New Year's Resolutions Poems

Each new year many of us make resolutions for the upcoming year. Something we want to change or we want to do is seen in these resolutions. Let these poems give you some thoughts on the new year and resolutions.

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  1. What Resolution
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    What New Year resolution shall I make?
    Should it be to cook and bake?
    Maybe more money I will see
    Or maybe happy I will be.

    What changes in my life do I need?
    Are there things I should heed?
    Reflection of the past year tells me
    Improvement in myself is always the key.

  2. New Year New Beginnings Poems
    New Year New Beginnings Poems

  3. New Year’s
    Poet: Catherine Baker

    Shake hands, old year, a swift goodbye to you,
    Life must go on, let’s not hold to the past,
    Delay makes no advance for any child
    Playing too long beside home’s door -goodbye.

    Good day, new year. Show me new entrances
    To life’s wide wonderlands, teach me new skills,
    Let me not shun the new faces you will bring,
    In every stranger may I see a friend.

    O Thou whose strength is given anew each day,
    I thank Thee for this future untried year—
    Its joys shall send me singing up the path,
    Its grief and pain will make me lean on thee.

    The unfamiliar year that lies ahead
    Will soon be part of all the cherished old.

  4. New Year Blessings
    New Years Blessings

  5. Sounds Good
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Resolutions sound so good
    A word or a thing to do is shrewd
    But just to say it does nothing
    Voicing it is not a thing.

    If I want my resolution to come true
    I must develop a plan through
    Setting goals and action plans
    Throughout the year it will span.

    Otherwise in a month or two
    The resolution I will not do.
    You need to write it down
    And stick to it with no frowns.

    Focus on your end goal
    How you will feel in your soul
    When your goal is complete
    The resolution you will keep.

  6. 	 The new year gives us hope but it is up to us to live our life to the fullest and not stay stuck in last year's mistakes or regrets.
    New Year Quotes

    "Resolve" is a poem that focuses on the end of a year and the beginning of the next.
    The message is to resolve past year's mistakes and regrets and to look forward to the New Year with the expectation of moving towards your dreams and goals.

  7. Resolve
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    As the dead year is clasped by a dead December,
    So let your dead sins with your dead days lie.
    A new life is yours, and a new hope. Remember,
    We build our own ladders to climb to the sky.
    Stand out in the sunlight of Promise, forgetting
    Whatever the Past held of sorrow or wrong.
    We waste half our strength in a useless regretting;
    We sit by old tombs in the dark too long.

    Have you missed in your aim? Well, the mark is still shining.
    Did you faint in the race? Well, take breath for the next.
    Did the clouds drive you back? But see yonder their lining.
    Were you tempted and fell? Let it serve for a text,
    As each year hurries by let it join that procession
    Of skeleton shapes that march down to the Past,
    While you take your place in the line of Progression,
    With your eyes on the heavens, your face to the blast.

    I tell you the future can hold no terrors
    For any sad soul while the stars revolve,
    If he will stand firm on the grave of his errors,
    And instead of regretting, resolve, resolve.
    It is never too late to begin rebuilding,
    Though all into ruins your life seems hurled,
    For see how the light of the New Year is gilding
    The wan, worn face of the bruised old world.

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