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Looking for a new year poem to share, then read these poems. Words about the New Year to inspire and encourage you. A new year can be a new beginning, filled with hopes, dreams, and goals. A time to look back on the past year, but also a time to look forward with hope and anticipation!

On To A New Year

Julie Hebert, © 2011

This is the year that things will change,
And last year will be just that.
We have learned from our mistakes and now look forward,
It's our year to be up to bat.

Money won’t be an issue as we will make more,
And all of our bills will get paid.
We will reframe from overspending and get a vacation,
And last year will start to fade.

Although those memories will start to fade,
We will never truly forget that year.
It was one of the hardest years we’ve had,
But this year will bring us great cheer.

So to the year that will bring us cheer,
We welcome this wonderful change.
And we hope and we pray for a year full of fun,
It will be up to us to arrange.

A Happy New-Year Party
Poet: Mary Helm

I awoke this morning
When the sun was shining bright
And looked out of my window
On a world all dressed white.

Every hill was frosted
Like a "happy birthday" cake,
The icing growing thicker
With each fluffy sifted flake.

The fence posts stood like candles
In each swirly, frosted holder;
A birthday party, I exclaimed,
The world is one year older.

I dressed myself and hurried
To the whitest, softest drift,
And made a jolly snowman
For the New Year's birthday gift!

Closing Of The Year
Poet Unknown

And now at the closing, I want to remind you,
Of the many good times you have left far behind you.
How the thoughts will come up as we meet here each year,
Of the many dear friends who no longer are here;

Not the good times alone this occasion endears.
But as we look back down the vista of years,
Loved faces we see through the mellowing haze
Of sweet retrospect, going back to the days

That friendship has hallowed, whose memory still
We cling to and cherish; the bright thoughts that thrill
Our hearts with a rapture we would not forego
For all that the future may hold: and we know

'Tis joy of past pleasures and friendships which gives
The charm that shall linger while memory lives.

Temperance Poem
Poet: Maria J Dodge

My friends, I stand before you
To ask a question plain, —
Has the year that's passed so quickly
Been a year of loss, or gain?

Have you lost fraternal feeling
For a sister or a brother?
Have you lost the art of healing
The sorrows of another?

Have you lost those precious jewels
Which we call the virtues three,
Which in our hearts we cherish, —
The gems of Faith, Hope, Charity?

Have you no Faith in friendship
Which binds our hearts together,
And makes our lives so sunny,
No matter what the weather?

Have you no Hope for future good,
No hope that times will brighten?
If each should do the best he could.
Some burden you might lighten.

Have you lost Charity, that greatest gift,
God-given to us all.
The charity that bids us help
All creatures great or small?

Again I ask the question.
And I make it very plain, —
Has the year that's passed so quickly
Been a year of loss, or gain?

Have you not gained one little thought
To help you on your way.
E'en though the path be strewn with thorns
What have you, friends, to say?

I think I hear you saying
That the year has not been lost.
Although you've been discouraged.
And sometimes tempest-tost;

You have not lost the feeling
Of fraternal brotherhood,
Nor e'en the art of healing,
And doing others good;

That our jewels have been cherished
Within your inmost heart;
That none of them have perished.
Then choose the better part,

And keep your Faith in all men.
When possible so to do.
And then you'll find that others' faith
Will stronger grow for you.

And Hope, sweet Hope, her light shall shine
Across your lonely way.
And warm within your heart shall glow
Her sweet and cheering ray.

And Charity, that gentle one
Who leads our hearts above.
And makes us all the happier
For cherishing her love.

Will cover over many a sin.
And many a heart shall soften,
So that at last we all may win
The right to heaven; and may we often

Pause, while on through life we hasten,
To think of others and to try
Some other hearts to lighten;
And with each other we shall vie

To make some heavy heart grow light,
And hope shine forth anew,
That others' paths may be more bright.
This work we have to do.

Again I ask you. Has this year
Been a year of loss, or gain;
If we've tried to banish some one's fear,
Or soothe a bed of pain?

God grant that, as the years roll on.
We all shall choose the right;
And all look down with sweet content
From heaven's eternal height!

New Year Verses

God keep and bless you on this special day
God watch over you this I always pray
God give you faith to see your dreams come true
And on this New Year may God bless you.
Catherine Pulsifer
New Year Quotes

Out with the old
In with the new
Cheers to the future
And all that we do
Author Unknown
Poems of Encouragement

May this year, my loving friend,
Bring thee peace without alloy ;
Keep this token as a charm.
Proof of Friendship ever dear,  
John Imrie
Friendship Poems

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas
and a prosperous and happy New Year.
We wish you many blessings to all.

Christmas Verses

Here's to the year that has gone
With its share of joy and sadness
And here's to the year to come
May it have a full measure of gladness
New Year Toast
Friendship Poems

A happy New Year! grant that I,
May bring no tear to any eye.
When this New Year in time shall end,
Let it be said I’ve played the friend,
Have lived and loved and laboured here,
And made of it a happy year.
Edgar Guest
Treasured Memories

So Happy Holidays to you,
And Happy New Year too.
I hope you are rewarded,
For everything you do.
Catherine Pulsifer, My Christmas Wish for You
Christmas Poems

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