Friends Are Blessings

Those three words, friends are blessings, hold so much truth. Read these inspiring short poems that express how friends are truly a blessing in our lives.

The definition of blessings is "God's favor and protection."  And the meaning of friends is "people whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection." So when you say friends are blessings you could be saying that God has placed these people in your life.

Never take your friends for granted. Share these verses with your friends, let them know how you feel and how much you appreciate them. Brighten their day with a poem that will remind them how important they are to you!

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  1. I Have A Friend
    Poet: Frances Angermayer

    I have a friend! A friend who is true!
    A friend I can tell every sorrow to.
    I have a friend who stands by my side.
    A friend to whom all things I confide.

    I have a friend - one beyond compare!
    Oh, World, a loyal friend is rare.
    I have a friend who passed the test.
    I have a friend! - I am truly blessed.

  2. Roses Are Red
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue,
    How blessed I am
    To have a friend like you!

    Skies can be gray
    But I can say
    Friends like you
    Bring sunshine too!

  3. what a blessing friends are

  4. A Treasure
    Poet: Unknown

    Friendship like yours
    Is something dear
    Something to treasure
    Year after year

    Worth more than money
    Sweeter than honey
    Your friendship means
    So much to me!

  5. Blessed We Are
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

    What really can I say,
    About the two of us.
    One day were strangers,
    The next we were blessed.

    We've only been friends,
    For a very short time.
    But it's like we'd been friends,
    In some other lifetime.

    Right away we clicked,
    And best friends we quickly became.
    We had the same interests,
    Our husbands were also the same.

    How blessed could we be,
    To have found each other?
    I can tell you one thing,
    I wouldn't want any other.

  6. Friendship
    Poet: Lucy Barns

    What pleasures can friendship impart.
    What balm in its virtues we find,
    What transport it yields to the heart.
    What joy and content to the mind.

    The trav'ler fatigu'd and forlorn,
    Thro' deserts and wilds forc'd to stray,
    For friendship's endearments does mourn,
    To comfort his desolate way.

    When sickness and trouble appears.
    And grief like a shower descends,
    How soothing the pitying tears
    That flow from a loving kind friend.

    No mis'ry so sharp and severe,
    Bat friendship's sweet soothing can calm;
    Nor pleasure so great nor so rare,
    But friendship can heighten its charms.

  7. The Friend Who Just Stands
    Poet Unknown

    When trouble comes your soul to try,
    You love the friend who just "stands by."
    Perhaps there’s nothing he can do
    The thing is strictly up to you;
    For there are troubles all your own,
    And paths the soul must tread alone;
    Times when love cannot smooth the road
    Nor friendship lift the heavy load,

    But just to know you have a friend
    Who will "stand by" until the end,
    Whose sympathy through all endures,
    Whose warm handclasp is always yours
    It helps, someway, to pull you through,
    Although there’s nothing he can do.
    And so with fervent heart you cry,
    "God bless the friend who just 'stands by’!"

  8. Friends like you keep me from feeling blue.  You accept me, and always let me be me. Catherine Pulsifer

  9. Face Of A Friend
    Poet Unknown

    The face of a friend! How it shines in the darkness
    That often assails us! How preciously near
    It seems, when the trial of long, long denial
    Has made the sweet blessing unspeakably dear!

    The heart is consoled, and is lonely no longer,
    Its terrors and tremors are all at an end,
    And the way that was dreary becomes bright and cheery,
    Illumined at once by the face of a friend.

  10. Friends Like You
    Poet: Kate Summers

    With friends like you
    Who help in all I do
    I can feel only
    God's favor on me

    I have been blessed
    Because you are the best
    A friend indeed
    You always exceed!

    Blessings in my life are many
    Much to be thankful but if any
    You are at the top of my list
    I have to tell you, I can't resist.

  11. God Sends Us Blessings
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    God sends us blessings every day
    To help us as we travel life's highway.
    The many blessings in my life
    Cause me happiness not strife.

    One of the treasured blessings
    Is the people around us which create happy feelings
    And you, my friend truly are
    In my life a shining star.

    Friends are a blessing, that's so true
    What would my life be without you?
    Friends like you are far and few
    I thank God for the blessing of you

  12. Friends
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Most every day
    I find my way
    Made smoother,
    Brighter, by a friend;
    Some kindly word
    My heart has stirred
    And caused my
    Spirits to ascend.

    A handclasp here,
    A smile sincere,
    A kindly deed
    In friendship done
    Have made me feel
    That life is real
    And I have gladly
    Journeyed on.

    Where'er I turn
    'Tis but to learn
    The sweetness of
    The heart of man,
    For everywhere
    Are friends, I swear,
    Who smooth my path
    Where'er they can.

    There is no day
    Howe'er so gray
    But what some friend
    With cheerful voice
    Is glad to share
    My bit of care
    And give me
    Reason to rejoice.

  13. Faithful Friend
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    How sweet to have a faithful friend.
    In whom we can confide:
    To bless us if we act aright,
    And if we err to chide.
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