50 New Year Poems

Looking for a new year poem to start your year on a positive note, then read these short poems. Verses and poetry about the New Year to inspire and encourage you.

A new year can be a new beginning, filled with hopes, dreams, and goals. A time to look back on the past year, but also a time to look forward with hope and anticipation! Share these poems with others to celebrate the occasion of the beginning of another year!

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  1. Good-bye, Old Year
    Poet: Lila R. Munro Tainter

    Good-bye, Old Year, the hours are swiftly flying;
    The night has come at last and thou art dying.
    Doth no repentance, no remorse assail thee,
    As far and wide the wintry winds bewail thee?
    Good-bye, good-bye.

    Good-bye, Old Year; thou hast been most unkindly
    To one who welcomed thee so fondly, blindly;
    Who gave thee largess as a royal guest;
    Whose trust thou didst betray with wild unrest.
    Good-bye, good-bye.

    Good-bye, Old Year who came in clouds of glory;
    Thy breath upon my locks has left them hoary;
    Thy lips were chill and filled me with alarms;
    My roses faded in thy clasping arms.
    Good-bye, good-bye.

    Good-bye, Old Year; thy cruel hand, relentless,
    Robbed memory of joy and made it Icentiess;
    The wine of love poured from a shattered glass,
    In blood-red drops upon a mound of grass.
    Good-bye, good-bye.

    Good-bye, Old Year. And now, since thou must leave me,
    Wouldst sue for pardon wherein thou didst grieve me?
    Restore sweet trust, make whole the broken heart,
    And from remembrance pluck the poisoned dart; -
    No answer - ruthless Year;
    Good-bye, good-bye.

  2. A Happy New Year to you, Life has bright days for thee in store
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  3. The New Year
    Poet: Unknown

    Snow-wrapped and holly-decked it comes,
    To richest and to poorest homes.
    Twelve jeweled months all set with days
    Of priceless opportunities.
    A silver moon, a golden sun,
    With diamond stars when day is done;
    Over all a sapphire sky
    Where pearly clouds go floating by.

  4. God Bless You
    Catherine Pulsifer

    God keep and bless you on this special day
    God watch over you this I always pray
    God give you faith to see your dreams come true
    And on this New Year may God bless you.

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  6. Enter The New Year
    by George L. Perin

    God of the years, our Heavenly Father,
    whatever the message of the old year may have been,
    whether of darkness or light, joy or sorrow,
    we stand this morning waiting expectantly
    and confidently for some message with glad tidings.

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  8. A New Year's Hymn
    Poet: Hezekiah Butterworth

    For us, Lord, the year has brought
    Its bloom and harvest glory;
    To us, through changing seasons, taught
    Thy truth, in Gospel story....

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  10. New Year In Christ
    Poet: Frances Ridley Havergal

    New mercies, new blessings, new light on the way;
    New courage, new hope, and new strength for each day;
    New wine in the chalice, new altars to raise;
    New fruits for thy Master, new garments of praise....

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  12. I Pack My Trunk
    Poet: Amos R. Wells

    What shall I pack up to carry
    From the old year to the new?
    I'll leave out the frets that harry,
    Thoughts unjust and doubts untrue.

    Angry words--ah, how I rue them!
    Selfish deeds and choices blind;
    Any one is welcome to them!
    I shall leave them all behind.

    Plans? the trunk would need be double.
    Hopes? they'd burst the stoutest lid.
    Sharp ambitions? last year's stubble!
    Take them, old year! Keep them hid!

    All my fears shall be forsaken,
    All my failures manifold;
    Nothing gloomy shall be taken
    To the new year from the old.

    But I'll pack the sweet remembrance
    Of dear Friendship's least delight;
    All my jokes--I'll carry them hence;
    All my store of fancies bright;

    My contentment--would 'twere greater!
    All the courage I possess;
    All my trust--there's not much weight there!
    All my faith, or more, or less;

    All my tasks; I'll not abandon
    One of these--nay pride, my health;
    Every trivial or grand one
    Is a noble mine of wealth.

