Christmas Poems

A collection of Christmas Poems celebrate the season of Xmas. A short poem is a great thing to tuck into a Xmas card to send Christmas wishes and greetings. Great to share and inspire friends and family.

Christmas a special time of year when the world stops and the birth of Jesus is celebrated. A special time that has been celebrated for more than 2000 years around the world. Poetry can express thoughts and wishes in a way that brings out the magic of Christmas. We hope you find poems that inspire you to have a very Merry Christmas!

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Collections of Christmas Poems  
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3. Is There Really A Santa 4. Christmas Songs
5. Christmas Time Is 6. Christmas Card Poem
7. Children's Christmas Poems 8. Why Santa Claus Sneezed on Christmas
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Popular Christmas Poems:
  1. Christmas Time
    Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

    Hurrah — it's Christmas-time again!
    The time of crispy weather;
    Ah, Love and Cheer are captains then,
    And dear ones get together;

    Let go the real and fancied grudge —
    The tomahawk go bury;
    We're all in debt to one great Judge,
    So let's be good — and merry.

    Lay every grievance on the shelf.
    And keep the circle growing;
    Who hates his neighbor, harms himself-
    We'll reap from what we're sowing;

    Decide to do somebody, good —
    Just let the grouchy pester;
    Enjoy this Christmas as you should,
    And be a jolly jester.

    Let holly from the curtains swing —
    Have mistletoe in plenty;
    Break up your wrinkles — laugh and sing —
    Make old folks act like twenty;

    An innocent kiss will work no ill,
    Though cheeks blush like a cherry;
    Make some sad heart with pleasure thrill —
    It's Christmas-time — be merry!

    If fortune hasn't smiled on you,
    And you can't give one present,
    Brush up your seedy clothes and do
    Your best at being pleasant;

    Though Christmas finds you wandered far
    Away from kindred's bevy,
    Don't let hard times your spirits mar —
    Let mails with Love be heavy.

    Now when you get to feeling good,
    Be gentle as a rabbit —
    Retain your Christmas smile and cheer,
    Until you get the habit;

    Just let your war-tools rust and rot —
    Though worldlings think you flappy —
    A grudge gets even when forgot!
    It's Christmas-time — be happy!

  2. Ring The Christmas Festival
    Poet: Ellwood Haines Stokes

    Coming, coming. Lord of glory.
    Coming through the ages hoary.
    In accord with ancient story.
    Coming, coming. Lord of light;
    Coming, so the truth engages.
    Coming through prophetic pages.
    Coming in the thoughts of sages.
    Ring the bells of joy to-night!

    Coming, lo! His star ascending,
    Coming, heaven and earth are blending,
    Coming, glory never-ending,
    Ring the bells of joy again!
    Coming, not as man expected,
    Coming, by the high neglected,
    Coming, by the proud rejected,
    He who shall forever reign.

    Come, though years of God move slowly;
    Bom of virgin mother, holy.
    Cradled in a manger, lowly,
    Human form, and flesh and blood;
    Come the child, yet mighty Leader,
    Weak, yet all-prevailing Pleader,
    Destitute, yet hunger's Feeder,
    Infant, Maker, Monarch, God!

    Come! the world with thanks is ringing;
    Come! the sad with joy are singing;
    Come! the weak to Him are clinging;
    Come the All, and come for all!
    Come ! the nation's long desire;
    Come! all hearts to Him aspire
    Come! the world is lifted higher;
    Ring the Christmas festival!

  3. Glory Be To God On High
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    The angels are fluttering their beautiful wings
    O'er Jesus the Infant, the mighty King of Kings,
    While on the wintry air the joyful welcome rings,
    Glory be to God on High.

    'Tis Christmas day, fond hearts are fill'd with emotion,
    Thanking God for this hallow'd day of devotion,
    While Christmas lays rejoice from ocean to ocean,
    Glory be to God on high,

    Sadden'd hearts rejoice, tho' tears from fond eyes stream.
    Golden hair and blue eyes, of his coming dream;
    Raven locks and black orbs, with their gladness beam.
    Glory be to God on high.

