13 Lillian E. Curtis Poems

Be inspired by these Lillian E. Curtis which are full of inspiration and encouragement. Lillian was born in Chicago during the mid 1800's.

Two of her books were published and have inspired people over the years. Her first book Forget-Me-Not was published in 1872. Her second book Patchwork, was published after her manuscript, The Casket, was destroyed in a fire in 1874.

We have selected poems from these two books which we hope you enjoy!

Lillian E. Curtis
Lillian E. Curtis

  1. They Say - When you hear people say, they say, it is usually gossip or second hand information. Lillian Curtis's poem is one that reminds us to question the truth of what is being said.

  2. To - To say goodbye is often hard to do, especially when we have experienced happy times with others. Let this poem by Lillian E. Curtis be one that you share with someone you have to say goodbye to.

  3. To My Cousin On His Birthday - If you have a cousin having a birthday you may want to adapt this poem for them. Rather than giving a gift give some wise words of wisdom as found in this poem.

  4. Never Despair - Having a bad day, facing issues or challenges, then read this poem by Lillian Curtis to encourage you to not give up or give in!

  5. To-morrow - A poem to remind us what we put off today will come back to haunt us tomorrow. Lillian Curtis's poem is one that we can all relate to at one time or another!

  6. The Bible - Let this poem, The Bible, by Lillian Curtis remind you that the greatest of the all words written will be found in the bible. Greater than any book ever written, its words have life.

  7. The Flower Garden - A poem by Lillian Curtis describes the flower garden and each flower that grows. Also, the verses express what happens when the garden is no longer tended to.

  8. Lend A Hand - We all face adversity at some point in our lives. Let this poem encourage you to lend a hand when the times are good, as you never know what tomorrow holds and a lending hand you may need.

  9. To My Mother On Her Birthday - A poem for mother on her birthday wishing happiness and wishes for many more to come.

  10. Judge Not - Lillian E. Curtis reminds us to not judge others by looks and she also reminds us we never know what our future may hold and we don't want people to judge us. She offers good advice in this inspiring poem!!

  11. Lines To The Old Year - A short poem to say good bye to the old year. Reflections about what the past year has brought and what it has taught. But saying good bye to last year is something we all do.

  12. Press On! - A Christian poem that will encourage you to press on when face with challenges and adversity. Lillian E. Curtis describes how we all face trials and adversity, but she encourages us not to give up as the reward is great!

  13. Think Of Me - A goodbye poem that reminds a person to think of me! Even though you cannot be with the other person, through life the happy and the sad times the poem reminds us not to forget the other person.

Share these poems with someone who may need an uplifting message for their day.

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