    And I'll pack my choicest treasures:
    Smiles I've seen and praises heard,
    Memories of unselfish pleasures,
    Cheery looks, the kindly word.

    Ah, my riches silence cavil!
    To my rags I bid adieu!
    Like a Croesus I shall travel
    From the old year to the new!

  13. Same Old Love
    Poet Unknown

    Only the same old love, you know,
    I sent it to you long ago.
    Only the memories of old
    That never have grown changed or cold.

    No, I have nothing new: and yet
    I scarcely think I need regret
    That it is so, for you and I
    Have precious things from days gone by.

    And if good wishes, good can bring,
    Mine are with you in everything:
    So take the old love tried and true
    On from the old year to the new.

  14. So take the old love tried and true on from the old year to the new.

  15. Make It A New Year
    Poet: Frances M. Morton

    Make it a new year, Lord!
    Blot out the sins of the old -
    Make of its errors and sorrows and pain
    The breath of a tale that is told!

    Make it a new year, Lord!
    Send a new light on its days,
    Lift up the hearts of the sorrowing ones
    And lead us along in new ways!

    Make it a new year, Lord!
    Give us new visions of life;
    Wipe out the causes of conflicts and wars
    And make thou an end of all strife!

    Make it a new year, Lord!
    Set a new star in our sky;
    Lead us a long with a purpose that's strong,
    External, exalted, and high!

  16. On To A New Year
    Julie Hebert, © 2011

    This is the year that things will change,
    And last year will be just that.
    We have learned from our mistakes and now look forward,
    It's our year to be up to bat.

    Money won’t be an issue as we will make more,
    And all of our bills will get paid.
    We will reframe from overspending and get a vacation,
    And last year will start to fade.

    Although those memories will start to fade,
    We will never truly forget that year.
    It was one of the hardest years we’ve had,
    But this year will bring us great cheer.

    So to the year that will bring us cheer,
    We welcome this wonderful change.
    And we hope and we pray for a year full of fun,
    It will be up to us to arrange.

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  18. Our Old Acquaintance
    Poet: Grinnell Willis

    Our old acquaintance, thine and mine,
    Can never fade or cease to be.
    And all our days of "Auld Lang Syne"
    Are precious still to thee and me.

    I love to call them all to mind,
    Those years of long ago;
    Each one has round my heart entwined
    A tie that no one else can know.

    Oh! may the coming New Year send
    The best of all that's good and sweet,
    And love and happiness, dear friend,
    Unite to make thy life complete.

  19. A Happy New-Year Party
    Poet: Mary Helm

    I awoke this morning
    When the sun was shining bright
    And looked out of my window
    On a world all dressed white.

    Every hill was frosted
    Like a "happy birthday" cake,
    The icing growing thicker
    With each fluffy sifted flake.

    The fence posts stood like candles
    In each swirly, frosted holder;
    A birthday party, I exclaimed,
    The world is one year older.

    I dressed myself and hurried
    To the whitest, softest drift,
    And made a jolly snowman
    For the New Year's birthday gift!

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  21. Closing Of The Year
    Poet Unknown

    And now at the closing, I want to remind you,
    Of the many good times you have left far behind you.
    How the thoughts will come up as we meet here each year,
    Of the many dear friends who no longer are here;

    Not the good times alone this occasion endears.
    But as we look back down the vista of years,
    Loved faces we see through the mellowing haze
    Of sweet retrospect, going back to the days

    That friendship has hallowed, whose memory still
    We cling to and cherish; the bright thoughts that thrill
    Our hearts with a rapture we would not forego
    For all that the future may hold: and we know

    'Tis joy of past pleasures and friendships which gives
    The charm that shall linger while memory lives.

  22. If your attitude is positive and of good cheer The year can be one that is awesome!

  23. An Awesome Year
    Poet Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

    A new year, is it the end
    Or is it a new beginning
    Does our life just blend
    Or is it winning?

    As the new year starts
    A time of reflection is good
    Are we living with heart
    Are we doing what we should?

