12 Poems About Helping Others

May these short poems about helping others inspire you to lend a hand whenever possible. The world needs more helping hands. And you never know when it is that you may need a helping hand; things can change in a split second, things that are out of our control.

Many hands make light work is a saying my Grandmother use to quote to us. And how true that is. We hope these poems encourage you to lend a helping hand and also accept a helping hand!

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  1. Helping Hand
    Poet Unknown

    There's never a trouble that comes to stay;
    There's never a grievance but fades away;
    Forget the heart-ache and bravely lend
    A helping hand to some sadder friend.

  2. Small Things
    by Richard Monckton Milnes

    A sense of an earnest will
    To help the lowly-living
    And a terrible heart-thrill
    If you have no power of giving:
    An arm of aid to the weak,
    A friendly hand to the friendless,
    Kind words, so short to speak,
    But whose echo is endless:
    The world is wide -these things are small,
    They may be nothing, but they are all!

  3. We sometimes do not realize the impact we have on others by doing these small acts. Don't ever let an action be stopped because you think you can only do a little - a little to you may be huge to others!

  4. Something You Can Do
    by Everett Wentworth Hill

    There must be something you can do
    To ease the burden of the day,
    For someone who has lost his faith
    In self, and cannot find his way.

    One little deed, one thought, one act,
    Will bring reward to you when aid
    Is given to someone who strays
    Along life's path, alone, afraid.

    You might have been that one who lost
    His faith, and failed to understand,
    And needed friends to urge you on.
    Think well, then offer him your hand.

  5. Given To Me
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer 2020

    A helping hand was given to me
    At a time when I felt I couldn't see
    I felt so down and so alone
    What would happen next was unknown.

    I felt the world was against me
    But out of the blue, a helping hand was offered to me
    I felt like an angel had been sent
    Helping me to a great extent.

    It was hard to accept but no choice I had
    And when I accepted it wasn't so bad
    At that time I vowed I would help others like me
    Because of the help I got, it set me free.

    So if you need a helping hand
    Don't let your pride take over, just understand
    We should all help each other
    Because in the end, we are all sisters and brothers.

  6. helping hand

  7. Receiving Help
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    Inspiration is all around us, yes this is true,
    It just takes some looking around.
    If you find something helpful to give you a hand,
    Allow it to assist you, hands down!

    Receiving and giving come hand in hand,
    And to receive is nothing to knockdown.
    By not allowing someone to help bring you up,
    Is helping to keep you way down.

    So don’t worry about taking without giving,
    Just be grateful for all the help you have now.
    When you start cruising in the good life you dreamed of,
    You then can start giving back as you’ve vowed.

    A helpful hand is a lesson in sharing
    And if you have the means why not play your part.
    Those who refuse your help are foolish,
    As we all know appreciating the helpful hand is just smart.

  8. There is a saying that goes like this, "What you give, you get." Often times in life we do not want to accept help when we need it. Yet, we often find ourselves helping others.

    Our opinion is that life is about helping each other - giving a helping hand - receiving a helping hand; the Poet's words express exactly that. Take the assistance when you need it, and someday you will assist someone and payment will be made. It is sort of like the pass it on theory. You do good for someone else, and they, in turn, do good for others - what a wonderful world this would be it we all live like this!

    what you give you get

  9. Helping Others
    Poet: Kate Summers, 2011

    Too often the world is full only about me
    Others need help and if only I would be
    More generous and caring for others
    Realizing at the end of the day we are all brothers.

    We all have time to help another
    Rather than looking the other way and taking cover.
    It may be money, it may be time
    It all helps if only a dime.

    There is such a need in this world today
    To lend a helping hand is certainly a way
    We could give back instead of being greedy
    The world is full of people who are needy.

    Many times it is not their fault
    Where they live is under assault
    And you never know when the day will come
    When you will need a helping hand and some.

    So while the times are good for you
    Consider others in all you do
    Open your eyes and lend a helping hand
    There is much we can do, and so much demand.

    You will find blessings come back to you
    And feelings of thankfulness will be true.
    You will impact the lives of others in a way
    That you may not realize, please help today.

  10. Judge Gently
    Poet: John Murray

    Pray don't find fault with the man who limps
    Or stumbles along the road,
    Unless you have worn the shoes he wears
    Or struggled beneath his load.
    There may be tacks in his shoes that hurt,
    Though hidden from view;
    Or the burden he bears, placed on your back
    Might cause you to stumble, too.