    Then let us all rejoice this merry Christmas day;
    Those who have gone before would now no longer stay,
    They are around the Throne, singing this joyous lay,
    Glory be to God on high.

  4. Christmas Is Forever
    Poet: Norman W. Brooks

    Christmas is forever,
    Not for just one day.
    For loving, sharing, giving,
    Are not to put away.

    Like bells and lights and tinsel,
    in some box upon a shelf.
    The good you do for others,
    Is good you do yourself.

  5. Keeping Christmas
    Poet: Henry VanDyke

    Are you willing to forget what you have done for other people.
    And to remember what other people have done for you;
    To ignore what the world owes you,
    And to think what you owe the world;...
    And to close your book of complaints against the management of the universe,
    And look around you for a place where you can sow a few seeds of happiness -
    Are you willing to do these things even for a day?
    Then you can keep Christmas.

    Are you willing to believe that love is the strongest thing in the world -
    Stronger than hate, stronger than evil, stronger than death -
    And that the blessed life which began in Bethlehem nineteen hundred years ago
    Is the image and brightness of the Eternal Love?
    Then you can keep Christmas.

    And if you keep it for a day,
    Why not always?
    But you can never
    Keep it alone.

  6. Red, Green and Tinsel
    Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2011

    So much to love about Christmas,
    Who could ever say they don't.
    Red and green everywhere,
    How Christmas is so well known.

    We love to see the houses,
    Decorated so festively.
    Tinsel so very shinny,
    Can't wait to see my Christmas tree.

    Can't forget the presents,
    Under the big colorful tree.
    Every year there's more than expected,
    I'm so lucky, that is me.

  7. What Christmas Is All About

  8. What Christmas Is All About
    Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2011

    We have to go back to the basics,
    The day our Jesus was born.
    As this is the day that we celebrate,
    Our Savior was here in the morn.

    We teach our children that Christmas,
    Is trees, pageants and presents.
    But let us not forget,
    First, that Christmas is Jesus event!

  9. Christmas Bells Are Ringing
    Poet:  Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Hark! the Christmas bells are ringing,
    And the angel-choirs are singing
    That Christ is born!
    And wrong is conquered by the right,
    A world is lifted into light,
    No more forlorn!

    All the earth was sad and dreary,
    And the human heart was weary,
    Till Christ did come!
    And then the darkness fled away,
    And holy love began its sway
    O'er hearth and home!

    All glory be to God on high,
    Let every mortal gladly cry,
    That Christ was given!
    May Christ grant all the power to see,
    As at his name they bend the knee,
    The way to heaven!

  10. The Christmas Chime
    Poet: Grinnell Willis

    We hear, like those of olden time,
    The music of the Christmas Chime,
    Telling its story again and again,
    Of "Peace on earth, good will to men"—
    That beautiful story told so well
    By the sound of the joyous Christmas bell.

    It seems of Christmas-time a part.
    Finding an echo in every heart,
    And everywhere throughout the land
    Its tokens pass from hand to hand.
    So may we our voices raise
    With thankful hearts in songs of praise,
    As joyful as the merry chime
    That rings so clear at Christmas-time.

  11. Santa Claus
    Poet: Grinnell Willis

    We all love Santa Claus,
    A merry man is he,
    We'll shout our loud applause
    And greet him merrily.
    He has a heavy pack
    With Christmas gifts galore,
    He soon will come a-knocking,—
    A-knocking at the door.

    Many homes to-night
    Are waiting for his call.
    Their welcome will be warm and bright
    But ours is best of all.
    Hark! He's coming fast,
    Hear the sleigh-bells ring.
    Now he's here at last—

    Farewell, ring out the song.
    Sing with all your heart.
    Speed the parting guest along
    If he must depart.
    Let the echoes ring.
    Shout the loud applause.
    Sing with all your voices, sing,
    Good-bye to Santa Claus.

  12. Keep The Spirit
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

    Christmas is a time of joy
    Mainly for all the girls and boys
    Fun and laughter fills the day
    Merry Christmas as they say.