    So as the year begins
    We should set our goals
    And take action to win
    Don't be stopped by the potholes.

    Be determined to have a good year
    You will face challenges but you can overcome
    If your attitude is positive and of good cheer
    The year can be one that is awesome!

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  25. The New Year
    Poet: R. H. Stoddard

    New Year, if you were bringing Youth,
    As you are bringing Age,
    I would not have it back, in sooth;
    I have no strength to wage
    Lost battles over. Let them be,
    Bury your dead, O Memory!

    Good-by, since you are gone. Old Year,
    And my past life, good-by!
    I shed no tear upon your bier.
    For it is well to die.
    New Year, your worst will be my best-
    What can an old man want but rest?

  26. Teach Us
    Poet: Mrs, Craik

    O New- Year, teach us faith!
    The road of life is hard:
    When our feet bleed, and scourging winds us scath.
    Point thou to Him whose visage was more marred
    Than any man's, who saith,
    "Make straight paths for your feet," and, to the opprest,
    "Come to me, and I will give you rest."

    Yet hang some lamp-like hope
    Above this unknown way.
    Kind year, to give our spirits freer scope,
    And our hands strength to work while it is day.
    But if that way must slope
    Tombward, oh bring before our fading eyes
    The lamp of life, the hope that never dies!

  27. Another Year
    Poet: Frances R. Havergal

    Another year is dawning!
    Dear Master, let it be,
    In working or in waiting.
    Another year with thee.

    Another year of progress.
    Another year of praise;
    Another year of proving
    Thy presence "all the days."

    Another year is dawning!
    Dear Master, let it be.
    On earth, or else in heaven,
    Another year for thee.

  28. The Old Year Now Away
    Poet: Unknown

    The old year now away is fled,
    The new year it is entered,
    Then let us now our sins down-tread
    And joyfully all appear.
    Let's merry be this holiday,
    And let us now both sport and play,
    Hang sorrow, let's cast care away:
    God send you a happy New Year!

    And now with New-Year's gifts each friend
    Unto each other they do send;
    God grant we may all our lives amend,
    And that the truth may appear.
    Now like the snake cast off your skin
    Of evil thoughts and wicked sin,
    And to amend this New Year begin:
    God send us a happy New Year!

    And now let all the company
    In friendly manner all agree,
    For we are here welcome, all may see,
    Unto this jolly good cheer.
    I thank my master and my dame,
    The which are founders of the same;
    To eat, to drink now is no shame:
    God send us a merry New Year!

    Come, lads and lasses every one,
    Jack, Tom, Dick, Bessy, Mary, and Joan,
    Let's cut the meat up unto the bone,
    For welcome you need not fear;
    And here for good liquor we shall not lack,
    It will whet my brains and strengthen my back;
    This jolly good cheer it must go to wrack:
    God send us a merry New Year!

    Come, give's more liquor when I do call,
    I'll drink to each one in this hall;
    I hope that so loud I must not bawl,
    But unto me lend an ear;
    Good fortune to my master send,
    And to my dame which is our friend,
    Lord bless us all, and so I end:
    God send us a happy New Year!

  29. Out with the old In with the new Cheers to the future  And all that we do  Author Unknown

  30. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas
    and a prosperous and happy New Year.
    We wish you many blessings to all.

  31. Here's to the year that has gone
    With its share of joy and sadness
    And here's to the year to come
    May it have a full measure of gladness
    New Year Toast

  32. A happy New Year! grant that I,
    May bring no tear to any eye.
    When this New Year in time shall end,
    Let it be said I’ve played the friend,
    Have lived and loved and laboured here,
    And made of it a happy year.
    Edgar Guest

  33. So Happy Holidays to you, And Happy New Year too. I hope you are rewarded, For everything you do. Catherine Pulsifer

  34. Turning Over The New Leaf
    Poet: Unknown

    The year begins. I turn the leaf,
    All over writ with good resolves;
    Each to fulfill will be in chief
    My aim while earth its round revolves.
    How many a leaf I've turned before,
    And tried to make the record true;
    Each year a wreck on Time's dull shore
    Proved much I dared, but little knew.

