A Birthday Greeting

Share this birthday greeting written by John Imrie with those celebrating another year. It is a reminder of how quickly time goes by and how we need to trust God the whole year through.

A Birthday Greeting
by John Imrie

Time is ever on the wing,
Fast our moments fly away;
Let us prize them, though they bring
Joy and sorrow mixed alway!
Had we joy alone, my friend,
We would seek no other sphere;
Did God only sorrow send,
We would wish the end was near!

God is wiser far than we,
And He knoweth what is best;
Let us in His wisdom see
That He seeks our faith to test!
May we live, as though this hour
 Were our last on earth to spend;
And, come sunshine, shade, or show'r,
God's best blessing will attend!

Let the years roll on apace.
Heaven is nearer than before;
Let us bravely trials face.
Waves break loudest near the shore!
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring,
All within one year are bound;
Let us through each season sing
Songs of praise the whole year round!

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