11 Growing Old Poems

A collection of growing old poems to give you positive thoughts for the years passing by. People define growing old in many different ways. Sometimes we see younger people who are very old and sometimes we see older people who are very young. Let the verses in these poems give you thoughts to reflect upon about growing old!

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    This poem could be considered one which describes how others see us as we age, or it could be as we grow older it is how we see ourselves! Written many years ago, the poet Walter Learned is expressing his thoughts in these verses.
  1. Growing Old
    Poet: Walter Learned

    Sweet sixteen is shy and cold,
    Calls me "sir," and thinks me old;
    Hears in an embarrassed way
    All the compliments I pay;

    Finds my homage quite a bore,
    Will not smile on me, and more
    To her taste she finds the noise
    And the chat of callow boys.

    Not the lines around my eye,
    Deepening as the years go by;
    Not white hairs that strew my head,
    Nor my less elastic tread;

    Cares I find, nor joys I miss,
    Make me feel my years like this:
    Sweet sixteen is shy and cold,
    Calls me "sir," and thinks me old.

  2. Let Me Grow Lovely
    Poet: Karle Wilson Baker

    Let me grow lovely, growing old,
    So many fine things do:
    Laces, and ivory, and gold,
    And silks need not be new;
    And there is healing in old trees,
    Old streets a glamour hold;
    Why may not I, as well as these,
    Grow lovely, growing old?

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  4. Some Complain
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Some complain and some moan
    As the years pass by you hear them groan
    But age is all in your attitude
    And by the things you say and do.

    In life at every stage
    We can focus on our age
    But if age is put aside
    We can take it all in stride.

    Keep your attitude positive and bright
    Take each day and look for the light
    You see our attitude plays a big part
    Of whether we are young or just an old fart.

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  6. Old Is
    by Carew Papritz, from The Legacy Letters

    Old is old at any age.
    Old is when you quit asking questions about this, that, and everything.
    Old is when you forget how to love-or worse, don't care.
    Old is when you don't want to dance anymore.
    Old is when you don't want to learn anything new except how to be old.
    Old is when people tell you that you are old-and you believe them.

  7. Ups and Downs
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    Growing old has its ups and down
    You can smile or you can frown
    Like everything in life we find
    Challenges that come to mind.

    No matter what age you at
    You will always find that
    Life is truly what you make it
    It can be a downer or it can be a hit.

    Focus on the positive things
    That this age has to bring.
    Look forward with expectation and hope
    Just don't sit and mope!

  8. Meaning of Growing Old
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    What does growing old mean?
    Should you be sad or should you be keen?
    Does it mean life is a bore?
    Or does it mean you should open the door?

    No matter the age you find
    You can always be kind
    There is always a goal to achieve
    If you work and just believe

    Growing old can be the best
    It can be a time you feel blest
    You can help others too
    Give love to all and what you do

    Wisdom comes with age
    Unlike any other stage
    Share your knowledge with others
    Remember we are all brothers.

    So growing old depends on you
    How you see it and what you do
    Don't let others define the meaning
    Go forward full of living.

  9. Not So Bad
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Growing old is not so bad
    When I'm with you I am not sad
    Together we will always be
    In love and happy.

    We have seen many a change
    Some good, some strange.
    Together we have weathered them all
    Some big, some small.

    So as we grow old together
    We will face all kind of weather
    But together we will happy be
    Because of our love, you and me.

  10. How Fast The Years
    Poet: M. E. B.

    How fast the years are onward rollin;
    How long 'tis now since last we met;
    Yet time and absence have not power
    To make us dearest friends forget.

    Sweet dreams may fade, but in their places
    Will live sweet memories of the past;
    To cheer us when the days are weary.
    And lend their brightness to the last.

  11. wrinkles mean you laughed, grey hair means you cared and scars mean you lived!
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  12. Growing Old
    Poet: Marc Cook

    At six - I well remember when -
    I fancied all folks old at ten.

    But when I'd turned my first decade,
    Fifteen appeared more truly staid.

    But when the fifteenth round I'd run,
    I thought none old till twenty-one.

    Then oddly, when I'd reached that age,
    I held that thirty made folks sage.

    But when ray thirtieth year was told,
    I said: " At twoscore men grow old!"

    Yet twoscore came and found me thrifty,
    And so I drew the line at fifty.

    But when I reached that age, I swore
    None could be old until threescore!

    And here I am at sixty now,
    As young as when at six, I trow!

    'Tis true, my hair is somewhat gray,
    And that I use a cane, to-day;

    'Tis true these rogues about my knee
    Say "Grandpa!" when they speak to me;

    But, bless your soul, I'm young as when
    I thought all people old at ten!

    Perhaps a little wiser grown -
    Perhaps some old illusions flown;

    But wond'ing still, while years have rolled,
    When is it that a man grows old?

  13. Growing Old
    Poet: Rollin J. Wells

    A little more tired at close of day,
    A little less anxious to have our way,
    A little less ready to scold and blame,
    A little more care for a brother's name,
    And so, we are nearing the journey's end.
    Where time and eternity meet and blend.

    A little less care for bonds and gold,
    A little more zest in the days of old,
    A broader view and a saner mind.
    And a little more love for all mankind.
    And so, we are faring, adown the way
    That leads to the gates of a better day.

    A little more love for the friends of youths
    A little less zeal for established truth,
    A little more charity in our views,
    A little less thirst for the daily news.
    And so, we are folding our tents away,
    And passing in silence, at close of day.

    A little more leisure to sit and dream,
    A little more real the things unseen,
    A little nearer to those ahead.
    With visions of those long-loved and dead.
    And so, we are going where all must go.
    To the place the living may never know.

    A little more laughter, a few more tears.
    And we shall have told our increasing years
    The book is closed, and the prayers are said,
    And we are a part of the countless dead.
    Thrice happy, if then some soul can say,
    "I live, because he has passed my way."

  14. Not So!
    Poet: Bernard Barton

    "Old age is dark and unlovely." Ossian

    Oh, say not so! A bright old age is thine,
    Calm as the gentle light of summer eves,
    Ere twilight dim her dusky mantle weaves;
    Because to thee is given, in thy decline,
    A heart that does not thanklessly repine
    At aught of which the hand of God bereaves,
    Yet all he sends with gratitude receives.
    May such a quiet, thankful close be mine!
    And hence thy fireside chair appears to me
    A peaceful throne - which thou wert formed to fill;
    Thy children ministers who do thy will;
    And those grandchildren, sporting round thy knee,
    Thy little subjects, looking up to thee
    As one who claims their fond allegiance still.

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