    Ah, bright resolve! How high you bear
    The future's hopeful standard on;
    How brave you start; how poor you wear;
    How soon are hope and courage gone!
    You point to deeds of sacrifice,
    You shun the path of careless ease;
    Lentils and wooden shoes? Is this
    The fare a human soul to please?

    What wonder, then, if men do fall
    Where good is ever all austere;
    While vice is fair and pleasant all,
    And turns the leaf to lead the year?
    Yet still once more I turn the leaf,
    And mean to walk the better way;
    I struggle with old unbelief,
    And strive to reach the perfect day.

    Why should the road that leads to heaven
    Be all one reach of sterile sand?
    Why not, just here and there, be given
    A rose to deck the dreary land?
    But why repine? Others have trod,
    With sorer feet and heavier sins,
    Their painful pathway toward their God
    My pilgrimage anew begins.

    Failure and failure, hitherto,
    Has time inscribed upon my leaves;
    I've wandered many a harvest through
    And never yet have gathered sheaves;
    Yet once again the leaf I turn,
    Hope against hope for one success;
    One merit-mark at least to earn,
    One sunbeam in the wilderness.

  35. Faith, Hope and Love
    Poet: Unknown

    Out of the silent places
    The young year comes to light,
    Bringing new pain, new sadness.
    New care and new delight.
    Go forth to meet him bravely,
    The New Year all untried,
    The things the Old Year left with us -
    Faith, Hope, and Love - abide.

  36. Terraces
    by Ruby Dell Baughter

    I climb unconscious that I'm rising,
    Until I reach the top,
    And, as of yore, I then do see
    The Old Year curtain drop.

    I looked ahead, dipped, curved, uncertain-
    This journey in its prime,
    But soon I find the New Year road
    Another slope to climb.

    Each terrace gained, the curtain drops
    To hide the tedious miles I've trod ;
    The years are only terraces -
    Each one a little nearer God.

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  38. My Mottoes
    by E. A. R. Shepherd

    A little girl of eight years once asked me what a motto was.
    I told her it was a few helpful words, or a quotation from some
    great writer or poet, that we should renew every year, and
    when we are in sorrow or trouble, go to our motto, read it
    over, and we will be surprised at the help we receive from it.

    I have a motto for the new year. I have it printed in large
    letters and have hung it on the wall. It is this:
    "True greatness consists of being great in little things."

    The little duties that we have to meet every day, especially
    when it is the same thing over and over again, are sometimes
    very trying, and we think we are not doing anything very
    great or helpful, but it is these little things that are of the
    greatest help if done in the right way.

    One year I had this motto:
    "Mistakes are lessons of wisdom."
    If I made a mistake in anything I used to worry over
    it terribly, and by worrying I made worse mistakes.
    But since I've had this motto I never worry over past mistakes,
    but as I grow older I profit by them and look forward.

    Another motto I had and which is the last one I will mention
    was this 'To cultivate kindness is a great part of the business of life.
    "If we always showed kindness to everyone we should always be happy.
    The best way to overcome evil is to do good
    and to be kind to all about us. If we try to do that everybody
    will love us.

    Keep a motto for each year and see how helpful it will be.
    I am sure a motto has helped me greatly.

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  40. How To Be Happy This New Year
    Poet: Unknown

    To leave the old with a burst of song
    To recall the rights and forgive the wrong;
    To forgive the thing that binds you fast
    To the vain regrets of the year that’s past;

    To have the strength to let go your hold
    Of the non-worthwhile of the days grown old;
    To dare to go forth with a purpose true;
    To the unknown task of the year that’s new

    To help your brother along the road
    To do his work and lift his load;
    To add your gift to the world’s good cheer,
    Is to have and to give a Happy New Year.

  41. May the blessings of the old year follow in the new.
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  42. I Cannot Tell
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    I cannot tell what thou wilt bring to me,
    O strange New Year,
    But tho' thick darkness shrouds thy days and monthly
    I will not fear.
    Why should I fret my heart to know before
    What may befall?
    With this one thought content - I ask no more-
    God knows it all.

