Journey Of Life

Be encouraged by these poems about the journey of life. Wise words for reflection are found in the verses.

We can all use encouragement in our journey, let these poems inspire and motivate you to see the best in life!

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  1. Life's Voyages
    Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

    Then the varied seasons come and go,
    There's summer's sun and winter's snow;
    To some they bring akin to unbroken joy.
    To others, misfortunes that hope destroy;
    Some seem rushing headlong thro' the world.
    Grasping whate'er in their reach is hurl'd;
    Some, striving with neighbors to vie;
    And that's the way the years go by.
    Some are flitting blithely to and fro.
    Culling all the best as they go;
    Here the marriage bells are ringing.
    While lov'd friends bright gifts are bringing;
    There, not a mile, perchance, between.
    Behold a sad, contrasting scene!
    Death a fair, youthful mourner would crave,
    As she weeps over a new-made grave.

    While some life's voyage are just beginning.
    With hope of future joys winning,
    Others have swallowed the dregs of life's bitter cup.
    And would fain sit down not to rise up;
    Verily each day brings its joy or care,
    Its hours clouded, or its hours fair;
    Some gayly laugh while others sigh,
    And that's the way the years go by.

    a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

  2. Your Journey Through Life
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    Life can be wonderful and grand,
    It just takes a few helpful hands.
    A great attitude also helps,
    You must be your biggest fans.

    If you believe in you,
    There's not much you cannot do.
    Just be happy with what you have,
    And always stay true to you.

    We all can have our ups and downs,
    How you handle them that determines your frown.
    A frown can go either way,
    Facing down or up like a clown.

    Hoping life will treat you well,
    Although you can cast your own spell.
    Think of each day as one great ride,
    And you will always be so very swell!

  3. think of each day as one great ride

  4. Given That We Are
    John McLeod

    Given that we are so often guided
    Let not your heart be sad when cares pile pelf

    The road you tread was long ago decided
    The hurdles crossed placed surely by yourself

    A course of obstacles to test the spirit
    Refine the soul and cause the need to strive

    Towards the light of God that shines so brightly
    From which we came, and where we shall arrive

    At journey's end, and after Life's full growing
    The bread we cast shall be as was foretold

    A measure of the Love we gave in sowing
    Returning to enrich ten thousandfold!

  5. Go Through Life
    Poet: Minot J. Savage

    We go through life as
    Some tourists go through Europe, -
    So anxious to see the next sight,
    The next cathedral, the next picture,
    The next mountain peak,
    That we never stop to fill our sense
    With the beauty of the present one.

    Along all our pathways sweet flowers are blossoming,
    If we will only stop to pluck them and
    Smell their fragrance.

    In every meadow, birds are warbling,
    Calling to their mates, and
    Soaring into the blue,
    If we will only stop our grumbling
    Long enough to hear them.

  6. To Thine Own Self Be True
    Poet: Pakenham Beatty

    By thine own soul's law learn to live,
    And if men thwart thee take no heed,
    And if men hate thee have no care;
    Sing thou thy song and do thy deed
    Hope thou thy hope and pray thy prayer,
    And claim no crown they will not give,
    Nor bays they grudge thee for thy hair.

    Keep thou thy soul-sworn steadfast oath,
    And to thy heart be true thy heart;
    What thy soul teaches learn to know,
    And play out thine appointed part;
    And thou shalt reap as thou shalt sow,
    Nor helped nor hindered in thy growth,
    To thy full stature thou shalt grow.

    Fix on the future's goal thy face,
    And let thy feet be lured to stray
    Nowhither, but be swift to run,
    And nowhere tarry by the way,
    Until at last the end is won,
    And thou mayst look back from thy place
    And see thy long day's journey done.

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