10 David V. Bush Poems

David Van Bush was a poet and an author. His work has inspired many. We hope the poems we show are ones that will inspire and encourage you!

He published many poetry collections and authored many books on psychology. He also was a Reverend. He lived from 1882 to 1959.

David V. Bush
David V. Bush

  1. Some One Can Do It
    David V. Bush expresses the thoughts of many but the realities of some in this encouraging poem.

  2. Do Not Grumble
    We all face issues and challenging times in our lives. But, how do we handle them, do we look for the good or do we grumble?

  3. Be A Booster
    A great poem by David V. Bush to remind us to encourage or boost ourselves and other people.

  4. Opportunity
    There are opportunities all around us each and every day. But, do we seize the opportunities presented to us or, do we stay focused on our failures?

  5. Which Side Of The Bed
    Let this poem by David V. Bush remind you of the importance of facing each day with a smile and a positive outlook. A cute poem but one with wise words!

  6. My Regrets To The Man Who Gives Up
    The poet, David V. Bush expresses his feelings for those who don't stick to it, those who don't learn from a failure or a mistake and try again. But the poem also expresses encouragement that it is never to late to try again!

  7. Do Not Lose Your Pep
    Encouragement to never lose your pep, your enthusiasm or your determination. Even when faced with challenges and issues we need to remain positive and continue forging ahead.

  8. The Successful Man
    What makes a man or woman successful? Read this poem by David V. Bush for the answer.

  9. Do It Better
    Wise words from David V. Bush to help you discover how to get ahead. We often wonder how to get that promotion or how to be noticed at our work. This poem says it all.

  10. Determination
    When you have determination you are sure to succeed as you have a focus and are not willing to give up or give in. David Bush's poem expresses the thought of a determined person!

May Mr. Bush's poems be ones that inspire you, they are great to share with others that need a positive thought for their day!!

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