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  44. A Bright New Year
    Poet: Unknown

    Health and prosperity
    Your life to cheer,
    With every blessing
    For the bright New Year.

  45. New Year Greeting
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    Take, my friend, this heartfelt greeting,
    Happy be thy Christmas day.
    Faith, and hope, and love here meeting.
    Speed thee on thy New Year's way!

  46. The New Year
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    Behold, the New Year 'beckons, like a flower
    Hid in its roots among the untrodden hills:
    God show thee how its sweetness every hour
    Grows only as His breath thy spirit fills!

    Behold, the New Year beckons, like a star,
    A splendid mystery of the unfathomed skies:
    God guide thee through His mystic spaces far,
    Till all His stars as suns within thee rise!

    The New Year beckons. He too, beckoning, nears;
    Forget not thou that all its gifts are His!
    Take from His hand all blessings of the years,
    And of the blossoming, starred eternities!

  47. Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New
    Poet: Tennyson

    Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
    The flying cloud, the frosty light;
    The year is dying in the night;
    Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

    Ring out the old, ring in the new,
    Ring, happy bells, across the snow,
    The year is going, let him go;
    Ring out the false, ring in the true.

    Ring out the grief that saps the mind,
    For those that here we see no more;
    Ring out the feud of rich and poor,
    Ring in redress to all mankind.

    Ring out a slowly dying cause.
    And ancient forms of party strife;
    Ring in the nobler modes of life,
    With sweeter manners, purer laws

    Ring out the want, the care, the sin,
    The faithless coldness of the times;
    Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes,
    But ring the fuller minstrel in.

    Ring out false pride in place and blood,
    The civic slander and the spite;
    Ring in the love of truth and right.
    Ring in the common love of good.

    Ring in the valiant man and free.
    The larger heart, the kindlier hand;
    Ring out the darkness of the land.
    Ring in the Christ that is to be.

  48. A New Year Greeting
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    On this New Year's morning
    My wishes take their flight.
    And wing to thee a greeting
    That would make all things bright.

  49. The Old Year's Book
    Poet: Unknown

    Now close the book and lay it away -
    The Old Year's Book; we have read it through;
    Leaf after leaf, and day after day.
    We have turned the pages, both I and you.

    What it has told us full well we know;
    Each for himself the story has read;
    A bitter tragedy, full of woe -
    Alas! they found it who mourn their dead.

    And some have read of trial and pain,
    Of weary burdens, so hard to bear,
    Of bright hopes crushed, again and
    Turning its pages in blank despair.

    "A pleasant story," others may say,
    "Telling us more of joy than of pain;
    Almost sadly we lay it away -
    Would we might open and read it again!"

    And some have read it with love's own eyes,
    By the light that love alone can give.
    While the pages glowed with sweet surprise.
    And life were joy, and 'twere joy to live.

    But close the book - the story is old;
    Lay it away with a smile or a tear;
    Written in black, or written in gold,
    We open the book of another year.

  50. The Book Of The New Year
    Poet: Emily Bugbee Johnson

    The book of the new year is opened;
    Its pages are spotless and new;
    And so, as each leaflet is turning,
    Dear children, beware what you do!

    Let never a bad thought be cherished;
    Keep the tongue from a whisper of guile
    And see that your faces are windows,
    Through which a sweet spirit shall smile.

    And weave for your souls the fair garments
    Of honor and beauty and truth,
    Which will still with a glory enfold you
    When faded the spell of your youth.

    And now with the new book endeavor
    To write its white pages with care;
    Each day is a leaflet, remember,
    That is written, then turned — beware!

    And if on a page you discover
    At evening a blot or a scrawl,
    Kneel quickly and ask the dear Savior
    In mercy to cover it all.

    So when the strange book shall be finished,
    And clasped by the angel so tight,
    You may feel, though the work be imperfect
    You have earnestly tried for the right.

