Friendship Poems

A collection of friendship poems to share with those people with whom you have a closeness and an affection for. Friendship is a blessing and we hope you find reflections of this in the poetry we feature.

The relationship we have with our friends is a unique one; with our friends, we share excitement, trust, forgiveness, and joy. We experience happy times and unhappy times. But the one thing that is consistent with a friend is no matter what the situation they are there for you.

Over the years we have collected short poetry and many of our friends have given us great ones and in some cases written poems for us.

Fountain of Friendship

Poet: Hall L. Calhoun

Just a word of kindly greeting;
Just a thought of other's care;
Just a word of love repeating;
How it lifts the load that's there!

Just to know another's thinking;
Just to feel another's there;
Just to hope another's drinking;
At the fountain of friendship fair.

This it is that sets us feeling;
This it is that cheers the soul;
This it is that comes revealing,
What is friendship's real goal.

Let me then a kind word speak;
Let me cheer another's heart;
Let me joy for others seek
As in life I take my part.

Famous Friendship Poems
Friendship is a golden band
Linking life with life,
Heart to heart, and hand to hand,
Antidote to strife....
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True Friendship Poems
Your friendship means so much,
And this I must explain.
You helped me through tough times,
And I hope I've done the same....
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friendship poems to share with good friends

Poet: Leonora Milliken Boss

We often meet in walks of life.
Those who are strange of face;
But they oftimes in passing,
Have left the faintest trace

Of something we can hardly name,
But, still, must own it's there;
A something that in passing,
Has left our lives more fair.

And may there not, in meeting here,
Within this forest grand,
A friendship been cemented,
A friendship that will stand.

We meet, we part, we know not how,
Or when again we'll meet.
But there is, in forest friendship,
A something rare and sweet.

And may it be in after years,
These days you'll each recall,
And linger then with fondness
On the crowning scene of all.

The forest; with its stately trees,
So large and straight and grand,
A monument to friendship,
For in unity they stand.

Not a chord that is not vibrant
With harmony supreme;
Take them ever for your guidance.
Then you'll know what friendship means.

Friends Are Blessings
What really can I say,
About the two of us.
One day were strangers,
The next we were blessed....
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New Friends and Old Friends
Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
New-made friendships, like new wine,
Age will mellow and refine....
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Faithful Friends
I have a true love, and he's different,
Not like the loves of my friend.
He may be hairy and noisy, and sometimes a bit bouncy,
But I will love him until the bitter end....
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Around Your Heart
Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2018

Friendship curls around your heart and joy replaces gloom,
It gives your life a sense of peace and calm.
It soothes the troubled mind where anxiety has ruled,
It comforts like a soothing, healing balm.

The curtain of despair that has threatened to devour
The very peace you tried so hard to find,
That has put your life on pause and subjected you to pain,
And has claimed each corner of your troubled mind.

Seems less painful when it’s shared with a friend who knows your heart,
On whose shoulder you can shed your many tears.
Who will never reprimand and repeat what you have said,
Who will help to heal your hurts and deepest fears.

best friendship poems

Love Us Best
Poet: C. C. Hassler

We may breast the waves of sorrow
That sometimes run mountain high,
See the hopes, we fondly cherish
Droop, and wither, fade and die
We may yearn for love and sympathy
To cheer us, as we go.
With weary footsteps over
Paths where thorns and roses grow,
But there's always this assurance
Soothes an aching, tired breast.
Friends that God has chosen for us,
Always seem to love us best.

Tis the little cares and worries.
That in life go hand in hand,
And the little slights and troubles
That are hardest to withstand.
But the little streams of pleasure,
Dancing onward to the sea,
Make the life of all worth living
Even in adversity,
For the friendly hands that often
In our own are fondly pressed,
Made us sure that of all others,
They're the ones that love us best.

Tis the little deeds of kindness
That we show to others here,
That shall bear the richest fruitage
When the harvest shall appear.
For the gentle word of sympathy
That cheers us on the way.
Makes the path thro' life seem brighter.
Helps to drive the clouds away.
And when life's bright rays are fading,
Like the sunset in the west,
Friends we meet in birthday greetings,
Always seem to love us best.

Thank You Friend
Thanks my friend for always being there
It doesn't matter what you're doing or where.
I can always count on you
To pick me up when I am blue....
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Verses About Friendship
Making friends for the world to see,
let the people know you've got what you need.
With a friend at hand you can see the light.
If your friends are there then everything's alright....
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Welcome Friends
Welcome Friends, right gladly
So bright the love you bring,
For when I 'm feeling sadly
All alone, you put the spring...
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positive friendship poems

Inspirational Friendship Poems
When times get tough,
And you don't know what to do.
Remember your friends,
Who will stay true to you....
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Be Appreciative
Friend of my many years!
When the great silence falls, at last, on me.
Let me not leave, to pain and sadden thee,
A memory of tears....
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Friendship is a gift in life, treasure it! Friends new and old can influence and impact us in positive ways. We hope this poetry expresses your thoughts for your friends and that you will share them with your friends.

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