21 Christmas Poems

A collection of Christmas Poems celebrate the season. Great to share and inspire friends and family. A short poem is a great thing to tuck into a Xmas card to send Christmas wishes and greetings.

We hope you find poems that inspire you to have a very Merry Christmas!

1. My Christmas Wish For You 2. Christmas Joy
3. Is There Really A Santa 4. Christmas Songs
5. Christmas Time Is 6. Christmas Card Poem
7. Easy Children's Christmas Poems 8. Christmas Joy
9. Joyful Yuletide 10. A Christmas Carol
11. At Christmas  

  1. Red, Green and Tinsel
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    So much to love about Christmas,
    Who could ever say they don't.
    Red and green everywhere,
    How Christmas is so well known.

    We love to see the houses,
    Decorated so festively.
    Tinsel so very shinny,
    Can't wait to see my Christmas tree.

    Can't forget the presents,
    Under the big colorful tree.
    Every year there's more than expected,
    I'm so lucky, that is me.

  2. What Christmas Is All About

  3. What Christmas Is All About
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    We have to go back to the basics,
    The day our Jesus was born.
    As this is the day that we celebrate,
    Our Savior was here in the morn.

    We teach our children that Christmas,
    Is trees, pageants and presents.
    But let us not forget,
    First, that Christmas is Jesus event!

  4. Christmas Bells Are Ringing
    Poet: C D. Bradlee

    Hark! the Christmas bells are ringing,
    And the angel-choirs are singing
    That Christ is born!
    And wrong is conquered by the right,
    A worjd is lifted into light,
    No more forlorn!

    All the earth was sad and dreary,
    And the human heart was weary,
    Till Christ did come!
    And then the darkness fled away,
    And holy love began its sway
    O'er hearth and home!

    All glory be to God on high,
    Let every mortal gladly cry,
    That Christ was given!
    May Christ grant all the power to see,
    As at his name they bend the knee,
    The way to heaven!

  5. The Christmas Chime
    Poet: Grinnell Willis

    We hear, like those of olden time,
    The music of the Christmas Chime,
    Telling its story again and again,
    Of "Peace on earth, good will to men"—
    That beautiful story told so well
    By the sound of the joyous Christmas bell.

    It seems of Christmas-time a part.
    Finding an echo in every heart,
    And everywhere throughout the land
    Its tokens pass from hand to hand.
    So may we our voices raise
    With thankful hearts in songs of praise,
    As joyful as the merry chime
    That rings so clear at Christmas-time.

  6. Santa Claus
    Poet: Grinnell Willis

    We all love Santa Claus,
    A merry man is he,
    We'll shout our loud applause
    And greet him merrily.
    He has a heavy pack
    With Christmas gifts galore,
    He soon will come a-knocking,—
    A-knocking at the door.

    Many homes to-night
    Are waiting for his call.
    Their welcome will be warm and bright
    But ours is best of all.
    Hark! He's coming fast,
    Hear the sleigh-bells ring.
    Now he's here at last—

    Farewell, ring out the song.
    Sing with all your heart.
    Speed the parting guest along
    If he must depart.
    Let the echoes ring.
    Shout the loud applause.
    Sing with all your voices, sing,
    Good-bye to Santa Claus.

  7. Keep The Spirit
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Christmas is a time of joy
    Mainly for all the girls and boys
    Fun and laughter fills the day
    Merry Christmas as they say.

    Christmas is a celebration
    Full of love and conversation
    Family and friends gather with us
    Being all together is a big plus.

    Why can't this feeling of love be
    With us all year long, we are so happy
    Goodness and kindness we all share
    Showing others that we care.

    So when the New Year does arrive
    Keep the spirit of Christmas alive
    Show your love and kindness too
    To everyone and all you do.

  8. Christmas Everywhere
    Poet: Phillips Brooks

    Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight!
    Christmas in lands of the fir-tree and pine,
    Christmas in lands of the palm-tree and vine,
    Christmas where snow peaks stand solemn and white,
    Christmas where cornfields stand sunny and bright.
    Christmas where children are hopeful and gay,
    Christmas where old men are patient and gray,
    Christmas where peace, like a dove in his flight,
    Broods o're brave men in the thick of the fight;
    Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight!
    For the Christ-child who comes is the Master of all;
    No palace too great, no cottage too small.

  9. What It's All About
    by Julie Hebert, 2015

    Once Halloween is finished,
    And sometimes even before,
    Red and green starts to show itself,
    In every single store!

    This overwhelming need
    To buy the perfect gift,
    Is put inside our minds,
    Even before the holiday shift.

    Have we as a society forgotten,
    What Christmas time is all about?
    Generosity and good will to others,
    Yes, most would say without a doubt.

    But what about our Lord Jesus,
    And the day our Savoir was born.
    It's time to remember the meaning,
    Christmas time should mean so much more

  10. How Thrice Welcome, Christmas
    Poet Unknown

    Now thrice welcome, Christmas,
    Which brings us good cheer,
    Minced pies and plum porridge,
    Good ale and strong beer;
    With pig, goose and capon,
    The best that may be.
    So well doth the weather
    And our stomachs agree.

    Observe how the chimneys
    Do smoke all about,
    The cooks are providing
    For dinner, no doubt;
    But those on whose tables
    No victuals appear,
    O may they keep Lent
    All the rest of the year.

    With holly and ivy
    So green and so gay,
    We deck up our houses
    As fresh as the day;
    With bay and rosemary
    And laurel complete;
    And every one now
    Is a king in conceit.

  11. Heaven's Nearer
    Poet: C. C. Hassler

    The sunshine and the shadders 'pear to travel side by side,
    An' the clouds they come and vanish from our view;
    An' the joys and disappointments of this life we all divide,
    Sparin' none, at least I think so, now don't you?
    Still to watch the years that fleeting go a whizzin' by it seems
    Each time the holidays approachin' us are near.
    Heaven's jest a leetle nearer in our wakin' or our dreams
    On Christmas day than any in the year.

    All the year through life's a bustle an' a hustle that at best
    Keeps the old and young a strivin' to compete;
    In the business world, the office, or the school room there's no rest —
    It's a battle every day an' no retreat.
    But there comes a subtle suthin' callin' forth our joy an' mirth
    Sort o' melting down that makes it jest appear
    Heaven's jest a leetle nearer to this dear old wicked earth
    On Christmas day than any in the year.

    Jest to think of all the millions of the little hearts that day
    That are beatin' full of happiness an' joy,
    An' the million more who watch 'em even happier than they,
    As they grasp the precious dolly or the toy.
    Think of all the hearts made happy by the love that Christ has wrought
    As it shines in hearts an' faces ever dear.
    Heaven's jest a leetle nearer in the palace or the cot
    On Christmas day than any in the year.

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