    And think how the years are the stairway
    On which you must climb to the skies;
    And strive that your standing be higher
    As each one away from you flies.

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  52. Another Year
    Poet: Frances Ridley Havergal

    Another year is dawning!
    Dear Master, let it be,
    In working or in waiting,
    Another year with thee;

    Another year of leaning
    Upon thy loving breast,
    Of ever-deepening trustfulness,
    Of quiet, happy rest;

    Another year of mercies,
    Of faithfulness and grace;
    Another year of gladness
    In the shining of thy face;

    Another year of progress;
    Another year of praise;
    Another year of proving
    Thy presence "all the days";

    Another year of service,
    Of witness for thy love;
    Another year of training
    For holier work above.

    Another year is dawning!
    Dear Master, let it be,
    On earth or else in heaven,
    Another year for thee

  53. The Closing Year
    Poet: Unknown

    How soon the year has passed away!
    How soon its race was run!
    And of the work I planned to do,
    How little has been done!
    I vowed to more of kindness show
    To those who were in need;
    To help the fallen, save the lost,
    And sow the precious seed;

    To soothe the sorrow, dry the tear,
    And others' burdens bear;
    To be more Christlike every day,
    And in his work to share;
    To live more pure in mind and thought,
    And evil habits shun;
    To be more careful of my words,
    And kind to every one.

    But as I look back o'er the past
    And view the things I've done,
    The very work I planned to do
    Has only been begun.
    On every side were open doors
    I might have entered in;
    On every hand were sinful hearts
    I had the power to win;

    On every side were saddened hearts
    And heads bowed down with woe,
    Where dearest joys had fled away
    To these I did not go;
    And when some hard and crushing blow
    The trusting heart had broken,
    A kindly word would heal the wound
    That word was never spoken.

    Shall I go on through all the years
    And all these duties shirk?
    Shall I presume upon His love
    And fail to do His work?
    Can I expect to wear a crown
    And join the blood-washed throng?
    Shall I, with saints and angels, join
    To sing redemption's song?

    No; I must bravely take my cross
    And do His work in love,
    Assured if I will do my part,
    I'll share his joy above.
    Lord, give to me thy grace divine,
    That through each coming day,
    My feet may ever keep the path
    That leads the upward way.

  54. Happy New Year To You May You Be Blessed In All You Do
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  55. A Year Untried
    Poet: E. M. Offord

    A year untried before me lies;
    What shall it bring of strange surprise?
    Or joy, or grief, I can not tell;
    But God, my Father, knoweth well.
    I make it no concern of mine,
    But leave it all with Love Divine.

    Be sickness mine, or rugged health;
    Come penury to me, or wealth;
    Though lonesome I must pass along,
    Or loving friends my way may throng,
    Upon my Father's Word I rest;
    Whatever shall be shall be best.

    No ill can come but he can cure;
    His Word doth all of good insure;
    He'll see me through the journey's length,
    For daily need give daily strength.
    'Tis thus I fortify my heart,
    And thus do fear and dread depart.

    The sun may shed no light by day,
    Nor stars at night illume my way;
    My soul shall still know no affright,
    Since God is all my life and light.
    Though all the earthly lamps grow dim.
    He walks in light who walks with him.

    O year untried! — thou hast for me
    Naught but my Father's eye can see:
    Nor canst thou bring me loss or gain,
    Or health or sickness, ease or pain,
    But welcome messenger shall prove
    From Him whose name to me is Love.

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  57. The New Year
    Poet: R. H. Stoddard

    New Year, if you were bringing Youth,
    As you are bringing Age,
    I would not have it back, in sooth;
    I have no strength to wage
    Lost battles over. Let them be,
    Bury your dead, O Memory!

    Good-by, since you are gone. Old Year,
    And my past life, good-by!
    I shed no tear upon your bier.
    For it is well to die.
    New Year, your worst will be my best —
    What can an old man want but rest?

  58. The Years
    Poet: C. F. Bates

    The years have linings just as goblets do:
    The old year is the lining of the new;
    Filled with the wine of precious memories.
    The golden was doth line the silver is.

