts he asks for and about the things he treasures.

  3. If All The Skies - A poem by Henry VanDyke that describes life and gives us words to reflect upon. Wise words about life!

  4. Reliance - An inspiring poem by Henry VanDyke that you may want to read a couple of times and reflect on his words.

  5. Door Of Daring - A poem of encouragement to push us to take a chance, to dare, to be bold. If we don't life passes us buy. Henry VanDyke's poem reminds us to live life to the fullest!

  6. A Prayer For A Mother's Birthday - Henry VanDyke offers this poem as a prayer for our mothers on their birthday. One which we can all pray for our mothers especially on their birthday!

  7. Autumn In The Garden - A poem describing autumn in the garden and how everything seems to go to sleep. It also uses an analogy of the garden in the fall and life. A good poem for reflection!

  8. Sleep Song - A poem by Henry VanDyke about what to think about at night. He reminds us to forget the day's issues and rest.

  9. Let Me But Love - A great love poem to share on Valentines Day or any time of the year. The verses talk about being true and real, with faults and strengths when it comes to loving others and being loved.

  10. Stars and The Soul - A poem by that reflects the stars. God who created them and man who continue to be amazed by them.

  11. The Song-Sparrow - A poem about the song sparrow and how we feel when we hear them return each year and hear them sing.

  12. Inscriptions For A Friend's House - Share this poem with your friends. A poem that reflects a home and the main points of a house and what they can mean. A poem full of wisdom which truth, honor, faith, and love make up a happy home!

  13. From Year To Year - An inspiring poem about life and a wish to live my life being positive looking forward not living in the past. A short but very inspiring poem by Henry VanDyke!

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