8 Poems On Aging & Growing Older, Short Poems

8 Poems On Aging

Let these poems on aging and getting older inspire you to be thankful and encouraged every year you are alive. The poems may make you smile, but there is wisdom in the verses. Great reflections to think about if your age is getting you down! Life is too short to worry about your age, live every day and be happy!

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  1. Old Age
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

    One day you'll wake up,
    And feel an awful ache.
    It's then you'll realize you're candles,
    Won't fit upon your cake.

    It's an inevitable thing,
    That we all will get old.
    It's how we look at it,
    That will tell how life unfolds.

    Do you see it as good,
    From this point on life will be great?
    Or do you see it as bad,
    That soon you will be dead.

    If every time you cringe,
    When a birthday rolls around,
    You might as well sit back,
    And watch your life meltdown.

    You have to think of aging,
    As something more than that.
    With aging comes great wisdom,
    And that should be looked at!

    Aging mean's you've lived,
    And birthdays mean one more.
    Have a happy birthday,
    As there is still so much to explore.

  2. Measured Years
    Poet: Althea Randolph

    Age ne'er can rightly measured be,
    Nor thought of, even.
    Unless we count the days and years,
    As true love given!

  3. Will Not Grow Old
    Poet: Unknown

    It was an old distorted face
    An uncouth visage rough and wild,
    Yet from behind with laughing grace,
    Peeped the fresh beauty of a child.

    Behind gray hairs and furrowed brow
    And withered look that life puts on
    Each as he wears it, comes to know
    How the child hides and is not gone.

    For while the inexorable years
    To saddened features fit their mould.
    Beneath the work of time and tears
    Waits something that will not grow old.

  4. Evening Pastimes
    Poet: Alice Cary

    Sitting by my fire alone.
    When the winds are rough and cold,
    And I feel myself grow old
    Thinking of the summers flown.

    I have many a harmless art
    To beguile the tedious time:
    Sometimes reading some old rhyme
    I already know by heart;

    Sometimes singing over words
    Which in youth's dear day gone by
    Sounded sweet, so sweet that I
    Had no praises for the birds.

    Then, from off its secret shelf
    I from dust and moth remove
    The old garment of my love.
    In the which I wrap myself.

    And a little while am vain;
    But its rose hue will not bear
    The sad light of faded hair;
    So I fold it up again,

    More in patience than regret:
    Not a leaf the forest through
    But is sung and whispered to:
    I shall wear that garment yet.

  5. When We Are Old
    Poet: F. W. Sanderson

    When are we old? and how and where,
    When gray hairs steal in unaware?
    May it be known by signs of care,
    Or children's children here and there?

    'Tis by the heart the secret's told,
    'Tis by the smile we're young or old,
    'Tis as the life its joy shall hold,
    It is the laugh reveals the soul.

  6. Let Me But Live
    Poet: Henry VanDyke

    Let me but live my life from year to year,
    With forward face and unreluctant soul;
    Not hurrying to, nor turning from, the goal;
    Not mourning for the things that disappear
    In the dim past, nor holding back in fear
    From what the future veils; but with a whole
    And happy heart, that pays its toll
    To Youth and Age, and travels on with cheer.

    So let the way wind up the hill or down,
    O'er rough or smooth, the journey will be joy:
    Still seeking what I sought when but a boy,
    New friendship, high adventure, and a crown,
    My heart will keep the courage of the quest,
    And hope the road's last turn will be the best.

  7. aging mean's you've lived

  8. Long Ago
    Poet: Eugene Field

    I once knew all the birds that came
    And nested in our orchard trees;
    For every flower I had a name -
    My friends were woodchucks, toads and bees
    I knew where thrived in yonder glen
    What plants would soothe a stone-bruised toe -
    Oh, I was very learned then;
    But that was very long ago!

    I knew the spot upon the hill
    Where checkerberries could be found,
    I knew the rushes near the mill
    Where pickerel lay that weighed a pound!
    I knew the wood, - the very tree
    Where lived the poaching, saucy crow,
    And all the woods and crows knew me -
    But that was very long ago.

    And pining for the joys of youth,
    I tread the old familiar spot
    Only to learn this solemn truth:
    I have forgotten, am forgot.
    Yet here's this youngster at ray knee
    Knows all the things I used to know;
    To think I once was wise as he -
    But that was very long ago.

    I know it's folly to complain
    Of whatsoe'er the Fates decree;
    Yet were not wishes all in vain,
    I tell you what my wish should be:
    I'd wish to be a boy again,
    Back with the friends I used to know;
    For I was, oh! so happy then -
    But that was very long ago!

  9. Don't Be Sorrowful
    Poet: Unknown

    Ah! don't be sorrowful, darling,
    And don't be sorrowful, pray;
    Taking the year together, my dear,
    There isn't more night than day.
    'Tis rainy weather, my darling,
    Time's waves, they heavily run;
    But taking the year together, my dear,
    There isn't more cloud than sun.

    We're old folks now, companion,
    Our heads they are growing gray;
    But taking the year all round, my dear,
    You will always find the May.
    We've had our May, my darling,
    And our roses, long ago;
    And the time of the year is come, my dear,
    For the silent night and the snow.

    And God is God, my darling,
    Of night as well as of day,
    And we feel and know that we can go
    Wherever He leads the way.

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