6 New Year New Beginnings Poems

When we think of a new year we also think of new beginnings. Let these poems give you words to reflect on as you start a brand new year.

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  1. A New Year Begins
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As the clock strikes midnight, a new year begins,
    A fresh start, a chance to shed old skins.
    Eyes gleaming with hope and hearts full of fire,
    We look ahead with anticipation and desire.
    Opportunities abound, ready for our taking,
    In this new year, there's no limit to the making.

  2. A New Year Dawns
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A new year dawns, a clean slate to embrace,
    Fresh dreams to chase and challenges to face,
    Opportunities beckon, whispers of hope,
    Our focus is positive, which helps us cope.

    Let's seize the moment, with joy in our heart,
    Embrace the new beginning, ready to impart
    Excitement and passion for all that's in store,
    A fresh start to cherish and explore.

  3. A New Year Is A New Beginning
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A new year is a new beginning,
    365 days lay ahead
    You can look forward
    Or be full of dread.

    The start of the year is
    A time to start new
    A time to set goals
    To make your dreams come true.

  4. Poems about New Beginnings
    Poems About New Beginnings

    An optimistic poem about the new year that reflects on the years past but looks forward to the years to come. The Poet reminds us that each year the world is improving and we must look forward with hope and optimism. She also encourages us to leave the past behind and not live in regret.

  5. New Year
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox 

    As the old year sinks down in Time's ocean,
    Stand ready to launch with the new,
    And waste no regrets, no emotion,
    As the masts and the spars pass from view.
    Weep not if some treasures go under,
    And sink in the rotten ship's hold,
    That blithe bonny barque sailing yonder
    May bring you more wealth than the old.

    For the world is for ever improving,
    All the past is not worth one to-day,
    And whatever deserves our true loving,
    Is stronger than death or decay.
    Old love, was it wasted devotion?
    Old friends, were they weak or untrue?
    Well, let them sink there in mid-ocean,
    And gaily sail on to the new.

    Throw overboard toil misdirected,
    Throw overboard ill-advised hope,
    With aims which, your soul has detected,
    Have self as their centre and scope.
    Throw overboard useless regretting
    For deeds which you cannot undo,
    And learn the great art of forgetting
    Old things which embitter the new.

    Sing who will of dead years departed,
    I shroud them and bid them adieu,
    And the song that I sing, happy-hearted,
    Is a song of the glorious new.

  6. Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings. Jonathan Huieh Happy New Year
    New Year Quotes

  7. Old Year To The New
    Poet: Unknown

    But I'll pack the sweet remembrance
    Of dear Friendship's least delight;
    All my jokes - I'll carry them hence;
    All my store of fancies bright;

    My contentment - would 'twere greater!
    All the courage I possess;
    All my trust - there's not much weight there!
    All my faith, or more, or less;

    All my tasks! I'll not abandon
    One of these, my pride, my health;
    Every trivial or grand one
    Is a noble mine of wealth.

    And I'll pack my choicest treasures.
    Smiles I've seen and praises heard,
    Memories of unselfish pleasures,
    Cheery looks, the kindly word.

    Ah, my riches silence cavil!
    To my rags I bid adieu!
    Like a Croesus I shall travel
    From the old year to the new!

  8. New Year Arise
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    I saw on the hills of the morning,
    The form of the New Year arise,
    He stood like a statue adorning
    The world with a background of skies.
    There were courage and grace in his beautiful face,
    And hope in his glorious eyes.

    "I come from Time's boundless forever,"
    He said, with a voice like a song.
    "I come as a friend to endeavor,
    I come as a foe to all wrong.
    To the sad and afraid I bring promise of aid,
    And the weak I will gird and make strong.

    "I bring you more blessings than terrors,
    I bring you more sunlight than gloom,
    I tear out your page of old errors,
    And hide them away in Time's tomb.
    I reach you clean hands, and lead on to the lands
    Where the lilies of peace are in bloom."

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