    Christmas is a celebration
    Full of love and conversation
    Family and friends gather with us
    Being all together is a big plus.

    Why can't this feeling of love be
    With us all year long, we are so happy
    Goodness and kindness we all share
    Showing others that we care.

    So when the New Year does arrive
    Keep the spirit of Christmas alive
    Show your love and kindness too
    To everyone and all you do.

  13. Christmas Everywhere
    Poet: Phillips Brooks

    Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight!
    Christmas in lands of the fir-tree and pine,
    Christmas in lands of the palm-tree and vine,
    Christmas where snow peaks stand solemn and white,
    Christmas where cornfields stand sunny and bright.
    Christmas where children are hopeful and gay,
    Christmas where old men are patient and gray,
    Christmas where peace, like a dove in his flight,
    Broods o're brave men in the thick of the fight;
    Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight!
    For the Christ-child who comes is the Master of all;
    No palace too great, no cottage too small.

  14. What It's All About
    by Julie Hebert, © 2015

    Once Halloween is finished,
    And sometimes even before,
    Red and green starts to show itself,
    In every single store!

    This overwhelming need
    To buy the perfect gift,
    Is put inside our minds,
    Even before the holiday shift.

    Have we as a society forgotten,
    What Christmas time is all about?
    Generosity and good will to others,
    Yes, most would say without a doubt.

    But what about our Lord Jesus,
    And the day our Savoir was born.
    It's time to remember the meaning,
    Christmas time should mean so much more

  15. How Thrice Welcome, Christmas
    Poet Unknown

    Now thrice welcome, Christmas,
    Which brings us good cheer,
    Minced pies and plum porridge,
    Good ale and strong beer;
    With pig, goose and capon,
    The best that may be.
    So well doth the weather
    And our stomachs agree.

    Observe how the chimneys
    Do smoke all about,
    The cooks are providing
    For dinner, no doubt;
    But those on whose tables
    No victuals appear,
    O may they keep Lent
    All the rest of the year.

    With holly and ivy
    So green and so gay,
    We deck up our houses
    As fresh as the day;
    With bay and rosemary
    And laurel complete;
    And every one now
    Is a king in conceit.

  16. Christmas Morning
    Poet: Mary Bissell Waterman

    The milk-white sheep looked up one night,
    And there stood an angel all in white.
    But though he spoke no word to them,
    They were there on the hills of Bethlehem,
    That very first Christmas morning.

    And the lowing cattle meekly stood.
    Near to a manager, rough and rude;
    Their manger, where upon softest hay,
    A wonderful, new born baby lay,
    That beautiful Christmas morning.

    Oh! Christmas day is the day for all,
    For the flocks in the field and the beasts in the stall;
    And the time will come, so the wise men say,
    When the wolf and the lamb together shall play,
    And a little child shall lead the way.
    The Child of the Christmas morning.

  17. The snow of years will fall on your hair, May the Christmas hope still glow, And you will be then as free from care, And light-hearted amid the snow.

  18. Heaven's Nearer
    Poet: C. C. Hassler

    The sunshine and the shadders 'pear to travel side by side,
    An' the clouds they come and vanish from our view;
    An' the joys and disappointments of this life we all divide,
    Sparin' none, at least I think so, now don't you?
    Still to watch the years that fleeting go a whizzin' by it seems
    Each time the holidays approachin' us are near.
    Heaven's jest a little nearer in our wakin' or our dreams
    On Christmas day than any in the year.

    All the year through life's a bustle an' a hustle that at best
    Keeps the old and young a strivin' to compete;
    In the business world, the office, or the school room there's no rest —
    It's a battle every day an' no retreat.
    But there comes a subtle suthin' callin' forth our joy an' mirth
    Sort o' melting down that makes it jest appear
    Heaven's jest a little nearer to this dear old wicked earth
    On Christmas day than any in the year.

    Jest to think of all the millions of the little hearts that day
    That are beatin' full of happiness an' joy,
    An' the million more who watch 'em even happier than they,
    As they grasp the precious dolly or the toy.
    Think of all the hearts made happy by the love that Christ has brought
    As it shines in hearts an' faces ever dear.
    Heaven's jest a leetle nearer in the palace or the cot
    On Christmas day than any in the year.

