12 J.J. Thorne Poems

J.J. Thorne (John Julius Thorne) was born on February 11th, 1871. His book of poetry, Humble Hours of Solitude was published in 1904. He has inspired many by his uplifting poems and more than 100 years since they have been written they are still be shared today.

The following is an excerpt, A Sketch Of My Life, from his book, Humble Hours Of Solitude:

"My parents were not wealthy but were able to have the necessaries of life. I feel thankful that they endeavored to feed my mind and faculties all the days of my youth to reverence our heavenly father, to he obedient and honest in all my dealings, and in fact, all that they felt to be the duties of parents through the bonds of love that parents have for a child. They delayed not in trying to cultivate my youth to the best of their ability. They often told me to always do unto others as I would have others do to by me, and to always show courtesy and respect to the aged people. These two morals they seemed to especially endeavor to impress upon the mind of their wandering boy. Alas, if I could have seen in my youth as I hope that maturity and experience have revealed unto me. How hard it seems that I would have tried to have pruned the rose of honor by taking their valuable advice. But I was as most all lads, pervert in nature's darkness and prone to wander....

Among the many impressions of my life, one of them is the subject of composing poetry. On the 13th day of January, 1898, these few words came forcibly to my mind and heart as follows:

This a lesson we should heed
Through our Maker to obey.
To oblige the poor in case of need,
And help them on their way.

The group of sentences were as distinct in my memory as anything that I ever had committed to memory. In all my days from that very moment to the present day, it has among my many ups and down of life been a poetic burden...

If I were to say that I did not desire wealth I would tell a falsehood, for it is a part of human nature, but my poetic desire has been so deeply impressed upon me that I have finally decided to place the work before the public, trusting that they will be pleased with the writings of an humble and unworthy poor sinner, hoping that my work is worthy of being placed before the public and hanging by the fireside of all that should desire a copy....

I feel like I have already written more in this sketch than I am worthy of writing, or endeaver to place before the public, and in conclusion wish to say that if my friends, known and unknown, give me their patronage as to the purchase of my poems, sufficiently enabling me to accomplish my objects in verse, I hope not very far in the future to compose many more speeches, than I have already written. I know that if my pen should be directed as it has in the past that I can compose, but the number of course is unknown, it lies entirely in Providence as to whether or what I write in the future. I hope I can say, may the good Lord bless his creation and save all he will."

We have picked some of our favorite poems by J.J. Thorne, we hope you find inspiration and encouragement in them.

J.J. Thorne
J.J. Thorne

  1. Love And Kindness  - J.J. Thorne's poem, Love and Kindness, inspires us to help others. Its verses point out the feeling of gratitude and the benefits of kindness when we give it away.

  2. Love Is - Love is so many things as you will see in this poem by J.J. Thorne. As you will discover by reading these verses, love truly is the key to a happy life.

  3. Think Before We Speak  - This poem gives us words to reflect upon and hopefully will encourage us to be mindful of what we are saying.

  4. Try, Try Again  - We sometimes give up too easily on life issues. Let this poem give you words to reflect upon and encourage you to yet try again.

  5. Give A Helping Hand - A Christian poem reminding us that God gave us a helping hand and we should always be willing to help others.

  6. Hopes Of Joy - How we treat other people will determine our friendships. Let the words of the poet, J.J. Thorne inspire you to love each other and by doing this we will see friendships evolve.

  7. A Happy Home - What makes a happy home for our families? Words to consider when thinking about your family and a happy home.

  8. Heart's Repose - A Christian poem to inspire you that is full of wisdom. J.J. Thorne expresses thoughts of the heart and how living them will lead to trusting God and putting your faith in Him.

  9. Never Say I Can't - As soon as you think, or, as soon as you say, "I Can't" you are defeated. This poem by J. J. Thorne is one that drives home the point and reminds us to never say I can't!

  10. To-morrow We May Be Placed - A poem to inspire you to live today. Life is short and none of us knows what will happen tomorrow. We should live each day doing our best and being an example to the people around us.

  11. Contented Home - J. J. Thorne talks about faith, honesty and how we live all determine our home life and if we are contented.

  12. The Bright And Morning Star - Nighttime is full of darkness, yet when the dawn comes the light appears. J. J. Thorne uses the analogy of the night and morning star to point out that following Jesus is like coming out of the darkness and into the light.

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