    Don't sneer at the man who's down today,
    Unless you have felt the blow
    That caused his fall, or felt the shame
    That only the fallen know.
    You may be strong, but still the blows
    That were his, if dealt to you
    In the selfsame way at the very selfsame time
    Might cause you to struggle, too.

    Don't be hard with the man who sins
    Or pelt him with words or stones,
    Unless you are sure, and doubly sure
    That you have no sins of your own;
    For, you know, perhaps, if the tempters voice
    Should whisper soft to you
    As it did to him when he went astray,
    It would cause you to falter, too.

  11. Joseph Morris wrote the following regarding this poem, The House By The Side Of The Road, "This poem has as its keynote friendship and sympathy for other people. It is a paradox of life that by hoarding love and happiness we lose them, and that only by giving them away can we keep them for ourselves. The more we share, the more we possess. We of course find in other people weaknesses and sins, but our best means of curing these are through a wise and sympathetic understanding."

  12. The House By The Side Of The Road
    Poet: Sam Walter Foss

    Let me live in a house by the side of the road,
    Where the race of men go by--
    The men who are good and the men who are bad,
    As good and as bad as I.
    I would not sit in the scorner's seat,
    Or hurl the cynic's ban;--
    Let me live in a house by the side of the road
    And be a friend to man.

    I see from my house by the side of the road,
    By the side of the highway of life,
    The men who press with the ardor of hope,
    The men who are faint with the strife.
    But I turn not away from their smiles nor their tears--
    Both parts of an infinite plan;--
    Let me live in my house by the side of the road
    And be a friend to man.

    I know there are brook-gladdened meadows ahead
    And mountains of wearisome height;
    And the road passes on through the long afternoon
    And stretches away to the night.
    But still I rejoice when the travelers rejoice,
    And weep with the strangers that moan,
    Nor live in my house by the side of the road
    Like a man who dwells alone.

    Let me live in my house by the side of the road
    Where the race of men go by--
    They are good, they are bad, they are weak, they are strong,
    Wise, foolish--so am I.
    Then why should I sit in the scorner's seat
    Or hurl the cynic's ban?--
    Let me live in my house by the side of the road
    And be a friend to man.

  13. Be Always Giving
    Poet: Unknown

    The sun gives ever; so the earth--
    What it can give so much 'tis worth;
    The ocean gives in many ways--
    Gives baths, gives fishes, rivers, bays;
    So, too, the air, it gives us breath.
    When it stops giving, comes in death.
    Give, give, be always giving;
    Who gives not is not living;
    The more you give
    The more you live.

    God's love hath in us wealth unheaped
    Only by giving it is reaped;
    The body withers, and the mind
    Is pent up by a selfish rind.
    Give strength, give thought, give deeds, give pelf,
    Give love, give tears, and give thyself.
    Give, give, be always giving,
    Who gives not is not living;
    The more we give
    The more we live.

  14. Along The Way
    Poet Unknown

    There are so many helpful things to do
    Along life's way
    (Helps to the helper, if we did but know),
    From day to day.
    So many troubled hearts to soothe.
    So many pathways rough to smooth,
    So many comforting words to say.
    To the hearts that falter along the way.

    Here is a lamp of hope gone out
    Along the way.
    Some one stumbled and fell, no doubt
    But, brother, stay!
    Out of thy store of oil refill;
    Kindle the courage that smoulders still;
    Think what Jesus would do to-day
    For one who had fallen beside the way.

    How many lifted hands still plead
    Along life's way!
    The old, sad story of human need
    Reads on for aye.
    But let us follow the Saviour's plan
    Love unstinted to every man;
    Content if, at most, the world should say:
    "He helped his brother along the way!"

  15. A Lesson To Heed
    Poet: J. J. Thorne

    This a lesson we should heed
    Through our Maker to obey.
    To oblige the poor in case of need,
    And help them on their way.

  16. Twilight Reverie
    Poet: Unknown

    At evening when the sun has set,
    I want to know no vain regret
    Because some selfish thought or deed
    Has caused another's heart to bleed.

    Let me so live each passing day,
    That when the sun has slipped away
    I may know I've shared the road,
    And helped to carry another's load.

    Let me bring some ray of light
    To help another win his fight;
    To help the burdened stand erect -
    Let me remedy some small defect.

    Lord, make me strong for this I've planned,
    Help me to lend that helping hand;
    For I have learned that he who does not give
    Exists perhaps, but does not live.

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