  19. Christmas Eve
    Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

    Ah, yes, another year with its rapid flight,
    With its promised pleasures that deceive.
    Another year with all its changes, great or slight,
    Brings us to Christmas eve.

    My mind is wandering far away, -
    May I not my dear Father grieve.
    To my mind there rushes a brighter day.
    Revived by Christmas eve.

    My mind is flighty, but my heart is true,
    Dear Father, I'll look to thee.
    For thou wilt kindly lead me through,
    And guide me o'er Life's treacherous sea.

  20. Christmas Outcasts
    Poet: Unknown

    Christ died for all; and on the hearts of all
    Who gladly decorate their cheerful homes
    At Christmas Tide, this blessed truth should fall,
    That they may mix some honey with the gall
    Of those to whom a Christmas never comes.

    The poor are everywhere in Nature's course,
    Yet they may still control some sweetened crumbs,
    No matter what they lack in hearts or purse;
    But there are those whose better fate is worse,
    To whom no day of Christmas ever comes.

    The man who wildly throws away his chance,
    An outcast from all cheerful hearts and homes,
    Who may not mingle where the happy dance,
    Nor gain from loving eyes one kindly glance,
    Is he to whom no Christmas ever comes.

    The man condemned in hidden ways to grope,
    At sight of whom each kindly voice is dumb,
    Or he whose life is shortened in its scope,
    Who waits for nothing but the hangman's rope,
    Is he to whom a Christmas cannot come.

    Christ died for all; he came to find the lost,
    Whether they bide in palaces or slums,
    No matter how their lines of life are crossed.
    And they who love him best will serve him most
    By helping those to whom no Christmas comes.

  21. Christmas
    Poet: Unknown

    The Christmas morn dawned softly,
    Upon a sleeping world.
    As mid the lowing cattle.
    They laid a baby Lord.

    The sweet and fragrant grasses
    Softened His bed that night.
    When in a lowly manger,
    There lay the Lord of Light.

    His mother Mary, happy
    In this, her newborh child,
    Sat in that lowly stable
    And sang, so soft and mild.

    How Joseph - watching o'er them -
    Did thrill to see the boy
    That slept within that manger,
    The world's long promised Joy.

    The day was filled with gladness,
    The air with music rang.
    As heaven's glad host assembled.
    Their praises to Him they sang.

  22. Frankincense
    Poet: Florentine Budwig

    They brought Him gifts,
    Gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
    Those Wise Men were
    The first who came to worship from afar.
    They loved the Child, and when they saw His star
    They followed it to Bethlehem. What are
    We bringing Him?

    They brought Him gifts,
    Have we no gifts to bring
    Our Lord and King?
    He came from heavenly- mansions to a stall;
    The Holy Babe of Bethlehem gave all.
    The best gifts we can proffer are but small
    Compared with His.

    He loves our gifts,
    Our hearts He longs to own.
    Let us enthrone
    The Lord within our hearts forevermore.
    And bring our love as frankincense before
    The Holy One whom all the saints adore
    This Christmas Day.

  23. Fear Not
    Poet: F. R. Havergal

    That was the first angelic word
    That the startled shepherds heard;
    Fear not! Beloved, it comes to you
    As a Christmas message most sweet and true.

    As true for you as it was for them
    In the lonely fields of Bethlehem;
    And as sweet today as it was that night
    When the glory dazzled their mortal sight.

  24. Counting The Days
    Poet: Unknown

    Counting the days till Christmas!
    Sweet days of tender care
    That loved ones may on the blessed morn
    Find longed for treasures fair.
    Thus dreaming, hoping and waiting,
    That holiest day draws near
    When "Peace on earth, good will to men",
    Ring out the joy-bells clear.

    ''Tis not the weight of jewel or plate
    Or the fondle of silk or fur;
    'Tis the spirit in which the gift is rich.
    As the gifts of the wise ones were:
    And we are not told whose gift was gold,
    Or whose was the gift of myrrh.

