Some One Can Do It

A great poem to share with someone who says it can't be done. Too many people, according to David V. Bush, say it can't be done. However, the truth is quite different. The "I can" attitude is at the forefront of those type of people who do not use defeat as an all time excuse to give up. The thoughts of many who say it can't be done are clearly dashed to the wind but those who know reality can be quite different.

The encouragement of Bush's poem should be taken to heart by both sides of the equation of failure and success. To those who are mired in the defeatist syndrome, read on, adopt and get going forward. To those who have tasted success even though defeat has been part of the equation, take heart and keep moving beyond new obstacles and setbacks, and use your positive experiences to encourage those with whom you encounter in all walks of life.

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Some One Can Do It
by David V. Bush

When some one says, "It can't be done",
And squirms 'neath manhood's toiling;
Complains about ''No battles won" —
His speech with whimpers boiling;
Some other man with steady tread
Success attains — how was it?
Pursues his course with aching head;
Plods on and works and does it!

"It can't be done!" He strikes his pate
And rails against his station,
While off 'ring to the god of Fate
His daily weak oblation.
Yet other men whose lot in life
Was '"down"' from Fate's worst stacking,
Go on with plucky gain through strife.
And win without a backing!

When some one says, "It ain't no use —
I've had no hand that boosted;
My head's been thrust within a noose;
Ill luck on me has roosted" —
Some other man far lower down
On Fortune 's fateful ladder
Mounts on his way and wins the crown —
For ill luck none the sadder!

When some one says, "It can't be done",
Believe it not one minute;
For near at hand one's on the run
To see the prize and win it.
The baffled losers rub their eyes,
And idly cry '"How was it?"
But while they yearn to grasp the prize
Their next-door neighbor does it!

When some one says, It can't be done, Believe it not one minute

Analysis of Poem
The poem addresses the tendency for some individuals to dismiss challenges as insurmountable and resign themselves to failure, while others press forward with resolve and achieve success.

The poet contrasts two types of people: those who are stopped by obstacles and setbacks, and those who do not let obstacles stop them. Despite facing similar hardships and setbacks, the latter group perseveres with unwavering determination, ultimately achieving their goals.

The poem urges us not to be discouraged by naysayers or by our own doubts; always remember, where there's a will, there's a way, and success is within your reach if you do not give up.

Quotes from the poem, Some One Can Do It:

"When some one says, "It can't be done" ... Some other man with steady tread success attains - how was it?"
David V. Bush

I'm sure you've all heard stories of those few who have attained great victories in life. And, while many people may cry out in scorn that victory was simply a matter to which family one was born, the truth was that achievement had nothing at all to do with one's advantaged background. This is not to say, however, that there hasn't been nor will it be again, that some people have wisely used their wealth-laden heritage to go on to achieve even more success in business or statesmanship. The point is this: a person's background does not directly link to future failure or success.

"Pursues his course with aching head; plods on and works and does it!"
David V. Bush

It may be that some people might think that those who strive and finally reach their goal have never had any setbacks, mountains to climb, or obstacles that are as deep as mountain valleys. But, the truth is that this is not the case. There has never been a goal so easy to reach unless there have been obstacles or circumstances to overcome. Take, for example, an Olympic athlete. It isn't that an award winning athlete has simply had the necessary skill and stamina to end up on the podium of a winner. Professional athletes spend years and years of daily conditioning in order to acquire superb skills, the necessary bodily muscles and the breathing capacity to endure. Or, does one think that professional hockey players are simply there by sheer luck of the draw?

"Yet other men whose lot in life was '"down"' from Fate 's worst stacking, go on with plucky gain through strife."
David V. Bush

It only takes a few keystrokes on a computer in today's world to research those people whose biographies tell tales of being born into tough circumstances. The stories unfold to show that circumstances, no matter how destitute or difficult, do not guarantee a life of ongoing misery. From the depths of difficult and challenging times, can arise the most successful people. If you do not believe me, check out biographies of those who showed it can be done.

"Mounts on his way and wins the crown - for ill luck none the sadder!"
David V. Bush

Luck. There is such an unreal expectation about how lock seems to fall on others rather than oneself. Many years ago, the real truth was revealed. That truth is this: you make your own luck. In other words, it isn't that one person is lucky and the other is not. It i, instead, that one person sees, develops and carries through on opportunities. And, that same person seems solutions where another only sees a problem. Which type of person are you?

"When some one says, "It can't be done", believe it not one minute"
David V. Bush

The "I can't " attitude is strongly aligned to a defeatist. It is a mindset that never sees the glass half full but sees it as half empty. It is the type of person who only serves to drag you down to their depths of despair and never to build you up or encourage you. Who do you prefer to spend your time with?  We all have a purpose, a reason for being. If you have the attitude it can't be done, then that is what you will see happening - nothing!

"The baffled losers rub their eyes... but while they yearn to grasp the prize their next-door neighbor does it!"
David V. Bush

These verses accurately describe a person who always talks about what they are going to do but never does anything. Here is what they should embrace instead: less talk and more action. It is those who do it that achieve their goals.  And those who sit wishing and dreaming but never taking concrete steps to do anything, well, they don't achieve much!

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