Christmas Children's Hearts

This poem by David V. Bush reminds us what a happy time of year Christmas is for so many of us. But he also reminds us of the children who may wake up to see that Santa did not come. The poem makes us realize the feelings of these children and hopefully will inspire us to open our hearts and our wallets to help those less fortunate.

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Christmas Children's Hearts
by David V. Bush

Of all the happy times of life,
Of all the happy times each year
Is the happy, happy, yule tide,
The merry, merry, Christmas cheer.
Of all the sad, sad days we know;
Of all the dread, dread times to see
For children’s hearts - can it be so -
A Christmas and no yule tree!

No Christmas tree, no presents bright.
No cheer or happy hum
When children of the poor all night
Wait Santa’s call. He does not come.
O then the sad, sad Christmas time;
The Christmas blight, the Christmas blight;
O little hearts a-bleed - what crime! -
When Santa did not come last night.

In the broad land, land of the brave;
The land of wealth and Christmas tree,
Is there no way, no way to save
The little hearts such misery?
We pause to think, to think - how sad! -
Of countless, countless homes
Where little hearts a-pang - how sad! -
For Santa did not come last night.

Can we condemn, condemn severe,
If hearts are hardened, not to thaw,
If little souls that know no cheer
Grow up to curse and break our law
When all around, good cheer! good cheer!
For them all gloom, not bright! not bright!
For them alone with life so drear
When Santa did not come last night?

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