True Friendship Poems

These true friendship poems express the meaning of friendship and remind us that a true friend is one who is to be cherished. Let these short poems remind you of what it means to be in a true friendship.

As you read the verses and poems think of your friendships - who are the people in your life that have demonstrated the meaning of friendship. Then think of yourself do you measure up as a true friend?

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  1. True Friendship
    Poet: W. J. Slater

    Lovingly, sorrowing, oft do we sigh,
    When the shadows of life bring tears to the eye,
    For one whose friendship, like Moses of old,
    Was given in love, not bought with gold.

    Singing and dying, without any care,
    Friendship is like a bird in the air,
    It flutters and flies, in summer it comes,
    In winter is gone, leaves desolate homes.

    Like the flower that blooms in early spring,
    It fades away and leaves a sting
    In the heart of one, who just then
    Needs Friendship's hand, to help him win.

    Like the shooting star at early morn,
    As it flies through space, and is lost in gloom,
    Friendship is offered where none need its hand,
    Flies off at a tangent when its in demand.

    Like the sun in the heavens its dazzling light
    Is gone when the storm is at its height,
    Friendship is found in days that are bright
    But pales when clouded with want and blight.

    Like the moon in its path through a starry sky,
    It sinks away as morning draws nigh,
    Friendship is found where plenty reigns
    But lost when crossing poverty's plains.

    But while at times the sun is dim,
    The moon it pales, the stars not seen,
    God willed it so, and He commands
    That Friendship shall extend its hands.

  2. True Friend
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

    Your friendship means so much,
    And this I must explain.
    You helped me through tough times,
    And I hope I've done the same.

    You are there when I call,
    No matter what the reason.
    If I need you, you'd be right over,
    No matter what the season.

    A true friend indeed you are,
    Someone I can always trust.
    You listen to my whine's,
    And always have time to discuss.

    I hope you can say the same,
    That I've been a good friend to you.
    One thing is for sure, my friend,
    I'll always stay true to you.

  3. a true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down

  4. A True Friend Is One ...
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    A true friend is one who cares
    Friends like this are so rare
    No matter what happens to you
    They pick you up when you are blue.

    A true friend is one who shares
    No one else can compare
    They are always willing, always there
    They always give love and show care.

    A true friend is one indeed
    That want to see you succeed
    They help you up when you are down
    They make you laugh acting like a clown.

    A true friend is one who acts
    By their actions your life it does impact
    You never find them overreact
    They just stick to the facts.

    A true friend lends a helping hand
    They always listen and understand
    Give thanks for your true friend
    To them, appreciation do send!

  5. friendship poems

  6. The Obligation Of Friendship
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    You ought to be fine for the sake of the folks
    Who think you are fine.
    If others have faith in you doubly you're bound
    To stick to the line.
    It's not only on you that dishonor descends:
    You can't hurt yourself without hurting your friends.

    You ought to be true for the sake of the folks
    Who believe you are true.
    You never should stoop to a deed that your friends
    Think you wouldn't do.
    If you're false to yourself, be the blemish but small,
    You have injured your friends; you've been false to them all.

    For friendship, my boy, is a bond between men
    That is founded on truth:
    It believes in the best of the ones that it loves,
    Whether old man or youth;
    And the stern rule it lays down for me and for you
    Is to be what our friends think we are, through and through.

  7. A Friend
    Poet: Unknown

    He who befriends in time of need
    A true friend shall be called indeed;
    For then is man most sure to find
    Professions of his friends but wind.

    Untrue, they mock his sorry plight,
    And from his shadow take their flight,
    Alone, in doubt, despair, he sits.
    Till Heaven's blessing round him flits.

    A friend he finds when most in need,
    A heart that o'er his woe doth bleed;
    He, doubting, grasps the proffered hand
    And finds its strength meets each demand.

  8. Friendship Of The Good And True
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    You can buy, if you've got money, all you need to drink and eat,
    You can pay for bread and honey, and can keep your palate sweet.
    But when trouble comes to fret you, and when sorrow comes your way,
    For the gentle hand of friendship that you need you cannot pay.

    You can buy with gold and silver things you've got to have to wear,
    You can purchase all that's needful, when your skies are bright and fair;
    But when clouds begin to gather and when trouble rules the day
    Your money doesn't lure a friend worth while to come your way.

    For the hand that's warm and gripping and the heart's that tender, too.
    Are what all men living sigh for when they're sorrowful and blue.
    For there's nothing that's so soothing and so comforting right then
    As the gladly given friendship of a fellow's fellow men.

    A hand upon your shoulder and a whispered word of cheer
    Are the things that keep you going when your trouble time is here;
    And you'll hate the gold you've gathered and the buildings that you own
    If you have to bear your troubles and your sorrows all alone.

    If you've served a golden idol you will get as your reward
    All the luxuries of living that the coins of gold afford.
    But you'll be the poorest mortal and the saddest in the end
    When the clouds of trouble gather - and you're hungry for a friend.

    The friendship of the good and true
    Is more to me than gold, And while I welcome one that's new
    I'll treasure well the old; Old friends are like the goodly tree
    Whose leafy branches throw A grateful shelter over me
    When adverse winds may blow!

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