  25. Merry Christmas
    Poet: Unknown

    In the rush of the merry morning,
    When the red burns through the gray,
    And the wintry world lies waiting
    For the glory of the day;
    Then we hear a fitful rushing
    Just without upon the stair,
    See two white phantoms coming,
    Catch the gleam of sunny hair.

    Are they Christmas fairies stealing
    Rows of little socks to fill
    Are they angels floating hither
    With their message of good-will?
    What sweet spell are these elves weaving,
    As like larks they chirp and sing?
    Are these palms of peace from heaven
    That these lovely spirits bring?

    Rosy feet upon the threshold,
    Eager faces peeping through,
    With the first red ray of sunshine,
    Chanting cherubs come in view;
    Mistletoe and gleaming holly,
    Symbols of a blessed day,
    In their chubby hands they carry,
    Streaming all along the way.

    Well we know them, never weary
    Of this innocent surprise;
    Waiting, watching, listening always
    With full hearts and tender eyes,
    While our little household angels,
    White and golden in the sun,
    Greet us with the sweet old welcome,
    "Merry Christmas, every one!"

  26. Christmas, Merry Christmas
    Poet: Nina Moore Tiffany

    Christmas! Merry Christmas!
    We greet it,we greet it with glee.
    With laughter and singing,
    So joyful are we.

    It brings us full stockings
    Cramm’d down to the toe,
    And fine Christmas trees
    On whose boughs presents grow.

    But we know a reason
    Far better than these,
    For welcoming Christmas day;
    Listen now, please. Dear

    God sent a Christmas gift
    Long, long ago,
    To make people happy
    And better, we know.

    And so we, too, try
    As the day comes each year,
    To make our friends happy
    And sad hearts to cheer.

  27. Christmas A Happy Time
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    Sure, Christmas is a happy time
    In spite of wintry weather.
    For laugh, and song, and jest go round
    When dear friends meet together:
    And hearts are warm, and eyes beam bright.
    In the ruddy glow of Christmas night!

  28. A Christmas Carol
    Poet: Helen Ekin Starrett

    The snowflakes are falling,
    The frost's in the air,
    But Christmas is coming,
    And what do we care!
    Old Santa Claus knocking
    Perhaps we may hear;
    Hang up every stocking,
    Each child he holds dear.

    The joybells are ringing,
    For Christmas is near,
    To every one bringing,
    Its joy and its cheer,
    Kind Father in heaven,
    Oh! hear while we pray,
    And give to all people
    A glad Christmas day.

  29. Long Ago
    Poet: Kate Whiting Patch

    Long years ago in Bethlehem,
    The gentle mother mild
    Held close against her happy breast
    The little Christmas child;

    From heav'n the angels leaning sang
    Goodwill and peace on earth!
    And king and shepherd, side by side,
    Hail'd the dear Christ-child's birth.

    Ah, let the love which made that day
    So wondrous sweet and pure,
    Gladden and bless this Christmas tide,
    Alike for rich and poor.

    Then may we hear the angel song,
    Which He, the undefiled,
    Hear for His first sweet cradle song,
    The little Christmas child.

  30. Christmas Ballad
    Poet: Alexander R. Thompson

    The night our Saviour Christ was born,
    So ancient legends say,
    The bird that crows to call the morn,
    Crows every hour till day,
    As if he sought, with quivering throat,
    The world to waken wide,
    With thankful heart and hymn to note
    The holy Christmas-tide.

    How grew the legend, who can tell?
    But, one thing we may know,
    That nothing e’er before befell
    This weary world below,
    Like that same Christmas-gift of love,
    Of rarest, fairest worth,
    That came of old from heaven above
    To sinful men on earth.

    The night the King was born, the stars
    Shone down on Bethlehem,
    As jewels flash through golden bars
    From out a diadem,
    But suddenly their radiant fire
    Grew pale and dull and dim,
    When came from heaven an angel-choir,
    To sing a Christmas hymn.

    Such music never yet had rung
    On mortal ears till then,
    As rung when holy angels sung
    "Goodwill and peace to men."
    Such winsome glory never came
    Before on mortal eyes,
    As eame when they, with feet of flame,
    Came trooping down the skies.

