10 Famous Birthday Poems

A collection of famous birthday poems that have been shared with many over the years. The words of a birthday greeting or birthday wish never go out of style. Many of these poems are classics but all have birthday wishes in them. We also offer a collection of birthday poems that you may want to share.

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  1. A Birthday Wish
    Poet: John Imrie

    Birthday greetings now I send,
    Full of gladness, love, and joy,
    May this year, my loving friend,
    Bring thee peace without alloy;
    Keep this token as a charm.
    Proof of Friendship ever dear,
    Fain would I shield thee from harm
    All this happy golden year!

  2. A birthday is a cause for  celebration and warm wishes.

  3. To Another Year
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    May joys unbounded
    Be for thee to-night,
    When thou'rt surrounded
    By the gay and bright.

    May music and song
    Commence thy new year,
    That thou may'st live long.
    Each fond heart to cheer.

  4. Once A Year
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

    Birthdays come but once a year
    A time for fun and lots of cheer
    For some, they fear the day
    They don't want to get old and gray.

    Your age truly matters not
    What matters is your thoughts
    Live each day and celebrate life
    Stay positive when faced with strife.

    So be happy to see your birthday arrive
    You have another year and you're alive
    Happy Birthday To You!

  5. Funny Birthday Poems
    Funny Birthday Poems

  6. Lulu's Birthday
    Poet: Mary Mapes Dodge

    Lulu's Birthday - very queer!
    Comes to her but once a year;
    Comes when Winter snows are falling,
    Comes when Ocean winds are squalling,
    Comes when Nature's quite appaling,
    Every thing so cold and drear.

    Lulu's Birthday - stranger still!
    Has to climb to her up hill;
    For the maiden is so knowing,
    That she spends her time in growing,
    Every year some change is showing,
    Growing head, and heart, and will.

    Lulu's Birthday - it is clear
    Likes to meet her every year;
    Likes to follow Lulu's scorning.
    So, with fairest flowers adorning
    All the home, we give it cheer.
    And with prayer and watchful loving,
    Though the little maid keep moving,
    And the time be cold and drear,
    Sure as comes the Birthday morning,
    We shall try to have her here.

  7. A New Year
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    How we look forward to the New Year
    The same should apply to your birthday
    Celebrations with friends who are dear
    Well wishes and love is sent your way.

    So celebrate another year
    Your birthday recognizes you
    Give a shout, give a cheer!
    There others who have had too few!

  8. celebrate another year Your birthday recognizes you

  9. A Birthday Rhyme
    Poet: Mary Mapes Dodge

    Tell me, O youth so straight and tall,
    So glad with eager thought!
    Have you seen of late a bouncing boy
    Brimful of merry sport?
    Brimful of merry sport is he,
    A lad of fifteen summers.
    With velvet lip still smooth and fair,
    But a fist that awes all comers.

    He used to laugh with unconcern
    Whene'er a school-girl met him.
    Unconscious quite what wondrous power
    She'd have in time to fret him.
    He only cared for "fellows " then.
    And ball, and "tag," and "shinny,"
    And thought a chap who brushed his hair
    Was just a fop or ninny.

    Somehow, I loved this bouncing boy,
    Because he was my own;
    I had him here a year ago.
    And don't know where he's flown.
    I don't know where he's flown, and yet
    Whenever you are near —
    It's very odd! — I'm reconciled,
    Because you grow so dear.

    You bear great likeness to my boy
    I think, and — strange the whim! —
    There's that in you which I have prayed
    Might come in time to him.
    Then if you'll stay, my dashing youth.
    And love me, like the other,
    I'll let him go, and, clasping you,
    Be still a happy mother.

    So hold me close, my bigger boy.
    My larger-hearted Harry,
    With broader shoulders, older head.
    And more of life to carry;
    Hold close, and whisper, heart to heart.
    Our Lord has blessed us truly.
    Since every year we love so well,
    And find it out so newly.

    With deepened joy and prayerful love
    All in the autumn's splendor,
    I hail you, boy of mine, and give
    A welcome proud and tender.
    'Tis grand to take the birthdays in.
    If, while the years we're counting,
    In heart and soul, in hope and aim.
    We steadily keep mounting.

  10. You may also find birthday quotes that you may want to share to celebrate the big day!

  11. "Aunt Susie's" Birthday Party
    Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

    The world's eternal course brings year on year —
    Summers of buoyant life, winters so bleak and sere;
    The thirty-eighth mile-post I'll pass today,
    But my blood is warm and my heart is gay;
    My five years' teaching of dear "Class Ten",
    Has made me happy and young again —
    Its twenty-six members — I'll carve each name
    In mem'ry's sacred Hall of Fame.

    Thus your "Aunt Susie's" heart is full today,
    It brims with love and joy, and now would pay
    A tribute to God, who gives all good —
    Our friends, our raiment and our food;
    So girls and boys, we've gathered here
    To take this feast and quaff this cheer —
    For innocent pleasure is ne'er amiss,
    And Saints need have no shame for this.

  12. A Poet's Birthday
    Poet: Helen Hunt Jackson

    All days are birthdays in the life.
    The blessed life that poets live.
    Songs keep their own sweet festivals,
    And are the gifts they come to give.
    The only triumph over Time,
    That Time permits, is his who sings;
    The poet Time himself defies
    By secret help of Time's own wings.

  13. Baby's Birthday
    Poet: Edgar J. Guest

    This is your day, little babe in my arms,
    Marking a year I have basked in your charms;
    Marking a year I have drawn from your eyes
    The light of my sun and the blue of my skies.
    Oho! Hip hooray!
    For this your day,
    So up to the ceiling and down for a kiss;
    So romp with your dad,
    For his old heart is glad,
    And he prays you'll have many more days just like this.

    This is your day, Laughing eyes, Ruby lips,
    A year has gone by - how fast the time slips!
    Since you came to cheer and to thrill with your art,
    To tug at my beard and the strings of my heart.
    Oho! Hip hooray!
    Yes, this is your day.
    One kiss for your mother and then two for me;
    And while we are playing,
    Your daddy is praying
    That many more birthdays with him you will see.

    A year old today! And to me now it seems
    That you've lived forever in all of my dreams.
    A year old today! And in that time, I swear,
    My heart you have captured and built your throne there.
    I'm telling you true,
    I've surrendered to you,
    This old heart of mine is your fortress for aye!
    And down through the years.
    Through the sunshine and tears,
    May you be as happy as I am today.

  14. To My Mother On Her Birthday
    by Lillian E. Curtis

    Mayst them to day dull care put away,
    And may happiness near thee hover,
    May a bright ray near thee stay,
    On this thy birthday, dear mother. . . .

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