27 Birthday Blessings

A collection of short Birthday blessings to share with others to wish them blessings and a Happy Birthday. A special feeling comes over us all when we feel the blessing of God and the love of others. We hope you share these blessings with someone in your life who is celebrating another year.

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  1. A Brithday Blessing For You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    This birthday blessing is sent with love
    With prayers to God above
    That He would bless you with peace and joy
    And shine your light for all to see.

    May He guide your footsteps in the coming year
    And fill your heart with love and cheer.
    May the coming year be blessed
    We wish you much happiness.

  2. I Wish Thee
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    I wish thee every blessing
    That can attend thee here;
    And may each future birthday prove
    My wish to be sincere.

  3. Short Birthday Blessings

  4. On this day of your birth
    I pray for blessings for you
    I pray that your hopes and dreams
    In the coming year come true.

  5. To us, you are a blessing
    Sent to us from God above.
    And on this birthday we pray
    And thank God for you whom we love.

  6. Happy Birthday Poems Daughter
    Happy Birthday Poems Daughter

  7. The day you were born was truly a day
    That made us happy in every way.
    We wish you a Happy Birthday
    And may God bless you tomorrow and today.

  8. Happy Birthday to you.
    Many blessings in your life
    These are the wishes that we send.

  9. Birthday Poem For Friend
    Birthday Poem For Friend

  10. May sunshine be plenty,
    May clouds be few
    And may success be found
    In all you do.
    Happy Birthday.

  11. A blessing of happiness
    And a blessing of cheer
    Be with you today
    And throughout the coming year.

  12. A blessing for your Birthday
    A wish for the coming year
    A message of love we send to you
    Because we think your dear.

  13. May you feel His blessings On this special day. May the dear Lord above Give you happiness and love.

  14. You deserve only the best
    A day of fun and maybe some rest.
    May God bless you on this day
    Have a Happy Birthday, we say!!

  15. Today is a special day of the year
    A day to recognize and cheer.
    Many blessings are sent your way
    On this your Birthday.

  16. May God bless you by
    Protecting you on High.
    May He continue to watch over you
    And be with you in all you do.

  17. May your Birthday be blessed
    May this day be the best.
    May you blow out the candles
    And your age, just forget.

  18. Funny Birthday Poems
    Funny Birthday Poems

  19. May the blessing of family and friends
    Surround you this day.
    Cake, gifts, and well wishes they send.
    Bless you, on this special day.

  20. God sent us an angel when He sent you
    And now we pray a blessing for you.
    Remember God is looking down upon you
    And smiling as another birthday comes due.

  21. May you feel only happiness
    May your life be blessed.
    Always remember we love you
    Happy Birthday too.

  22. A precious gift you were sent from above
    We thank God for His gift and love.
    And blessings for you we pray
    On this your Birthday.

  23. Birthday Poems to My Son
    Birthday Poems to My Son

  24. To you a Happy Birthday
    Blessings for today
    May God shine His love
    On you from above.

  25. Another year has passed you by
    But look up to the sky
    Thank God for blessing in you
    Another year is good, that's so true.

  26. May this day be filled with joy and happiness May God bless the coming year. Happy Birthday
    Birthday Quotes

  27. Another year God has blessed you
    May His presence be felt and treasured.
    May this birthday be a happy one
    Full of love and lots of fun.

  28. God has walked with you each day
    And on this your birthday
    May He continue to bless you
    In all you say and all you do!

  29. May God bless you on this day,
    May He smile down upon you
    And may the coming year
    Be a blessed year too!

  30. New Years Blessings
    New Years Blessings

  31. May God be with you on this day
    May He bless you in every way.
    As we celebrate you today
    We sing and say hip hip hooray!

  32. Thinking of you on this your birthday
    Praying a blessing comes your way.
    May all the good that you do
    This year, may it come back to you

  33. You are a blessing to those around you
    May you feel the love that surrounds you.
    May the Lord look down from heaven above
    And continue to bless you with His love.

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We hope you have found a blessing to suit the birthday that you are celebrating! Sharing a birthday blessing with others puts a positive focus on the day!

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