  59. Farewell To The Old Year
    Poet: Bryant

    Stay yet, my friends, a moment stay,
    Stay, for the good old year,
    So long companion of our way,
    Shakes hands, and leaves us here.
    Even while we sing he smiles his last.
    And leaves our sphere behind.
    The good old year is with the past:
    Oh, be the new as kind!

  60. Of All The Gifts....
    Poet: Bertha E. Jaques

    Of all the gifts that come to cheer,
    The best one is a brand New Year.
    Snow-wrapped and holly-decked it comes
    To richest and to poorest homes.

    Twelve jeweled Months all set with Days
    Of priceless Opportunities.
    A silver Moon and a golden Sun,
    With diamond Stars when the day is done;

    And over all a sapphire sky,
    Where pearly clouds go floating by.
    Joy to You for the Year that brings
    So many and such precious Things.

  61. New Time
    Poet: William Olney

    Time is a treasure;
    How shall we use it?
    We can make useful,
    Or can abuse it!
    Only the Giver
    Can make our hearts wise,
    Teaching us daily
    The New Time to prize.

    Time is a treasure,
    So view it, my soul!
    Keep all its spending
    'Neath watchful control;
    Employ each moment
    In God's holy fear,
    And He will ensure thee
    A Happy New Year.

  62. Year End Poem
    Year End Poem

  63. New Year Together
    Poet: Rembrandt Peale

    "O don't be sorrowful, darling!
    Now don't be sorrowful, pray;
    For taking the year together, my dear,
    There isn't more night than day.
    It's rainy weather, my loved one;
    Time's wheels they heavily run;
    But taking the year together, my dear,
    There isn't more cloud than sun."

  64. Let Bygones be Bygones
    Poet: Finley Johnson

    Forget! for why remember
    The wrongs of yesterday?
    Perchance kind words were spoken
    To heal the breach today;
    Then let the past forever be
    A blank leaf in thy memory.

    Forget the Old Year's failings,
    The New will have its share;
    Each one will find that haply
    He hath enough to bear
    Without the memory of the wrong
    That to the Old Year doth belong.

    "Let bygones be bygones" - for why
    Should thoughts that gender strife
    Be nourished in the bosoms
    That but embitter life?
    And fill this world, that else, were fair,
    With scenes of sorrow, strife, and care?

    Forgive! for why should we withhold
    The blessings that we need,
    Or let an erring brother
    In vain for mercy plead?
    Oh! cold must be the hearts, and rare,
    That could reject the suppliant prayer.

    Forgive! for Time's swift pinions
    Are bearing us along,
    And few may be our moments
    To do or suffer wrong;
    Then let us, while the power is given,
    Forgive, as we would be forgiven!

  65. A New Year's Rainbow
    Poet: James Stanley Gilbert

    It rose this morning out of the sea.
    Just as the sun was peeping.
    With glances bright at the distant night
    That still in the West was sleeping.
    The rain that in the sombre dawn
    Like tears from the clouds was falling
    Had passed away while the god of day
    The darkness was enthralling.

    And it said, "Faint heart, take cheer! Take cheer,
    And behold the sign and token
    I bring to thee from over the sea.
    Of the promise never broken!
    The grief I follow shall ne'er return:
    Oh, list to my joyous message!
    Dost thou not know that my gleaming bow
    Of a glad New Year is presage?"

  66. Peace Be Around
    Poet: Thomas Moore

    Peace be around thee, wherever thou rovest;
    May life be for thee one summer’s day;
    And all that thou wish, and all that thou lovest,
    Come smiling around thy summer way.

    If sorrow e’er this calm should break.
    May even thy tears pass off so lightly,
    Like spring showers, they will only make
    The smiles that follow shine more brightly.

  67. new year love poems
    New Year Love Poems

  68. A Bright New Year
    Poet: Unknown

    For friends we strive to pierce
    The future, dense and dark,
    But not a ray of light
    We see, nor faintest spark;
    But yet while we have faith to cheer,
    We trusting wish "A bright New Year."

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