7 Ella Wheeler Wilcox Poems

Let these Ella Wheeler Wilcox poems give you positive and uplifting thoughts about many different aspects of life. Ella's writings were optimistic and encouraging. Her poetry has impacted many a person's life. One of her more famous poems, Solitude, is a true example of her positive thoughts.

She was born in Wisconsin, US on November 5th, 1850, she died on October 30th, 1919. But her poems live on today. Be inspired and encouraged by her words!

Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  1. Solitude
    The first two lines from this poem, "Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone" are still often quoted today. An encouraging and positive poem that reminds us to keep a positive outlook on life. As we all have troubles in life but our attitude and how we view things will determine how we face any challenge.

  2. Show Me The Way
    An inspiring prayer asking for direction in life. A short prayer by Ella Wheeler Wilcox asking for the way to go no matter what challenges or upset she experiences during her journey of life.

  3. You Can Never Tell
    Let this inspirational poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox be one that inspires you to think about the words you say, the actions you take, and the thoughts. Words, actions, and thoughts all can have either a positive or negative impact on our own lives and the lives of those around you.

  4. Impatience
    A love poem about being impatient waiting for the person you love to come. Ella Wheeler Wilcox expresses feelings that one has when we are waiting for and wishing for that special person.

  5. Life Is Too Short For
    A poem that states life is too short for regrets, tears, bitterness, but that life should be full of love.

  6. Whatever Is — Is Best
    A great Christian poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox which discusses as we get older we realize that God has a plan and when we learn to trust that plan life becomes easier.

  7. Old And New
    Ella Wheeler Wilcox writes about old and new in this inspiring poem. She discusses friendships and loves of life.

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