    And if on that first Christmas-time,
    This lost world back to call
    To hope and God, in sweetest chime
    The bells of heaven rang all.
    Would it be strange, if echo sweet
    Of that transcendent strain
    Should run o’er earth with footsteps fleet,
    And answer back again?

    Sing, angels, never cease to sing,
    Ye first-born of the sky!
    Cry, every herald of the King,
    His glorious advent ery!
    But angel from the heaven above,
    Or herald of the morn,
    Could never sing the song of love
    As’ men: - that Christ is born.

  31. Christmas Day
    Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

    A day of respite, this;
    A day of purest bliss
    Wherein in love to plan
    Good-will to Man.

    A festival of Joys
    Wherein no thing annoys;
    A time of cheer and mirth.
    And Peace on Earth.

    A time for smiles and play,
    And yet withal a day
    For thoughtful deeds, and good,
    Of Brotherhood.

    A day for sunny rifts,
    A day for loving gifts;
    For Kindness bounteous
    God gave it us.

  32. Sacrifices
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Behind full many a gift there lies
    A splendid tale of sacrifice.

    On Christmas mom a mother's hand
    About a young girl's neck will place
    A trinket small, and she will stand
    With radiant smiles upon her face
    To see her daughter decked in gold,
    Nor will she think, nor will she care
    That she may suffer from the cold
    Because that bauble glistens there.

    A child will wake on Christmas Day
    And find his stocking filled with toys;
    The home will ring with laughter gay,
    That boy be glad as richer boys.
    And there a mother fond will sing
    A song of joy to hear his shout.
    Forgetting every needed thing
    That she will have to do without.

    A heart that's brimming o'er with love
    Will suffer gladly for a friend,
    And take no time in thinking of
    How much it can afford to spend.
    And suddenly on Christmas mom
    Will gladness beam from shining eyes,
    A gladness that alone was born
    Of someone's willing sacrifice.

    Let cynics scoff howe'er they will
    And say but fools such presents give,
    There'll be such sacrifices till
    All human love shall cease to live.
    'Twould be a dreary world of thrift.
    Of barren ways, and sunless skies,
    If no one ever gave a gift
    That was not born of sacrifice.

    The brightest gifts that us reward
    Are those the givers can't afford.

  33. Life Is But A River
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    O Life is but a river
    And in our childhood we,
    But a fair and running streamlet
    Adorned with flowers, see.

    But as we grow more earnest,
    The river grows more deep,
    And where we laughed in childhood.
    We, older, pause to weep.

    Each Christmas as it passes,
    Some change to us doth bring,
    Yet to our friends the closer,
    As time creeps on, we cling.

  34. Memories Of Christmas
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Memories of Christmas past
    Memories that always last
    Surround yourself with family and friends
    Share the love that Christmas sends.

    Memories of Christmas trees
    Children smiling full of glee
    Memories of houses full of lights
    That seem to shine ever so bright.

    But the most important memory of all
    Is the story shared that the apostles recalled
    The birth of a baby the angels also told
    That story never grows old.

    So all your memories keep in mind
    But if you look for Jesus you will find
    A peace that will be with you all year
    You can share with others so dear.

  35. It Is Christmas
    by Jack McCraw

    Some morning real soon I'll wake up and I'll say "Hooray! It's Christmas."
    Then I'll think about filling my tummy with candy, nuts, fruits, cake, chicken, and lots of other goodies.
    I'll think about my folks at home and I'll pray that they will have a real happy day too.
    Of course I'll think about the Lord Jesus being borned in the manger
    And how the host of angels sang on His birth- day.
    King Herod wanted to kill the pretty baby, but I am glad that he did not get that done.
    The Wise Men worshipped this little baby and the three men of Orient did also.
    We must worship Him too, because He is still our Lord and He wants us to love Him.
    I think about children in other lands who do not have a happy Christmas like we do in America.
    I like to sing the nice caroles that help to make Christmas gay.
    All these are what Christmas means to me.

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