Think Of Me Poem

A goodbye poem that reminds a person to think of me! Even though you cannot be with the other person, through life the happy and the sad times the poem reminds us not to forget the other person. This poem is also one that could be used to express the wishes of a person who has passed.

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Think Of Me
Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

When round thee is lingering nothing but joy,
No vexation or aught to annoy.
Only gentle gales sweep o'er life's lea.
Oh, then think of me!

When life to thee is so exquisitely gay.
And joys come with each new-born day,
Howe'er excessive thy pleasure may be.
Oh, then think of me!

When friends and fortune are smiling.
And amusement thy leisure time is beguiling,
While only the blue of Fate's sky you see.
Oh, then think of me!

Though the deep gulf of miles loom high between,
Before you an eastern, before me a western, scene,
Ah, walk sometimes by the beach methinks I see,
And there think of me!

But when the hurricanes of life are dashing around.
And hail-storms of strife fall thick on the ground,
When looking out on Adversity's vast sea,
Oh, then think of me!

When storms of sorrow o'er thee are sailing,
And brightest of joys before thee are paling,
When friendships are fast receding from thee.
Oh, then think of me!

Where'er thy step in the future may glide.
Whether on land or on ocean tide.
Whether joys or sorrows dwell with thee.
Oh, think sometimes of me!

Think of me as one who will ever befriend,
And the warm hand of friendship ever will lend.
Whenever the smile of a friend you would see,
Oh, then think of me!

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The time has come that we must part,
And now dear cousin fare thee well;
I say it with a sad and aching heart,
And feelings that I cannot tell.

Au Revoir
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Farewell is hard to say,
Adieu is not much better,
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The pleasant little village,
Why do I love it so well?
Because it hath many charms for me
Charms that I cannot tell.

The pleasant little village,
Though why I can hardly tell;
I know 'tis very dear to me,
And there's none I love so well.

Yonder's the little grove,
Through which in days gone by
I've passed so many times,
Oh, how can I say good-bye?

Don't ask me why I love it,
For that I cannot tell,
But let me stay, I pray thee,
In the village I love so well.

And when my life is done,
And the hand of death shall fell;
Oh, bury me here, bury me here,
In the village I love so well.

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